Indication Of The Average Price Of Treasury Bills To 183Giorni.

Original Language Title: Indicazione del prezzo medio dei buoni ordinari del Tesoro a 183giorni.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL of the TREASURY Viewed the Decree # 23761 of March 24, 2015, which placed for March 31, 2015 the issuance of Treasury bills to 183 days; Visto l'art. 4 of legislative decree March 30, 2001, n. 165; Seen the need to conduct auctions of Treasury bills with demands of operators expressed in terms of yield, instead of price, in accordance with the practice prevailing on the money markets in the euro area; Considered that in accordance with art. 4 of the mentioned Decree of March 24, 2015 23761 indicate by special Decree the yields and prices referred to in the aforementioned article, resulting from the auction on the issue of Treasury bills of March 31, 2015;
Decreed: for the issuing of Treasury bills of March 31, 2015, the weighted average yield of B.O.T. to 183 days is equal to 0.040%. The corresponding weighted average price was equal to 99.980. The minimum accepted performance and maximum accepted yield amounted, respectively, to-0.208% and 1.038%. This Decree will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, 1 St April 2015 p. the Director General of the Treasury: Cain