Extension Of The Experimental Fishing Of The Attivita 'withdrawal Dellarisorsa "sipunculus Nudus' - Called 'bibi' Under Deirispettivi Compartments Maritime Venice And Chioggia.

Original Language Title: Proroga della pesca sperimentale dell'attivita' di prelievo dellarisorsa «Sipunculus nudus» - denominata «bibi» nell'ambito deirispettivi Compartimenti marittimi di Venezia e Chioggia.

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The Director General of Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture view of the art. 117, paragraph 2, letter s) of the Constitution, which gives the power shall 'exclusive legislative state protection of the environment and the ecosystem; Given the Decree. July 30, 1999, n. 300, bearing the "Reform of Government under Article. 11 of the law 15 March 1997 n. 59 and subsequent amendments and additions "; Given the Decree. March 30, 2001 n. 165 laying down 'general rules on the employment by the government'; Given the Prime Minister's Decree n. 105 of 27 February 2013 laying down the provisions relating to the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, pursuant to art. 2, Section 10-ter of the Decree-Law of 6 July 2012, n. 95, converted with amendments by Law 7 August 2012, n. 135; The Order of the President of the Council of Ministers of 18 February 2014 in which Dr. Riccardo Rigillo and 'was appointed Director General of the Directorate General of sea fishing and aquaculture; Given the DPR October 2, 1968, n. 1639, laying down the "Regulations for the implementation of the Law of 14 July 1965, n. 963, concerning the regulation of sea fishing "; Given the Decree. May 26, 2004, n. 153 ON THE '' Implementation of the law 7 March 2003 n. 38, in the sea fisheries sector "; Given the Decree. May 26, 2004, n. 154, concerning the 'Modernisation of the fisheries sector and aquaculture, in accordance with art. 1, paragraph 2, of the law 7 March 2003 n. 38 '; In view of art. 31 entitled "Measures for the development of research applied to fishing" of the law 30 October 2014 n. 161 containing the "Provisions for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from Italy to the European Union - European Law 2013-bis"; Given the Reg. (EC) of the Council of 21 December 2006, n. 1967/2006 concerning the "Management measures for the sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources in the Mediterranean Sea" in changing the Reg. (EEC) n. 2847/93 and repealing Reg. (EC) 1626/94; Given the Ministerial Decree 12 January 1995, n. 44, published in the Official Gazette no. 46 of 24 February 1995 on the expectations of the management of the experimental fishing bivalve molluscs consortia between fishing companies authorized the capture of bivalve molluscs for the purpose of a rational sampling of the resource and an increase of the same; Given the Ministerial Decree 1 December 1998, n. 515, with which we adopt the Regulation on discipline of the attivita 'of co-management of bivalve molluscs, published in the Official Gazette no. 73 of 29 March 1999; Given the Ministerial Decree of 22 December 2000 published in the Official Gazette no. 102 of May 4, 2001 on the regulation of fisheries bivalve molluscs; Given the ministerial decrees on Jan. 15, 2008 and April 9, 2008, respectively published in the Official Gazette no. 36 of 12 February 2008, n. 96 of 23 April 2008 on the renewal of custody of fisheries management of bivalve molluscs in marine compartments of Chioggia and Venice, respectively local CO.GE.VO .; Given the Reg. (EC) n. 1224/2009 establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy; Given the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 404/2011 of 8 April 2011 laying down detailed rules' for the implementation of Regulation (EC) No. No 1224/2009 establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy; Having regard to Regulation (EU) No. 1380/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2013 on the common fisheries policy, amending Regulations (EC) No. 1954/2003 and (EC) No. No 1224/2009 and repealing Regulations (EC) No. 2371/2002 and (EC) No. 639/2004 of the Council, as well as' the Decision 2004/585 / EC of the Council; Given the Decree. 9 January 2012, n. 4 on measures for the reorganization of the legislation on fisheries and aquaculture, in the art. 28 of Act 4 June 2010, n. 96; Given the Ministerial Decree 26 January 2012, adapting to the Community provisions of fishing licenses; Given the Ministerial Decree of 7 May 2012 on the renewal, for a further five years of custody of fisheries management bivalve molluscs Consortia Management already 'established and recognized under the Decrees. 44/1995 and no. 515/1998; View the application on 12 December 2014, by which the CO.GE.VO. Venice and CO.GE.VO. Chioggia, jointly request an extension of the trial of capture "bibi" for some units' Armed system "hydraulic dredge" authorized fishing for bivalve molluscs within the compartments maritime Venice and Chioggia; Given the Ministerial Decrees June 20, 2012, July 25, 2013 and June 18, 2014, concerning the activities 'experimental resource "Sipunculus nudus' - called 'bibi' for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014; Given the notes of the authorities' maritime Venice - letter prot. n. 0003649 dated 12 February 2015 - and Chioggia - letter prot. n. 0004529 dated February 16, 2015 - who express their opinion in favor of further postponing the trial so 'as formulated; Considered the management and protection of the resource bivalve molluscs are intended to ensure the exercise of responsible fishing, aimed at achieving a balance between fishing effort and the real capacity 'productive sea and, therefore, fall within the most 'extensive protection of the environment and the ecosystem; Given that reliance on consortia fisheries management bivalve molluscs has, as its primary goal, the increase and protection of shellfish themselves through concrete initiatives for the protection of this resource; Since the proposal for the capture of the "bibi", it allows CO.GE.VO. Venice and Chioggia to pursue their own purposes 'that tend, and as' known, to take appropriate management measures to ensure the exercise responsible for activity 'withdrawal, aimed at achieving a more' close balance between the effort fishing and the real capacity 'productive sea; Considered altresi 'that the fisheries management of bivalve molluscs within the compartments maritime Venice and Chioggia so' as entrusted to local CO.GE.VO., most recently with DM 15.1.2008 to 9.4.2008 in Chioggia and with DM Venice - being renewed for both consortia - has produced a positive effect on the proper management of the resource; Considered, altresi ', that there remains a need to take appropriate steps to ensure a proper balance between capacity' withdrawal and amount 'of available resources; Examined the scientific communication of Dr. Donatella Del Piero from the Department of Life Sciences of the University 'of Trieste, by a note dated 21 January 2015, it expresses substantially favorable opinion on the hypothesis of an extension of the trial, so' as proposal by CO.GE.VO. concerned; Decrees: Art. 1 1. 'permitted activity' withdrawal of the resource "Sipunculus nudus" - called "Bibi" - an alternative to bivalve molluscs, a total of. 20 boats, of which n. 10 identified by CO.GE.VO. Venice and n. 10 identified by CO.GE.VO. Chioggia, enabled fishing bivalve molluscs with the system hydraulic dredge, so 'as identified in the designation of fishing gear - in accordance with art. 2 DM 1/26/2012 - in "mechanical dredges including suction dredges" (HMD), on an experimental basis, from the date of this decree and until 31 December 2015, within their respective compartments sea (Venice and Chioggia). 2. Each boat can 'catch a quantity of' bibi 'not exceeding 100 kg daily. The units 'devoted to the levy of the said resource are bound to the same spatial and temporal limits accorded to united' fishing for bivalve molluscs, including the distance from the coast and the landing points. 3. The owners of the undertakings authorized attivita 'capture' bibi 'are obliged to keep a notebook duly numbered, stamped and signed by the Port of membership shall be entered where the fishing days, the capture zones, a drawing as well as' an indication of the average length of the species in question.