Presidential Instruction No. 14 Of 1981

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 14 Tahun 1981

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ips14-1981 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Returning INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION No. 14 of 1981 SOLEMNIZATION of RAISING the FLAG RED WHITE PRESIDENT REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Considering: a. that in order to maintain and enhance the sense of national consciousness makin, responsibility, dedication, and discipline of civil servants as the State apparatus, the man of the State and Of Society, then the perceived need to conduct the ceremonial red and white pengibaranBendera on the 17th of every month across all government agencies Governments, banks and State agencies, whether the present Center or region;
b. that for uniformity and to guarantee the achievement of the tujuantujuan above, need to be given guidelines on the ways the solemnization;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
2. Act No. 8 of 1974 about Staffing issues (State Gazette 1974 Number 55 additional Sheets State number 3041);
3. Government Regulation number 30 in 1980 about the rules of the discipline of civil servants (State Gazette Number 50 in 1980. Additional Sheet country number 3176);
4. Presidential Decree Number 82 in 1971 about the Corps ' officers of the Republic of Indonesia jo presidential decree number 2 in 1979 about the passage of the articles of Association of the Republic of Indonesia Officer Corps;
5. lnstruksi President number 12 in 1968 about Uniformity about the sequence and outline of the Sila-sila in the writing/Pemhacaan/Speech of Pancasila.
INSTRUCT: To: 1. The Minister;

2. The Attorney General of INDONESIA;

3. The Governor/Head Area level 1;

4. The Secretary of the j enderal L embaga Supreme/high country: 5. The head of the Government Institution Non-led/Department: 6. The leadership of the Government banks and State-owned enterprises;

First: 1. Menyelenggarahan Red White flag-raising Ceremony on the 17th of each month 2. If the date 17 j atuh on holiday then--held on the next business day.

BOTH: 1. The ceremony was held in the environment and place each work which is one unit and is followed by all officers/employees in the respective work environment: 2. The ceremony held in the morning before starting work.

Third: a red and white flag-raising Ceremony led by an Inspector of the ceremony that is acting leader in environmental work or officials who slighted by him were: – to the Environment Department is headed by the Minister or an officer designated by him Echelon;
-for the Non Governmental Department/secretariat of the highest Institution/High Country by the leadership of the institution concerned or other officials designated by him;
-for the environment/other work units at the central level as well as by the leadership of the regional environment/work unit concerned or other officials designated by him.

FOURTH: the ceremonial Event are: 1. Raising the red-white flag accompanied by the national anthem Indonesia Raya: 2. Observe copyright in memory of deceased heroes that have fall;
3. The pronunciation/reading of the preamble of the Constitution of 1945;
4. Pronunciation/reading of Pancasila which follow by the participants of the ceremony: 5. Pronunciation/reading of the Sapta lndonesia Republic Officer Corps Prasetya. that was followed by the participants of the ceremony; 6. Other events such as: a. the delivery Ceremony signs service/honor or other awards;
b. release of those who are retired;
c. announcements/notices of mutations, promotion and tenure actions or steps that have been taken in the reform of the environment each and so on; 7. the Inspectors Welcome Ceremony when deemed necessary.

Fifth: instruct to all government agencies, banks and Government agencies State Efforts in both the central level as well as the areas to carry out the lnstruksi President.

SIXTH: a red and white flag-raising Ceremony at the armed forces of the Republic of Indonesia liggkungan still carried out as long as it takes place while the ceremony of raising the red-white flag in the school environment in accordance with the instructions of the Minister of education and culture.

SEVENTH: this Presidential Instruction comes into force on the date specified.

Established in Jakarta on December 1, 1981, PRESIDENT of the Republic of INDONESIA, ttd.

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