Presidential Instruction Number 6 1980

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 6 Tahun 1980

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ips6 INSTRUCTIONS-1980 PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 6 1980 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION number 6 in 1980 ABOUT the SCHOOL'S DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE DASARTAHUN 1980/1981, PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: a. that in order to accelerate improvement and pemanfatan in elementary school learning opportunities especially for children aged 7-12 years in preparation towards the implementation of the obligations of the learning necessary in fiscal year 1980/1981 implemented the construction of primary schools and the construction of new classrooms; b. that in order to recapitalize the infrastructure of learning opportunities at the Elementary schools that need improvement, necessary in fiscal year 1980/1981 also continued improvement (rehabilitation) elementary school (public and private) and Madrasah ibtidaiyah (Islamic primary school level) private, exist; c. that in order to improve the welfare of teachers especially principal necessary in fiscal year 1980/1981 built Home Office principal in remote areas; d. that are available for the purposes of development aid SekoIah basis in the budget of the State Expenditures and revenues of the fiscal year 1980/1981; e. That relate to the matters in subsection a, b, c and d above are seen to need to issue a presidential instruction on development aid primary school.
Remembering &: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of article 31 of the Constitution of 1945; 2. Act No. 12 of 1954 about Statements the enactment of Act No. 4 of 1950 on the basics of education and teaching in school for the whole of Indonesia (State Gazette Number 38 in 1954, additional State number 550 Sheets). 3. Act No. 5 of 1974 about the fine points of governance in the area of (State Gazette Number 38 in 1974, an additional State Gazette Number 3037). 4. Act No. 7 of 1976 about the Endorsement, a fusion of East Timor into the Republic of Indonesia a unitary State and the establishment of Provincial level I areas of East Timor (State Gazette Number 35 in 1976, an additional State Gazette Number 3084). 5. Act No. 1 in 1980 about the budget. State fiscal year Expenditures revenue 1980/1981 (State Gazette No. 14 in 1980, State Gazette Supplementary Number 5000). 6. Government Regulation Number 65 in 1961 tentagg the implementation portion of the Submission on the Affairs of the Central Government with the field of education, teaching and Culture to the province (State Gazette Number 118 in 1951, additional State Gazette Number 173). 7. Government Regulation number 19 in 1976 about the governance of the Province Area level I counties East Timor Regencies in East (State Gazette Takun 1976 number 19, additional Sheets State number 3099). 8. Presidential Decree Number 44 in 1974 about the fine points of the Organization Department. 9. Presidential Decree Number 45 in 1974 about the Organization Department with all the perubahanya. 10. Presidential Decree number 59/M in 1979 about the formation of the third development Cabinet. 11. Presidential Decree number 7 in 1979 about a third five-year development plan (REPELITA III) 1979/1 980 – 1983/1984. 12. Presidential Decree Number 27 in 1980 on the establishment of the regional development planning board.
Instruct to: 1. Minister of the Interior;

2. The Minister of finance;

3. the Minister of education and culture;

4. Minister of religious affairs;

5. Minister of public works;

6. Minister of State Reform State apparatus;

7. Coordinating Minister for EKUIN/Chairman of BAPPENAS.

To: first: implementing development aid primary school fiscal year 1980/1981 by the use of terms such as listed in the appendix to these Guidelines as a presidential instruction Pelaksanaanya.

Second: this Presidential Instruction comes into force on the date specified and to be carried out carefully and responsibly.

Established in jakarta on April 1, 1980 the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA ttd. SUHARTO was PRESIDENT of INDONESIA INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHMENT number 6 1980 1 APRIL 1980 GUIDELINES on the IMPLEMENTATION of DEVELOPMENT AID PRIMARY SCHOOL in 1980/1981, CHAPTER I GENERAL article 1 is the primary school development aid is aid directly burden the State Budget income and Expenditure financial year 1980/1981 to Regencies for constructing education as follows: a. the construction of primary schools (including school furniture clean water supply facilities, and the home guard service schools) that come with the provision of teachers; b. the construction of new classrooms;

c. construction of the Home Office of the principal in remote areas;

d. rehabilitation of primary schools (public and private) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah existing Private;
e. the provision of children's reading books for primary schools (public and private) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (public and private).
Article 2 the Help article I this manual provided, for the purpose of: a. Extending the opportunity belajarr for children aged 7-12 years in preparation towards the implementation of the obligations of learning especially of children who will be entering grade school class I but could not be accommodated in the existing primary school;
b. Establish and restore the infrastructures of learning opportunities that are available but are not anymore or less are eligible;
c. addressing the needs of the elementary schools in the area of new residential areas and Resettlement areas plantations core.
CHAPTER II TYPES and KINDS of ASSISTANCE article 3 (1) in the fiscal year 1980/1981 provided is Rp. 250,800,000,000.0-for: a. the construction of 14,000 new primary school building consists of: 1. The construction of a new elementary school Building 4,000 units comprising the Union i.   three classrooms;

II. one teacher's room;

III. small rooms, iv. school furniture;

clean water facilities v. vi. the Home Office of keeper of the school; and 2.  The construction of the new elementary school building of 10,000 second unit consisting of: i. three classrooms;

II. small rooms;

III. school furniture.
b. development of 20,000 new classrooms, complete with its furnishings;
c. development of 7,500 Home Office Principal remote regions;
d. rehabilitation of 20,000 elementary school and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah private and private, respectively: i. 11,750 elementary schools of the country.

II. Private primary school 3,750.

III. 4,500 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah private.
e. Penyedian 14.6 million book readings for: i. primary school teacher education School and Negri 10, 1.4 million books. II. Private primary school 1.2 million books.

Madrasah Ibtidaiyah III. Private 2.4 million books.
(2) the Minister of the Interior, Minister of finance, Minister of education and Culture, Minister of religious affairs, and the Minister Coordinator, Field EKUIN/Chief BAPENAS set the number and kinds of assistance for each region Derah level I and level II.
Article 4 the determination of the amount and kinds of assistance referred to in article 3 is based on: a. the estimated number of educative needs added to accommodate all children aged approx. 7 years old in grade 1 at the beginning of the year 1981/lesson 1 982 in each area of level I and level II, b. for the level I and level II Region which is the area of resettlement, new residential areas and areas of the core needs of the Estates Elementary School is provided with its own calculations.
CHAPTER III article 5 ASSISTANCE Penyedian CHANNELING development aid elementary school conducted by the State Treasury Office (KPN) and channeled through: a. the Bank Rakyat Indonesia;

b. Indonesia import export Bank for the level I areas of irian jaya;

c. Bank Dagang Negara for the level I of East Timor.

Article 6 Basic school building development assistance, new classrooms, the Home Office of the principal, the home guard service school as well as the rehabilitation of the building of the primary school (public and private) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah overall private noted in the budget revenue and Expenditure area (BUDGETS) are Regencies are concerned i.e. in the development budget in paragraph receipts and spending the cash part of the article and the calculation as a post Transito.

CHAPTER IV OBLIGATIONS and RESPONSIBILITIES for LOCAL GOVERNMENT and COMMUNITIES article 7 (1) of the regional Governor of level I is responsible for the construction, supervision and reporting user Assistance Development elementary school.
(2) the Regents/"Walikotamadya" heads of Regencies responsible for coaching, implementation monitoring and reporting use of development aid primary school.
Article 8 Reward points to be provided by local authorities is the provision of land free from any burden of legal and settlement costs for its use as follows: a. in the construction of an elementary school providing a breadth of adequate land for the construction of a minimum of 6 (six) classroom plus a courtyard. b. in the construction of school principals in remote areas of the provision of land is adequate.

Article 9 If the assistance for the construction of primary schools is insufficient then the drawback is filled by local governments and local communities.

Article 10 the utilization, management and maintenance of school buildings that have been built into the responsibility of the local regional government wasyarakat setem pat.

Article 11 provision of Basic School construction costs does not negate or diminish.
a. the obligation of local governments and communities to continually improve the Organization of the basic sekoiah with the financial resources of his country;
b. adequacy of subsidies and other assistance by local governments to improve the conduct of the level I primary school in Regencies.
Chapter V Miscellaneous

Article 12 the construction of primary schools and new classrooms, Home Office Principal Office of home guards as well as the rehabilitation of the building of the primary school (public and private) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah private development aid primary school was completed before the end of June 1981, so it can be used for the academic year 1981/1982.

Article 13 things that relate to the determination of the amount of aid provision and channeling the cost of implementing the construction of primary schools, classrooms, a new home office head. School, home school and rehabilitation office building elementary schools (public and private) and Madrasa lbtidaiyah private, provision of teachers for primary schools to be built, the provision of textbooks, as well as the harmony of the smooth running of this aid is governed jointly by the Ministers concerned.

Article 14 things that have not been provided for in these guidelines will be further regulated either jointly or singly by the Ministers concerned in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of each in coordination as well as possible.

The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Suharto ttd fnFooter ();