Extension Of Time Limits For Carrying Out Certain Acts Perirregolare Office Working Nep At The Court Of Venice Appellodi.

Original Language Title: Proroga dei termini di decadenza per il compimento di taluni atti perirregolare funzionamento dell'ufficio NEP, presso la Corte di appellodi Venezia.

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The MINISTER OF JUSTICE having regard to the note of the President of the Court of appeal in December 10, 2014, prot. # 14530/3/MD, with which we communicate that the NEP at the aforementioned Office Court hasn't been able to work regularly on day 1 St December 2014 due to the nationwide strike of public employment; View the request for an extension of time limits; Having regard to articles 1 and 2 of the Legislative Decree of April 9, 1948, # 437;
Decrees: as a result of the irregular functioning of the NEP Office at the Court of appeal of Venice the day 1 St December 2014, due to the nationwide strike of civil service held on the same day, the time limits for the performance of acts at the above Office or by addettovi staff, poor on the day indicated above or in the five days following, shall be extended by fifteen days from the date of publication of this Decree in the Official Gazette of the Republic.
Rome, December 31, 2014 p. Minister Deputy Minister Costa