Grant Of Silver And Bronze Cross Of Merit Of The Army

Original Language Title: Concessione della croce di bronzo e d'argento al merito dell'Esercito

Read the untranslated law here:

By Ministerial Decree No. 1210 of February 2, 2015, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Valmont, born on May 24, 1969 in Carmiano (LE), and was awarded the bronze cross of merit of the army with the following motivation: "senior officer, backed by valuable managerial capacity, was responsible for the supervision and coordination of all planning activities for the ISAF campaign plan review in anticipation of the transition to the new mission "Resolute Support post-2014", receiving great praise by foreign authorities. Magnificent Official figure, whose action has made a substantial contribution to the success of the operation and great prestige to the armed forces in the international arena. " -Kabul (Afghanistan), January 8, 2013-January 24, 2014.
By Ministerial Decree No. 1211 of February 2, 2015, Captain Frederick Pirola, born on August 23, 1981 in Cuneo, was awarded the Silver Cross of merit of the army with the following motivation: "officer of engineers, during an activity at an operational base American advanced was reached by the explosion of a bomb, which impacted a short distance, projecting it on the ground. Recovered promptly, with conscious courage and rare lucidity, intervened to administer first aid and to narrow down the flames caused by the explosion, despite a second explosion nearby. Shining example of officer who, with contempt of danger, has brought prestige and prestige of the Italian Army in an international context. " -Fob Ghazni (Afghanistan), August 20, 2013.