Registration Under The Centralised Procedure Of Medicine For Usoveterinario «Zulvac Sbv».

Original Language Title: Registrazione mediante procedura centralizzata del medicinale per usoveterinario «Zulvac SBV».

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Measure # 220 of 1 April 2015 medicinal product ZULVAC SBV.
Registration under the centralised procedure.
National Id Number Allocation (N.I.N.) The national A.I.C. and pipetting scheme.
A.I.C. holder: Zoetis Belgium SA-Rue Laid Burniat 1 Louvain Belgium.
Representative in Italy: Italy Zoetis S.r.l.
===================================================================== | Authorised pack sizes | NIN | European procedure | +======================================+==========+=================+ | Suspension for injection-cattle, | | intramuscular subcutaneous sheep- -1 | |-| | 50 ml bottle (HDPE) || | 104,894,011 | EU/2/14/178/001 | +--------------------------------------+----------+------------------+ dispensing Scheme: to be supplied on submission of veterinary medical recipe in triplicate not repeatable.
The packaging of the product in question should be placed on the market as authorised by Commission decision EC by the European Commission with the national identification numbers (N.I.N.) awarded by this administration and dispensing with the regime indicated.
This provision has value from the date of the EC decision.