Identification Of Conservazioneinformatica Of The Trading System Technical Specifications Made By The Operators The Activity Of Changers.

Original Language Title: Individuazione delle specifiche tecniche del sistema di conservazioneinformatica delle negoziazioni effettuate dagli esercenti l'attivita'di cambiavalute.

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The MINISTER of economy and finance Saw the Legislative Decree of August 13, 2010, n. "implementation of Directive 2008/141, containing 48/EC on credit agreements for consumers, as well as changes of title VI of the banking law (Legislative Decree 385 of 1993) on the regulation of those working in the financial sector, agents in financial and business brokers» and in particular art. 17-bis, under which the persons entered in the register of the owners of the money changers activity are obliged to transmit the organism via computer trades carried out; See, in particular, article. 17-bis, paragraph 4, of legislative decree August 13, 2010, # 141, under which by Decree of the Minister of economy and finance are identified technical specifications of computer storage system of trading pursuant to subsection 3 and the periodicity of submission of same; Having regard to the Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196, bearing "personal data protection code»; Having regard to the Legislative Decree 1 September 1993, n. 385, establishing a "consolidated text of the laws on banking and credit»; Heard the body art. 128-j of the aforementioned legislative decree No 385 1 September 1993; Acquired the opinion of the authority for the protection of personal data, expressed at its meeting of September 25, 2014; Considered necessary to acquire information, even for purposes of monitoring and analysis of financial flows, in order to the size and market supply of money trading in currency;
Decrees: Art. 1 Definitions 1. For the purposes of this Decree are: a) "banking law ' means the law decree September 1, 1993, # 385, as amended;
b) ' organism ' means the organisation responsible for the management of the lists of agents in financial and business brokers provided for in art. 128-j of the consolidated banking;
c) ' changers ' means those engaged professionally towards the public, even on a seasonal basis, the spot trading of foreign currency means of payment;
d) "money changers ' log ' shall mean the register kept by the body where they joined the money-changers;
e) ' customer ': a person who performs transactions with the money changers;
f) «identification»: first name, last name, place and date of birth, country of residence, the extremes of the identification document and, for customers who are provided with, the tax code;
g) ' identification ' means i.d.s and recognition under articles 1 and 35 of Decree of the President of the Republic of December 28, 2000, n. 445.;
h) ' operation ' means the spot trading of foreign currency means of payment.