Verification Of The Half-Yearly Interest Rate Of Treasury Credit Certificates 1° July 2009/2016 To Be Collected As From 1 January 2015 In Relation To Coupons And Deadline 1 July 2015.

Original Language Title: Accertamento del tasso d'interesse semestrale dei certificati dicredito del Tesoro 1° luglio 2009/2016 relativamente alle cedole condecorrenza 1° gennaio 2015 e scadenza 1° luglio 2015.

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The DIRECTOR of DIRECTORATE II of the TREASURY DEPARTMENT Saw the Decree # 59815 of July 23, 2009, published in the Official Journal No. 178 of August 3, 2009 laying down a seven-year Treasury credit certificates with 1 St July 2009 enjoyment and deadline 1 July 2016, currently circulating in the amount of 13,898,493,000.00 euro; on what Ordinance, among other things, indicates the procedure to be followed for the determination of the half-yearly interest rate to be paid on such certificates of indebtedness and expects the same rate is established by Decree of the Ministry of economy and finance; Considered that it is necessary to examine the semiannual interest rate of such certificates of indebtedness relative to 1 January 2015 onwards coupons and deadline 1 July 2015; Having regard to the letter # 1293354/14 of December 30, 2014, with which the Bank of Italy reported data on semiannual coupon interest rate with effect from 1 January 2015, relating to such certificates of indebtedness;
Decrees: pursuant to art. 2 of the Decree mentioned in the introduction, the half-yearly gross interest rate to be paid on July 1 2009/2016 Treasury credit certificates (ticker IT0004518715) is ascertained the extent of 0.30% in relation to the twelfth July 1 deadline 2015 coupon. This Decree will be transmitted to the Central Office of the budget at the Ministry of economy and finance and will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, January 9, 2015 the Editor: Cannata