Determination And Method Of Modulation Capacity Allocation For The Contractual Period Distoccaggio 2015-2016.

Original Language Title: Determinazione e modalita' di allocazione della capacita' distoccaggio di modulazione per il periodo contrattuale 2015-2016.

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MINISTER Saw May 23, 2000, Legislative Decree No. 164, implementing Directive 98/30/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas, as amended by Legislative Decree 1 St June 2011, # 93, and in particular articles 11, 12, 13 and 18 containing provisions relating to the activity of natural gas storage and delivery to customers of the modulation of consumption; Having regard to the Decree of the Ministry of industry, Commerce and crafts on May 9, 2001, relating to the determination of the criteria that make for technically and economically feasible mining storage services, strategic and modulation required by the user to the holders of concessions for storage of methods for communication by holders of mining concessions storage requirements growing limits and technical standards for the recognition of strategic storage capacity and modulation, and transitional directives to ensure the filling cycle national stockpiles, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica italiana of June 5, 2001, # 128; Having regard to Directive 2009/73/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas and repealing Directive 2003/55/EC; Having regard to the Legislative Decree 1 St June 2011, n. 93, hereinafter ' Decree No. 93 of 2011» implementing directives 72/EC 2009/2009/73/EC, and 2008/92/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity, natural gas and for a Community procedure to improve the transparency of the prices charged to industrial end gas and electricity and repealing directives 2003/54/EC and 2003/55/EC, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica italiana n. 148 of June 28, 2011; See, in particular, article. 27 of the Legislative Decree n. 93 of 2011, laying down rules in respect of strategic storage and modulation; Visto l'art. 14 of Decree-Law No 1 January 24, 2012, convertito con legge March 24, 2012, # 27, as amended by art. 38, paragraph 2, of Decree-Law No 83, converted by Act June 22, 2012 August 7, 2012, # 134, hereinafter ' art. 14 of Decree-Law n. 1 of 2012»; Visto l'art. 38, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law n. 83 of August 7, 2012, 2012, converted by Act No 134; Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No 994/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 20, 2010 concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of economic development March 29, 2012, published in the Official Gazette of March 31, 2012, n. 77 establishing a strategic storage rules and in particular art. 2 establishing strategic storage in 4.6 billion cubic metres per year of contract 2012-2013, making available the capacity of 500 million cubic meters of space and that this capacity is entirely in the availability of the enterprise increased national gas storage system; See the press release of the Ministry of economic development on January 26, 2015 that confirms to 4.62 billion m³ storage volume standard contractual year strategic 2015/2016, as with the previous contract year that this was established with the press release of January 29, 2014; Considering that, pursuant to art. 12 of Legislative Decree No 164/2000, there is an obligation to manage in a coordinated and integrated complex of working gas storage capacity of storage companies have, in order to ensure the optimisation of capacity; Whereas in pursuance of the provisions of art. 14 of Decree-Law No 1 of 2012 the remaining unused capacity for strategic storage can be offered to businesses for regasification services and storage of natural gas; Considering that, in the case of an application of integrated gasification and storage exceed supply, it is advisable that such service is assigned a priority, in the interests of security of supply, to persons who contribute to the diversification of sources of supply of liquefied natural Gas-LNG; Considering that, in accordance with the provisions of art. 12, paragraph 5, of the Legislative Decree May 23, 2000, n. 164, the volume of mining storage required for this Ministry by holders of mining concessions for natural gas production was 200 million standard cubic meters, whereas a PCS of 38.52 MJ/Sm ³; Considering that the storage capacity above indicated that mining is not required at domestic enterprises is to be allocated to the storage facilities of modulation; Deemed necessary, to maintain the current logic of the market for natural gas storage sector, confirm competitive allocation procedures expressed in the Ministerial Decree of February 19, 2014 in terms of modulation storage pursuant to art. 14 of Decree-Law n. 1 of 2012 for storage capacity allocation for the period 1 April 2014-31 March 2015; Considered appropriate to the needs of client protection under art. 12, paragraph 7, point a) of legislative decree May 23, 2000, # 164, allocate the most space modulation storage according to a seasonal product dispensing profile designed to meet the needs of those customers; Considered it appropriate to increase the range of products offered by the storage system with several years; Considered appropriate to add the unallocated capacity for storing mining to the overall value of the ability of the product to tip;
Decrees: Art. 1

Natural gas supply for enterprises 1. Pursuant to art. 14 of Decree-Law n. 1/2012, a natural gas storage capacity of 500 million cubic meters of that which has become available as a result of the restatement of strategic storage volume under art. 2 of the Ministerial Decree of March 29, 2012, it is assigned for offering integrated gasification, including the storage of natural gas, in order to allow direct supply of LNG from abroad at industrial enterprises. 2. For industrial end customers are industrial enterprises and their consortia, characterized by: a) an annual consumption of natural gas not less than 5 million cubic meters per customer, with characteristic of continuity within a band of 10% variation for at least two days, not necessarily consecutive, with reference to the last three years, and certified by the thermal transport undertaking or from the distribution network to which are connected the withdrawal points final customer;
b) with consumer centers in Italy as well as EU Member States that under conditions of reciprocity admit Italian industrial end customers access to measures similar to those provided for in this Decree;
c) for an amount not exceeding their consumption in the previous thermal year the allocation procedures. 3. The customers referred to in paragraph 2 shall comply with the requirements of its regasification codes for access to the subscription process of skill spots, monthly or annually, depending on the duration of regasification service required. 4. Business communication regasification within five days of the date of this Decree in accordance with the modalities laid down in art. 6, paragraph 2, and until February 23, 2015, accommodate the demands presented by stakeholders in integrated service pursuant to subsection 1, for the period up to September 30, 2015. 5. If the question of integrated service referred to in this article is above your storage capacity referred to in paragraph 1, the latter is attributed to applicants according to the following criteria, in order, to security of supply: a) regasification capacity demand for more;
b) LNG import from countries from which imports are not going on the date of entry into force of this Decree. 6. The regasification capacity is allocated according to the procedures provided for in paragraph 4 involves the right allocation for its storage year by undertaking more Stockpiling, an equivalent storage space, with a constant output capacity usage profile as defined in the company's storage Code more storage. 7. The authority for electricity, gas and water system, hereinafter referred to as "authority" with its resolution establishes the criteria for determining the fees for the integrated storage and regasification. 8. any natural gas storage capacity unallocated available under this article shall be assigned according to the modalities envisaged for modulation under art. 2, paragraph 2, together with the additional capacity that is not required for the service of storage mining.