The Measure Concerning The Identification Marks Of Metallipreziosi.

Original Language Title: Provvedimento concernente i marchi di identificazione dei metallipreziosi.

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In accordance with art. 29, paragraph 5, of the rules on the regulation of securities and identification marks of precious metals, approved by Decree of the President of the Republic May 30, 2002, n. 150, it should be noted that the company named below, already awarded of the identification mark of precious metals, it was withdrawn the identification mark and has been removed from the register of beneficiaries-according to art. May 22, 1999, 14 of Legislative Decree No. 251-the Chamber of Commerce, industry, handicraft and Agriculture of Vercelli with the Secretary-General's determination # 28 of February 20, 2015.
The punch came with the aforementioned company and returned to the Chamber of Commerce of Vercelli will be deformed.
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