Amendments And Supplements To The Statute.

Original Language Title: Modifiche ed integrazioni allo Statuto.

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The DEAN Looked: Ministerial Decree No. 827 of October 15, 2013 with which you have defined the broad lines of address and objectives inherent in the programming of the University system for the period 2013-2015, particularly Guideline as per paragraph 2 of art. 2 bearing the "sustainable Sizing of the University system," according to which it can be translated by the universities through, among other things, the creation of Federation models characterized by the establishment of a single administrative board with only President and the unification, sharing of respective services, notwithstanding the scientific and managerial autonomy of federated entities; Views: the three-year program of the University Institute of advanced studies, below IUSS, 2013-2015 submitted to the MINISTRY of EDUCATION, in the terms indicated by upload under its corporate website, with which the IUSS has programmed the unification of the Board with the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna School, devoting a special section below the Federative action and pledging to complete the statutory review process within 12 months of the Ministerial approval of the said programme; Views: the Federation Agreement, previously approved by the statutory bodies of the two Universities signed on September 10, 2014 by which the IUSS and the school set out the terms and conditions of realization of the Federation consisting in the presence of a single Board of Directors and the President and in the prediction of future coordination of academic programs, scientific research and of the administrative departments of their respective institutions; Views: Ministerial Decree No. 889 of December 4, 2014 with whom, evaluated the acts programmers Italian universities formulated in the period 2013-2015, including programmes submitted by the IUSS and the school, were granted the resources required to implement the federal action, ex Ministerial Decree No. 827 cited, to consolidate the Fund for financing; Views: resolution of November 19, 2014 of the academic Senate of IUSS which were approved changes and additions to statute of IUSS and the resolutions # 172 of November 11, 2014 and # 126 of November 17, 2014 respectively adopted by the academic Senate and the Board of Directors of the school which were approved changes and additions to the Statute of the school with reference to articles 21 21-22, 27, 28, 29 bis, 43, 57, 45, and; View: November 28, 2014 's note with which the rectors of IUSS and the school have proceeded to send together with the MINISTRY of EDUCATION the Federation Agreement and its statutes accordingly modified, together with the resolutions adopted in this regard by respects Ministerial organs, for the purpose of monitoring to be carried out, under art. 3, paragraph 4 of law December 30, 2010, # 240 (hereinafter law No. 240/2010) on the Federation project under the procedures provided for by Ministerial Decree 827, and their respective Statutes pursuant to art. 6, section 9 of the Act May 9, 1989, # 168 (hereinafter law No 168/1989); Expected: the passing of the deadline within which the MINISTRY of EDUCATION exercises the control of legitimacy and merit on statutory provisions, pursuant to art. 6 of law No 168/1989 and ii.; View: law no 240/2010 e ii. and in particular art. 3; Having regard to the Statute of the University Institute for advanced studies d Pavia, published in the official journal-General series-# 107 of May 9, 2012, and in particular art. 53; Considered: the need to implement the aforementioned Federation Agreement and proceed with the enactment of statutory changes in order to make possible the establishment of the Board of directors only one of two universities; Considered appropriate to proceed, in accordance with art. 53 of the Statute in force, the enactment of changes to the Statute, as mentioned above;
Decrees: Art. 1 Enactment are enacted the changes and additions made to the Statute of IUSS, approved by the Senate according to the specifications indicated in the introduction.