Amendments To The Statute.

Original Language Title: Modifiche allo statuto.

Read the untranslated law here:

The CHAIRMAN of the TECHNICAL COMMITTEE AUTHORISING OFFICER having regard to Act May 9, 1989, no. 168; Having regard to act December 30, 2010, # 240, establishing "rules on organization of universities, academic staff and recruitment, as well as delegates to the Government to boost the quality and efficiency of universities '; Having regard to the Statute of the University Link Campus University» approved by Ministerial Decree March 30, 2012 and published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale-serie generale-# 87 of April 13, 2012 and later amended with D.P. # 353 of October 2, 2014, published in Gazzetta Ufficiale-serie generale-n. 238 of October 13, 2014 and, in particular, title III ' final and Transitional Rules '; Having regard to resolution No 88/2014/3 of October 24, 2014 by which the technical-Supervisory Committee of University «Link Campus University» approved changes to art. 3 of the Statute of the University; Having regard to the note of November 28, 2014, prot. # 933/2014, with which the University «Link Campus University» forwarded to the Ministry of education, University and research the changes of the statutes referred to above; Having regard to the note of the January 27, 2015, prot. # 1011, with which the Ministry of education, University and research has made some comments on amendments to the statutes mentioned above; Having regard to resolution No. 10/2015/February 5, 2015 3.1 technical-Supervisory Committee of the University Link Campus University» which have been adopted and endorsed the above comments;
Decrees the following: A) are enacted amendments to the Statute of the University Link Campus University»: after paragraph 3 of art. 3 of the Statute of the University Link Campus University» the following paragraphs are added: in accordance with art. 4 of law no 243/1991, shall apply to the staff of the legal status of the rules Link role teachers State universities. Faculty and researcher includes: a) professors and associate professors (permanent staff);
b) researchers indefinitely (permanent staff);
c) fixed-term Researchers in accordance with art. 24 of law no 240/2010. Academic positions correspond to those laid down in national legislation in force. The procedures for recruitment researcher and teacher tenure are governed by regulations on teaching staff in compliance with the principles and rules of law applicable. The technical and administrative staff of the University and is organized according to the guidelines and the rules adopted by the Board of Directors. The employment of such staff is governed by the civil code on employment in enterprise, by other laws governing labor relations in private law and the applicable collective agreements. The employment of fixed-term researchers is governed by art. 24 of Act No. 240/2010 and the norms of the civil code and other laws that govern employment relationships governed by private law. The provisions of paragraphs 4, 5, 6 and 7 of this article shall apply as from the Faculty role and foremost compliance with in the technical and administrative staffing and temporary researchers. B) this Decree will be published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale-serie generale, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 11, of the law May 9, 1989, n. 168. C) these amendments to the statutes of the University Link Campus University» will enter into force on the fifteenth day following their publication in the official journal of the Italian Republic-General series.
Rome, February 12, 2015 President: Scotti