Control Program On Corn And Soybean Seed For Sowing Campaign 2015 Any Gmo Research.

Original Language Title: Programma di controllo sulle sementi di mais e soia per la ricerca dieventuali OGM, campagna di semina 2015.

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The Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies having regard to act November 25, 1971, n. 1096, as amended, which provides for the marketing of seeds of maize and soybeans the requirement to register the national register or in the common catalogue; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic October 8, 1973, # 1065, as subsequently amended, and in particular the rules relating to the minimum varietal purity for different plant species; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of April 24, 2001, n. 212, which provides that the Minister of agriculture and forestry to determine by Decree the instructions on the manufacturer's label affixed on the packaging; Having regard to the Decree of November 27, 2003, published in the Official Gazette No. 281 of December 3, 2003 laying down the methods of control of seeds of maize and soya for the presence of genetically modified organisms; See in particular art. 2, paragraph 1, of the same Decree establishing the period within which the annual programme should be implemented by the Ispettorato centrale repressione frodi (Central Inspectorate Department currently protecting quality and fraud repression of food and agricultural products) from Ense (now CRA), from the Customs Agency and regional monopolies and phytosanitary services; Seeing the State of implementation of the programme with reference to the number of samples taken and analyzed and their reliability is of the total corn and soybean seed handled and for sowing 2015; Considered appropriate to ensure sampling, performed in the implementation of the audit plan provided for by Ministerial Decree, higher reliability than the entirety of corn and soybean seed intended for sowing 2015; Considered that greater reliability of control can be assured only through the extension of the period of implementation of the audit plan and, in particular, by extending the terms of the February 15, 2015 and March 15, 2015 under art. 2, paragraph 1, of the same Decree;
Decrees: sole article For the sowing campaign 2015 the terms foreseen by art. 2 November 27, 2003 Ministerial Decree for the implementation of the annual programme of control of seed of corn and soybeans, are fixed respectively at the April 15, 2015 for corn and soy May 15, 2015 for species species.
Rome, February 18, 2015 the Minister: Martina