National Guidelines For Catering Ospedalierapediatrica. (Rep. No. 190/csr).

Original Language Title: Linee di indirizzo nazionale per la ristorazione ospedalierapediatrica. (Rep. n. 190/CSR).

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The STANDING CONFERENCE for the relations BETWEEN the STATE, the regions and the autonomous provinces of TRENTO and BOLZANO in today's sitting of December 18, 2014: See art. 8, paragraph 6, of the law June 5, 2003, n. 131 providing for the possibility for the Government to promote, within the State-regions Conference or of the Joint Conference, the conclusion of agreements aimed at promoting the harmonisation of their laws or achieving unit positions or achieve common goals; Having regard to the national guidelines for hospital catering and relief, object of the agreement in the Conference State-regions of December 16, 2010 (S.O. O.j. February 15, 2011), of which these guidelines constitute specification; Having regard to the note of August 11, 2014, by which the Ministry of health has sent a special agreement for the purpose of improvement of the State-regions Conference, the document containing "national guidelines for Pediatric Hospital catering"; Considered that the document in the inscription, written by a technical group of experts in the field of Dietetics and nutrition, proposes a model in hospitals with the intent to make homogeneous related activities in order to maintain health in children from birth, as the child's mental and physical development and growth are closely related to nutritional status; Given that the above document contains, among other things, directions regarding nutritional and clinical-management strategies to be adopted for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition and organizational mode of hospital catering; Having regard to the note dated August 19, 2014, by which the document was sent out to the regions and autonomous provinces with request for assent; Having regard to the note of November 28, 2014, with whom the Secretariat of this Conference convened a technical meeting, at the request of the regions for the day December 4, 2014; Considered the results of the technical meeting of December 4, 2014, during which a number of changes to the document have been agreed in the inscription; Having regard to the note of December 5, 2014, by which the Ministry of health has sent the final version of the document, formulated on the basis of the proposals and amendments by the regions, issued on the same date; Having regard to the note of December 11, 2014, with which the Veneto region, Coordinator of the Health Committee, communicated the favourable technical alert on the document in the inscription; Acquired in the course of today's sitting, the consent of the Government and the regions and autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano on the cartel in epigraph;
Establishes agreement between the Government, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano on national Pediatric Hospital catering guidelines, annex A, an integral part of this Act.
Rome, December 18, 2014 President: Lada Secretary: N