Hazard Assessment Update-Valve In The Municipality Of Pordenone.

Original Language Title: Aggiornamento della pericolosita' idraulica in comune di Pordenone.

Read the untranslated law here: http://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/atto/serie_generale/caricaArticoloDefault/originario?atto.dataPubblicazioneGazzetta=2015-03-02&atto.codiceRedazionale=15A01453&elenco30giorni=false&atto.tipoProvvedimento=DECRETO

It should be noted that, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 4 of the implementing rules of the ' project for a first version of the plan excerpt for the hydrogeological structure of the catchment area of the river Livenza, with secretarial Decree n. 5 of February 11, 2015, was approved the upgrade of perimeter and graded, in terms of hydraulic hazard, areas of the municipality of Pordenone represented in the tables. 31, 32, 33, 34 and 46 of the PAIL.
Will be care of the autonomous region Friuli Venezia Giulia ensure maximum publicity in its territory.
The update will have effective from the date of publication of this communication in the official journal.
The Decree segretariale is available on the website www.adbve.it