Granting Of Rewards Valor Army

Original Language Title: Concessione di ricompense al valore dell'Esercito

Read the untranslated law here:

With the Presidential Decree No. 317 of January 12, 2015, Lieutenant Allan James Iafolla, born on August 7, 1977 in Bergamo, and was awarded the bronze medal of Valor army with the following motivation: "operational detachment commander of" Task Force-45 ", during an operation to capture an important local insurgent leader, was the fire sign of hostile elements that Afghan security forces personnel and injured a civilian. Despite the intense fire, while conscious of the grave danger, he organized and led in first person the staff placed under his command, managing to eliminate the threat and ensure the security of the region for the recovery of the wounded. Splendid figure of commando Officer with extraordinary virtues, that with his work helped give luster to the Italian Army in a multinational context». -Dan (Afghanistan), June 9, 2012 With the Presidential Decree No. 318 of January 12, 2015 to marshal ordinary Chani, born on July 25, 1974 in Vittoria (Reggio Calabria), and was awarded the bronze medal of Valor army with the following motivation: "platoon leader Sharpshooters embroiled in a prolonged ambush perpetrated by hostile elements with automatic weapons and mortars, with special courage and exposing to your physical safety poster , was successful, with weapons on board first and then stranding and using grenade launchers, to neutralize the threat. Crystalline figure of Commander who, with his acting and his admirable courage, has contributed significantly to raise the prestige of the Italian Army in an international context. " -Valley of Gulistan (Afghanistan), June 30, 2012 With the Presidential Decree No. 320 of January 12, 2015 to Corporal Boss Pasquale Mele, born on June 9, 1980 in Naples, and was awarded the silver medal of Valor army with the following motivation: "Bersagliere of Task Force-North", employed as gunner onboard tactical vehicle, during a speech in support of an Allied convoy, was hit by an improvised bomb attack that he tipped over the middle and the sbalzava several meters away from it. Despite the serious injuries, under fire from small arms and rockets, with extraordinary courage and strong will challenged the handgun and provided security to staff was trapped in the vehicle. Splendid figure of luster and prestige to the army that gave graduated Italian». -Dijoy Dusthi Jahan (Afghanistan), August 2, 2012