Temo-Cuga-Bidighinzu System. Volumidi Of Resource Use Planning Differentiable Up To The Date Of 30 September 2001. Entegestore: Reclamation Consortium Of Nura. (Ordinance No. 238).

Original Language Title: Sistema Temo-Cuga-Bidighinzu. Programmazione dell'utilizzo dei volumidi risorsa derivabili fino alla data del 30 settembre 2001. Entegestore: consorzio di bonifica della Nurra. (Ordinanza n. 238).

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GOVERNMENT COMMISSIONER view the order of the President of the Council of Ministers no. 2409 dated June 28, 1995 by which the President of the regional council and 'was appointed, in accordance with art. 5 of the law 24 February 1992 n. 225, government commissioner for the water emergency in Sardinia; Given the order of the President of the Council of Ministers no. 2424 dated February 24, 1996, by which amendments and additions were made to the above order no. 2409/1995; The Order of the President of the Council of Ministers of 16 June 2000 with which 'was extended, finally, the water emergency in Sardinia until the date of 31 December 2001; View the ordinance commissioner n. 198 of 9 June 2000 by which the Regional Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Silvestro Ladu, and 'he was appointed sub-government commissioner with the task of finding and proposal of the government interventions of the available water resources and the planning of measures required to deal with the emergency situation; Having regard to its ordinances: n. 204 of 20 July 2000 - Temo-Cuga system; n. 205 of 20 July 2000 - Tirso-Taloro and Gossovai-Olai system; n. 206 of 20 July 2000 - Flumendosa-Campidano-Cixerri system; n. 207 of 27 July 2000 - Gennarta system; n. 208 of 27 July 2000 - Monte Pranu system; n. 209 of 27 July 2000 - Bau Pressiu system; n. 210 of 27 July 2000 - Leni system; n. 211 of 27 July 2000 - the Mannu Pattada system; n. 212 of July 27, 2000 - Smooth System; n. 213 of 27 July 2000 - Posada system; n. 214 of 27 July 2000 - Cedrino system; n. 215 of 27 July 2000 - Coghinas system, with which they were willing potted constraints of resources and disbursements have been regulated for drinking, industrial and irrigation purposes, with effect until 31 December 2000; Having regard to its ordinance no. 228 of 29 December 2000, with which the ordinances mentioned above, issued on the dates 20:27 July 2000 have been extended until 31 January 2001; View altresi 'its order no. 229 of 31 January 2001, in which the provisions contained in the order no. 228 mentioned above, have been extended until 31 March 2001; Since March 13, and 'it was convened by the Regional Department of Public Works a preliminary meeting, aimed at updating the said Ordinance no. 229, to which were invited: the consortium of reclamation of the Nurra; the Regional Department of Agriculture; the regional environment department; the regional industry department; the EAF; the ESAF; The town of Sassari; The town of Alghero; the town of Bosa; Given that at that meeting, and 'was examined a form prepared by the Regional Department of Public Works on the basis of the indications of regional expression components of the scientific commission appointed by decision of the State, to support the government commissioner for the water emergency in Sardinia in which 'it contained an analysis of available water resources to 1 March 2001 in the system fear-Cuga-Bidighinzu, and a allotment of the same, for various uses, until 30 September 2001; Note view n. 5356 of 20 March 2001 by which the Regional Minister of Public Works, sub-commissioner for the water emergency, has formalized the results of the aforementioned meeting informing that the remediation of Nura consortium has indicated that in the month of September will have 'be made the connection from the crosses on the Temo all'invaso of Monteleone Rocca Doria, and to allow the execution of such works the volume possessed at the end of the irrigation season can not' exceed 23 million cubic gallery, has therefore requested to bring the volume allocated for irrigation from 30 to 35 million cubic meters; Since note dated government commissioner for the water emergency no. 153 / EI on 22 February 2001 and 'was convened on March 20, 2001 interassessoriale a meeting with the participation of regional expression components of the scientific commission of the Commissioner support itself, in order to make a final joint evaluation of the instructors to such outcomes date accrued, resulting in the issuing of this order; Given the outcome of the abovementioned meeting; Considering that the water balance foreseen in the period from 1 March 2001 to 30 September 2001 in the fear-Cuga-Bidighinzu system is as follows:
| In millions of cubic meters -------------------------------------------- ------------------------- possessed volumes 1 March 2001 * .... | 89 ----------- -------------------------------------------------- -------- predictable inflows from March 1 to 30 | September .... | 6 ------------------------------------------------- -------------------- A inferred evaporation losses .... | 4 ------------------------------------------------- -------------------- To be deducted from the minimum stock in the reservoirs 30 | September 2001 ** .... | 21.6 ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Total volume derivable from March 1 to 30 | September .... | 69.4 * Including 6 million cubic death total usable water from reservoirs of fear and Cuga. ** The minimum stock as of September 30 is evaluated on the basis of civil requirements of about nine months. Order: Art. 1. Provisions relating to the system of fear-Cuga-Bidighinzu With immediate effect 21.6 million cubic volume available in the system fear-Cuga-Bidighinzu and 'captive until 30 September 2001 as the basis for drinking. Additional 17.1 million cubic volume of available and 'bound as the basis for the multi-year adjustment irrigated.

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