Authorisation For The Medicinal Product For Usoveterinario «Strantel» 230/20 Cat Mg Film-Coated Tablets Appetibiliper Cats.

Original Language Title: Autorizzazione all'immissione in commercio del medicinale per usoveterinario «Strantel» Gatto 230/20 mg compresse rivestite appetibiliper gatti.

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Decree No. 10 of January 22, 2015 mutual recognition Procedure # IE/V/0332/001/MR veterinary medicine STRANTEL Cat 230/20 mg film-coated tablets palatable for cats Owner A.I.C.: CHANELLE Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd Loughrea-co. Galway-Ireland manufacturer responsible for batch release: CHANELLE Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd Loughrea-co. Galway-Ireland authorised pack sizes and numbers of A.I.C. # 2 104697014: Pack of A.I.C. tablets composition: each coated tablet contains: active ingredient: Pyrantel Embonate 230.0 mg Praziquantel 20.0 mg excipients: as stated in the documentation of pharmaceutical techniques acquired to acts.
Target species: Cats indications for the treatment of mixed infestations caused by the following intestinal nematodes and cestodes: Roundworms: Toxocara cati Toxascaris leonina.
Taenia taeniaeformis, Dipylidium caninum tapeworms: Echinococcus multilocularis, waiting time: not applicable.
Validity:-period of validity of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 4 years-discard any tablets divided in half and not used.
Dispensing scheme: the sale is not subject to veterinary prescription.
Effectiveness of the Decree: immediate effect.