Parallel Imports Of The Medicinal Product For Human Use «Pyralvex»

Original Language Title: Importazione parallela del medicinale per uso umano «Pyralvex»

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Retrieved December 29, 2014 V&A # 2718 IP determines the parallel importation of a medicinal product authorized PYRALVEX oromucosal solution 1% +5% w/v from Greece with permission number 50675/11/02-01-2012 with the specifications mentioned below provided they are valid and enforceable at the time of the entry into force of this determination.
Importer: Gekofar S.r.l., Piazza Duomo, 16-20122 Milano.
Packing: 0.5% +0.1% Pyralvex «gingival solution 10 ml 1 bottle ".
A.I.C. code: 19MT6B 043640010 (10) (32).
Pharmaceutical form: gingival solution.
Composition: 10 ml of solution contains: active ingredients: glucose moiety of rhubarb 0.5 g (0.43-0.53% w/v of Anthraquinone compounds derivatives); Salicylic acid 0.1 g;
other ingredients: ethanol, purified water.
Medical indications: gingivitis, stomatitis, orofaringiti, coadjuvant in the treatment of periodontal disease.
The outer packaging and secondary packaging are allowed at le officine Fiege Logistics Italy S.p.A., Via Amendola 1, 20090 Caleppio di Settala (MI); S.C.F. S.n.c. By Gano Roberto and Claudio F 7-26824 Pelizzola Mirko Barbarossa, Cavenago d'Adda-LO; CIT S.r.l., Via Primo Villa 17, 20875 Burago Molgora (MB);
Classification for the purposes of new listings ' box: 0.5% +0.1% Pyralvex «gingival solution 10 ml 1 bottle ".
A.I.C. code: 043640010; New listings ' class: C a.
Classification for the purposes of delivery set: 0.5% +0.1% Pyralvex «gingival solution 10 ml 1 bottle ".
A.I.C. code: 043640010; OTC-over the counter non-prescription medicines.
Date of determination: from the day following its publication in the official journal of the Italian Republic.