Presidential Instruction Number 6 1981

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 6 Tahun 1981

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Back INSTRUKSl PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 6 in 1981 ABOUT DEVELOPMENT AID HEALTH FACILITIES in 1981/1982 the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Considering: a. that in order the implementation of equitable health care, perceived need to take steps to improve health services to the people on low incomes, either in the village or in the city, through the development of health facilities;
b. that, in order to expand the range of health services to the community, need to be built new Clinics in the town with a population of more than 30,000 (thirty thousand) people, or sub district whose territory is quite extensive;
c. that to heighten and enhance health services mainly to the villagers and city dwellers who are low income, any Clinics need to be supported by a simple Helper and Clinics are versatile;
d. that the existing health centers need to be geared its activities to increase the functions of his Ministry;
e. that for the purposes of the available health facilities development assistance in the budget of the State Expenditures and revenues of the fiscal year 1981/1982;
f. that relates to things that matter. on the letter a, letter b, letter c, letter d, and the letter e above, in the need to issue a presidential instruction about health facilities development assistance;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
2. Act No. 9 of 1960 about the fine points of health (State Gazette 1960, an additional 131 Sheet Number country number 2068);
3. Act No. 2 in 1966 about Hygiene (State Gazette number 22 in 1966, an additional Sheet country number 2801);
4. Act No. 5 of 1974 about the fine points of governance in the area of (State Gazette Number 38 in 1974, an additional State Gazette Number 3037);
5. Act No. 7 of 1976 about passage of the unification of East Timor into the Republic of Indonesia a unitary State and the formation of the province of East Timor rate of 1 Areas (State Gazette Number 35 in 1976, an additional State Gazette Number 3084);
6. Act No. 1 of 1981 concerning the budget of the State Expenditures and revenues of the fiscal year 1981/1982 (State Gazette No. 9 of 1981, additional State Gazette Number 3089);
7. Government Regulation number 19 in 1976 about the governance of the Province area of level I and the regencies in East Timor (State Gazette Number 39 in 1976, an additional State Gazette Number 3099);
8. Presidential Decree Number 44 in 1974 about the principal Organization Department;
9. Presidential Decree Number 45 in 1974 about the makeup of the Department's Organization as already beberapakali last amended by Presidential Decree Number 62 in 1980;
10. Presidential Decree number 59/M in 1978 about Pebentukan third development Cabinet;
11. Presidential Decree number 7 in 1979 about a third five-year development plan (REPELITA Ill.) 1999/1980-1983/1984;
12. Presidential Decree Number 27 in 1984 on the establishment of the Agency Perecanaan Pernbangunan region;
13. Presidential Decree No. 14 à 1980 on the implementation of the budget of the State Expenditures and Revenues jo presidential decree number 18 in 1981 about the consummation of Presidential Decree No. 14 à 1980 on the implementation of the budget of the State Expenditures and Revenues.
INSTRUCT: To: 1. Minister of the Interior;

2. The Minister of finance;

3. The Minister of health;

4. Minister of public works;

5. Minister of State Reform State apparatus;
6. Coordinating Minister for economy, finance and industry/Chairman of national development planning.

To: first: implementing development assistance Means Health fiscal year 1981/1982, using the provisions as contained in the annex to this Presidential Instruction as guidelines for its implementation.

Second: this Presidential Instruction comes into force on the date specified and to be implemented as well as possible and full responsibility.

Established in Jakarta on May 6, 1981, the PRESIDENT of INDONESIA SUHARTO, PRESIDENT of INDONESIA INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHMENT number 6 in 1981 on 6 May 1981 DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES HEALTH FACILITIES in 1981/1982 CHAPTER I GENERAL article 1 is a development assistance Means health in these guidelines was direct aid over the burden of State income and Expenditure Budget fiscal year 1981/1982 to Regencies and Jakarta for the construction of infrastructure and the provision of health care means the following : a. Medicines;

b. community health centre, hereinafter referred to CLINICS.
c. Auxiliary community health centres, hereinafter referred to as PUKESMAS Maid; d. repair and improvement of PUBLIC HEALTH and PUBLIC HEALTH Aides.

e. the provision of CLINICS Roving;
f. provision of motorcycles for doctors CLINICS and paramedic officer bike to PUSKESMS; g. the means of rural drinking water supply;
h. Place sewage, hereinafter referred to as the family Privy.
Article 2 the aid referred to in article 1 provided for the purpose of: a. Provide medical services in a more evenly and as close as possible to the public, especially residents of rural and urban areas the population on low incomes;
b. Increase the degree of people's health especially with the increase in the provision of clean water and sanitation Iingkungan is better for rural communities.
CHAPTER II the NUMBER and KINDS of ASSISTANCE article 3 (1) in the fiscal year 1981/1982 provided assistance amounting to Rp. 79,000,000,000.0 (seventy-nine miIyard rupiah) a. the procurement of drugs to health centers, CLINICS, including BP and BKIA that can not be used as CLINICS, HEALTH CENTERS, and hospitals run by the Regencies, magnitude of Rp. 200,-(duaratus dollars) each, with a slight population-dikitnya IDR 15 million ,-(Fifteen million rupiah) each area level II; b. 200 (two hundred) fruit of CLINICS, each consisting of:-the building of CLINICS;

-three House staff;

non medical equipment and medical tools simple;

-Cost Operasianal of field officers; c. 2000 (two thousand) fruit CLINIC Helpers each consists of: – Building PUBLIC HEALTH Aides;

simple medical instruments, d. repair and improvement of HEALTH CENTERS and clinics auxiliary consists of: (1) construction of 250 (two hundred fifty) fruit home physicians;

(2) repair of 1000 (one thousand) fruit of CLINICS;

(3) repair of 1000 (one thousand) fruit of the HEALTH Aides;

(4) the extension of 300 (three hundred) fruit PUSKES. MAS.
e. 100 (one hundred) simple dental hygiene tool fruit for dental nurses; f. 500 (five hundred) fruit CLINICS Roving;

g. 500 (five hundred) fruit of the motorcycle;

h. 2,400 (two thousand four hundred) fruit of the bike;

i. health workforce that consists of:-600 (six hundred) people power general practitioner;

-60 (sixty) dentist;

-4000 (four thousand) people power auxiliary paramedics and paramedic.
j. 7 5,700 (seventy five thousand seven hundred) fruit means drinking water; k. 200,000 (two hundred thousand) of the fruit family latrines.
(2) the Minister of the Interior, Minister of finance, Minister of health, and coordinating Minister for economy, finance and industry/Chairman of the National Development Planning Agency set the number and kinds of assistance for each region level I and level II.
Article 4 the determination of the amount and kinds of assistance as referred to in article 3 is based on the principle of equitable health service, especially densely populated town and sub district whose territory.

CHAPTER III the CHANNELLING of ASSISTANCE article 5 provision of health facilities development assistance carried out by the State Treasury Office (KPN) and channeled through: a. the Bank Rakyat Indonesia;

b. Indonesia import export Bank for the level I areas of Irian Jaya;

c. Bank Dagang Negara for the level I of East Timor.

Article 6 assistance for procurement of medicines, construction of health centers, CLINICS, repair and improvement of PUBLIC HEALTH, the provision of bicycles, constructing rural drinking water and latrines, the family as a whole are listed in Budget income and Expenditure area (BUDGETS) are Regencies are concerned, i.e. in the development budget in paragraph the revenue and Spending Cash Affairs section of the article and the calculation as a post Transito.

CHAPTER IV OBLIGATIONS and RESPONSIBILITIES for LOCAL GOVERNMENT and COMMUNITIES article 7 (1) of the regional Governor of level I is responsible for the construction, supervision and reporting of the use of development assistance Means health.
(2) the Regents/"Walikotamadya" heads of Regencies were responsible for the construction, execution, monitoring, and reporting the use of development assistance Means health.
Article 8 (1) Rewards points to be provided by local authorities is the provision of land free from any burden of legal and settlement costs for its use as follows.

a. in the construction of HEALTH CENTERS providing a breadth of adequate land for the construction of a minimum PUBLIC HEALTH Aides;
b. in the construction of the home physician providing adequate breadth of the land.
(2) the Remuneration shall be provided by the local government in the development of means of provision of drinking water is primarily the cost of installation of the piping.
(3) the Remuneration shall be provided by the family in the development of pit-latrines is the creation of family and home toilet.
Article 9 In the help for the construction of health facilities is insufficient then the drawback on penuhj by Permerintah seternpat and Community Areas.

Article 10 (1) Utilization, management, and maintenance of health facilities that have been built into the responsibility of the local government bersarna the local community.
(2) maintenance of latrines have been built into the family that family responsibilities are concerned.

Article 11 provision of health facilities development assistance fee does not negate or diminish.
a. the obligation of local governments and communities to continually improve the organizing effort of public health with the financial resources of his country;
b. adequacy of subsidies and other assistance by local governments to improve the conduct of the level I public health efforts in the area of level II.
BABV others article 12 health facilities Construction with the help of health facilities was completed before the end of March, 1981, so it can be used no later than in April 1981.

Article 13 things that relate to the determination of the amount of aid provision and distribution costs, peIaksanaan the construction of health centers, CLINICS, repair and improvement of HEALTH CENTERS and clinics, drinking water facility and family latrines, provision of health staffs, coaching and management of health means harmony and smoothness of this Aid is governed jointly by the Ministers concerned.

Article 14 things that have not been provided for in these guidelines are further regulated either by bersaina-sama or singly by the Ministers concerned in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of each having regard to the legislation applicable in the coordination as well-it's good.


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