Restatement Of The National Public Co-Financing To The Fund'sassets Rotation Load Referred To In Law No 183/1987 For The Regional Operational Programme (Rop) Erdf Puglia 2007-2013 Programming, Convergence, For Years ' Since 2007.

Original Language Title: Rideterminazione del cofinanziamento nazionale pubblico a carico delFondo di rotazione di cui alla legge n. 183/1987 per il Programmaoperativo regionale (POR) Puglia FESR dell'obiettivo Convergenza,programmazione 2007-2013, per le annualita' dal 2007 a...

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The Inspector General CHIEF financial relations with the European Union having regard to law no 183, April 16, 1987 on the coordination of policies regarding membership of Italy at the European communities and the adaptation of domestic law to Community legislation; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic December 29, 1988, n. 568 and subsequent additions and modifications concerning the regulation on organization and administrative procedures of the Revolving Fund, pursuant to law no 183/1987; Visto l'art. February 6, 1996 law 56, n. 52, concerning provisions for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from Italy's membership of the European Communities (Community law 1994); Having regard to Act May 17, 1999, n. 144, which, under art. 3, involved the transfer of technical and financial management tasks already entrusted to the CIPE, authorities, official for this area; Having regard to the CIPE n. 141 of August 6, 1999, concerning the reorganization of responsibilities of CIPE, who moved to the Treasury, budget and economic planning determining, in consultation with the relevant authorities, the national quota of programmes, projects and other initiatives cofinanced by the European Union; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury, budget and economic planning of the May 15, 2000 on the allocation of quotas to national cofinancing borne of law no 183/1987 for Community policy which has set up a dedicated working group at the Department of State accounting-I.G.R.U.E.; Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) no 1083/2006 of the Council laying down general provisions on the structural funds and, in particular, article. 33, which provides for the revision of operational programmes cofinanced by the funds and art. 84 on the accounts of the amount paid as pre-financing and Regulation No 1080/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF); Having regard to decision C (2007) 3329 of July 13, 2007 approving the national strategic picture 2007-2013 (NSRF) Italy; Having regard to decision C (2007) 5726 of November 20, 2007 adopting the operational programme for Community assistance from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013 for the convergence objective in the Puglia region; Having regard to the CIPE June 15, 2007, n. 36, concerning the definition of the criteria of national public co-financing 2007-2013 Community structural interventions socio-; Having regard to the CIPE January 11, 2011, # 1, which were established guidelines and guidelines for acceleration of operations cofinanced by the structural funds 2007-2013 and the resulting possible reprogramming operational programmes; Having regard to the CIPE August 3, 2012, # 96 on the realisation of the action plan; Having regard to the European Commission decision C (2014) 9373 of December 4, 2014 with which, to change by the previous decision C (2007) 5726 last of November 20, 2007, it restated in a total of euro 1,578,128,627.00 the share of national public co-financing the regional operational programme 2007-2013 ERDF Puglia; Considering that, in relation to the national quota reduction POR Puglia's public community established by that decision, must be restated in euros 792,422,034.00 corresponding contribution of revolving fund referred to in law No. 183/1987, through reduction of allocations already arranged, for the years 2007 to 2013, with their own ' by Decree # 12/2013; Considered that for the purposes of the aforementioned restatement account must be taken of prefinancing of 7.5 percent placed with its decrees n. 4/2008, # 7/28/2008 and 2009 amounting to euro # 137,498,655.00; Considering that said completely absorbs pre-financing years ' 2013 (euro 120,037,920.00) and (17,460,735.00 euros) the years ' 2012 program; Having regard to the findings of the Working Group at the Department of State accounting-IGRUE, referred to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury May 15, 2000, at its meeting of December 15, 2014: Decrees: 1. Due to the reduction of the public regional operational programme (ROP) national Puglia 2007-2013 ERDF convergence, established by a decision of the European Commission C (2014) 9373 of December 4, 2014 national co-financing share borne by the Revolving Fund referred to in law no 183/1987 net of prefinancing of 7.5 per cent in whose premise is established, for the years 2007 to 2013, a total of euro's from 654,923,379.00 as specified in the attached table which forms an integral part of this Decree. 2. the share of the co-financing from the Fund of rotation relative to the years ' 2012 is established in euro 100,223,500.00 net of prefinancing. 3. The aforesaid assigning euro 654,923,379.00 replaces the rotation Fund assignments arranged in favor of the POR Puglia, for years ' from 2007 to 2013 with the directorial Decree mentioned in the introduction. 4. The national public co-financing charged to the Revolving Fund in favor of the POR Puglia ERDF 2007-2013 period, is, therefore, a total of euro 792,422,034.00, as shown in the table in the annex, which forms an integral part of this Decree. 5. The provision of resources reserved for the Puglia region provides revolving fund referred to in law No. 183/1987, on the basis of requests for payment, which are sent from the same region within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006. 6. The same region shall carry out the inspections and checks to see that the community and national funding are used within the deadlines and in compliance with community and national legislation in force. 7. The Puglia region feeds the national system of monitoring the QSN 2007-2013 with data from financial, procedural and physical implementation of the 2007-2013 ROP. 8. this Decree shall be transmitted to the Court of Auditors for recording and subsequently published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, December 22, 2014 the Inspector General boss: Das recorded at the Court of Auditors on January 16, 2015 supervising office acts Ministry of economy and finance, Prev. # 101