Updating Ordinances N. 181 And N. 191 Of 13 March 2000Relative To "system-I Fear Cuga - Bidighinzu-Bunnari. Autorizzazionealla Programming Of Derivable Resource Volumes Datadel Until 31 December 2000". (Ordinance No. 204).

Original Language Title: Aggiornamento delle ordinanze n. 181 e n. 191 del 13 marzo 2000relative a "Sistema Temo-Cuga - Bidighinzu-Bunnari. Autorizzazionealla programmazione dei volumi di risorsa derivabili fino alla datadel 31 dicembre 2000". (Ordinanza n. 204).

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GOVERNMENT COMMISSIONER view the order of the President of the Council of Ministers no. 2409 dated June 28, 1995 by which the President of the regional council and 'was appointed, in accordance with art. 5 of the law 24 February 1992 n. 225, government commissioner for the water emergency in Sardinia; Given the order of the President of the Council of Ministers no. 2424 dated February 24, 1996, with which you have made changes and additions to the aforesaid Ordinance 2409/1995; The Order of the President of the Council of Ministers of 16 June 2000 with which 'was extended, finally, the water emergency in Sardinia until the date of 31 December 2001; Since in relation to climatic events of the first months of this year and 'a summary has been drawn up and approved in which' it contained an analysis of the resources available in the reservoirs of fear-Cuga system - Bidighinzu-Bunnari and an allotment thereof, for various uses, until 31 December 2000; View the ordinance commissioner n. 191 of 13 March 2000 concerning the authorization to program the derivable resource volumes until the date of December 31, 2000 - Ente consortium which manages the reclamation of the Nurra; View the ordinance commissioner n. 198 of 9 June 2000 by which the Regional Minister of Public Works Hon Silvestro Ladu, and 'was appointed sub-government commissioner with the task of finding and proposal of the interventions of the Government of the available water resources and the planning of remedial measures to cope with the emergency situation; Given that the weather events of recent months have been particularly dry resulting in a water supply, the fear-Cuga system, less than estimated at the time of the adoption of Ordinance No. 191/2000, therefore making it necessary to check the status of availability 'in order to plan the resources until the date of 31 December 2000; Given that on 10 July 2000 and 'was convened by the Regional Councillor of Public Works meeting, aimed at updating the said ordinance, which was attended by: the Regional Department of Agriculture; EAF; ESAF; the consortium of reclamation of the Nurra; The town of Alghero; the town of Bosa. the Regional Department of Public Works; Given that on July 13, 2000, and 'held a meeting at the office of the Government Commissioner attended by the Regional Department of Public Works, the Flumendosa independent body and regional expression of components of the scientific commission appointed, with State measure, to support the government commissioner for the water emergency; Since the Regional Department of Public Works, in that forum, has drawn the attention of the scientific committee members the results of the aforementioned meeting acquiring the favorable opinion in relation to the new summary sheet containing the updated assumptions of the previous proposal Card on 3 March 2000; Given that, even on the basis of the indications of members of the scientific and technical committee 'was elaborated a new summary tab ricomprendente systems Temo-Cuga (invaded Monteleone Rocca Doria and Cuga) and Bidighinzu (invaded the Bidighinzu and Bunnari) interconnected ; Note view n. 12368 of 18 July 2000 by which the Regional Minister of Public Works sent, which proposed update of Ordinance No. 181/2000 and 191/2000 the new allotment sheet of water resources related to the issue that system; Since the town of Bosa a note of 8 May 2000 prot. n. 5942 required for the current year release for the period from 1 July to 31 August from the dam of Monteleone Rocca Doria, a quantity of water resources not less than 400,000 cubic meters, to ensure the drinking water supply of the city '; View ordinance no. 143 of 17 June 1999; It recognized the need 'to ensure the drinking water supply of the town of Bosa; Since based on the results of the meetings indicated above and of the above considerations, the situation and the water balance of the system TemoCuga - Bidighinzu-Bunnari and 'therefore, the following: Situation and System budget in millions of Temo-Cuga - Bidighinzu - Bunnari mc - - volumes possessed as at 1 July 6.1 predictable inflows from July 1 to December 31 1.3 1.3 a inferred evaporation losses death waters used 6
---- Total volume derivable from July 1 to December 31, 12.1 Order with immediate effect: Art. 1. 'bound for drinking water use, with immediate effect until 31 December 2000, the entire water resources derivable from the system I fear-Cuga - Bidighinzu-estimated Bunnari equal to 1 July 2000, to 12.1 million cubic meters and is' willing, on the basis of the investigation results and the meetings indicated in the introduction, with the following distribution: distribution of available resources Amounts in million cubic meters - - civilian uses for 6 months 11,7 Transfer to bed for Bosa 0.4 ---- Total disbursement from 1 July to 31 December 12.1 Art. 2 shall also be 'bound for the uses drinking water any more found affiussi than those estimated above.

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