Regulation On The Organization And Functioning Of The Cameraarbitrale.

Original Language Title: Regolamento sulla organizzazione e sul funzionamento della CameraArbitrale.

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The Council Viewed the art. June 24, 2014, 19 of Decree-Law No 90, converted with amendments into law August 11, 2014, # 114, under which the national anti-corruption authority (hereinafter the authority) took over the tasks and functions of the abolished authorities for the supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies; Having regard to act November 6, 2012 # 190 bearing ' provisions on the prevention and punishment of corruption and illegality in public administration '; Having regard to the d.lgs. April 12, 2006, n. 163, establishing a "code of public contracts for works, services and supplies in implementation of directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC ', and in particular articles 241, 242 and 243 containing provisions on arbitral Chamber of public contracts; Having regard to regulation of organization of authority approved on November 19, 2013, as last modified by resolutions of 15 July 29, 2014 and as of September 30, 2014, which stipulates in art. 22, paragraph 2, that the Council of the authority, after consulting the Board of Arbitration Court, approves the regulation of organization and operation of the Chamber of arbitration; Having regard to the p.r.Decree April 16, 2013 n. 62, on the subject of «regulation on the code of conduct for public officials, in accordance with article 54 of the Legislative Decree March 30, 2001, # 165 '; Having regard to the Commission's code of ethics for evaluation, transparency and integrity in public administration, approved on May 2, 2012; See code of conduct of the authority for the supervision of public works, published in Bulletin 1/99 of April 7, 1999 Avcp no; See the minutes of the meeting of November 26, 2014 # 59, with which it was resolved to change the regulation on the Organization and functioning of the Chamber of arbitration; Heard the advice of the Arbitration Court Approves the following regulation: Art. 1
Organi 1. The bodies of the Chamber of arbitration the Chairman and the Board. 2. The Arbitration Board is composed of five members. In the case of permanent impediment of one of its members, the Chairman of the Board of arbitration shall give timely notice to the Council of the authority, who shall appoint a new Member. 3. The President represents the Chamber of arbitration and, within the authority, maintains relations with organs or offices from this staff. shall convene meetings of the Board of the Chamber of arbitration and directs the work; adopts acts and measures necessary for the execution of the resolutions of the Council; supervises the activities of the Secretariat. 4. In case of absence or impediment of the President, his duties shall be taken temporarily by one of the members of the Board, in the order decided at the beginning of each year. 5. the President may take any measure of urgency, to submit for ratification of the Council at the first sitting following the adoption.