Agricultural Insurance Plan-Year 2015.

Original Language Title: Approvazione del Piano Assicurativo Agricolo - anno 2015.

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The Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies having regard to Regulation (EC) no 1305/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 17, 2013, which provides, inter alia, financial support for the payment of premiums for crop insurance, animals and plants against the risk of economic loss for farmers caused by adversity, from animal or plant diseases , from pest infestation or the occurrence of an environmental emergency; Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No 702/2014 of June 25, 2014, and in particular art. 27 concerning, among other things, aid for dead animals in livestock and art. 28 on aid towards the payment of insurance premiums; Having regard to the European Union guidelines for State aid in the agriculture and forestry and rural areas 2014-2020 (2014/C 204/01), and in particular paragraph 1.2 concerning risk and crisis management; Having regard to the Legislative Decree March 29, 2004, n. 102, as amended by Legislative Decree April 18, 2008, # 82, concerning financial assistance in support of agricultural enterprises and, in particular, article. 4 laying down procedures, modalities and deadlines for the adoption of annual agricultural insurance plan after hearing the proposals of the technical Commission; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of December 29, 2014, published on the website of the Ministry, by which from 1 January 2015 the provisions referred to in Legislative Decree March 29, 2004, n. 102, within the limits of the aid intensity, the types of interventions and the conditions laid down in the EU guidelines on State aid for agriculture and forestry in rural areas 2014-2020 and from Commission Regulation (EU) No 702/2014 of June 25, 2014; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of January 12, 2015 recorded the Court of Auditors on February 11, 2015, sheet No. 372, concerning the simplification of the management of the CAP 2014-2020 and in particular chapter III concerning the management of risk; Considered the national rural development programme presented to the European Commission on July 22, 2014, and in particular the submeasure 17.1 crop insurance, animals and plants; Considered the national plan in support of the wine sector into the implementation, among other things, art. 49-crop insurance-regulation (EC) of the European Parliament and the Council No. 1308 of December 17, 2013; Considered particularly individual insurance plan (PAI) in Annex B) (b) of the Ministerial Decree of January 12, 2015; Considered the requests received by the Piedmont region on November 20, 2014, the Liguria region on November 24, 2014, the Lombardy region on November 20, 2014, regione Emilia Romagna on November 26, 2014, in the Marche region on November 26, 2014, in the region of Umbria on November 25, 2014, the Lazio region on November 26, 2014 , Puglia region on November 13, 2014, of the region of Sardinia on 1 St December 2014; Considering the proposals made in the comparison of technical management of collective defense, professional agricultural organisations and the National Association of insurance companies-ANIA; Held to welcome the proposals to the extent permitted by national legislation and EU level; Felt, also need to direct aid towards adequate means of hedging of the agricultural enterprises and encourage an expansion of firms insured through improved distribution and sectoral levels; Gained the agreement of the Standing Conference for the relations between the State, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, expressed at its meeting of February 19, 2015;
Decrees: Art. 1 productions, livestock facilities, insurable risks and guarantees 1. For the purposes of agricultural risks insurance coverage throughout the national territory for the year 2015, according to the Legislative Decree March 29, 2004, n. 102, as amended, pursuant to art. 37 of Regulation (EU) No. 1305/2013, and Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 shall be deemed to be insurable productions, corporate structures, livestock farms, the risks and the guarantees set out in annex 1 to the present Decree.