Award Of Merit Award Of The Army

Original Language Title: Conferimento di onorificenza al merito dell'Esercito

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By ministerial order No. 1086 dated March 12, 2012, the corporal picked Joseph Riccobono, born on October 25, 1982 in Carini (Palermo), was awarded the Silver Cross of merit of the army with the following motivation: "Gunner on board, while performing with his team the reclamation of an observation post, was a treacherous attack with an improvised that caused the destruction and the overturning of the vehicle on which it stood. Although wounded, he proceeded to put the area clearly and carelessness of the danger, rescuing other comrades and, simultaneously, guarantee the timely arrival of relief. Despite the injury, asked and obtained to remain in theater while continuing to provide an excellent contribution. Crystal clear example of devotion to duty and outstanding military virtues, helped to enhance the prestige of the Italian Army». -Kabul (Afghanistan), 11 May-31 October 2009.