Act No. 3 Of 1982

Original Language Title: Undang-Undang Nomor 3 Tahun 1982

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ACT 3-1982 Text copy _?.
Back COUNTRY GAZETTE EXTRA RI No. 3214 (explanation for a 1982 State Gazette number 7) EXPLANATION for the law of the Republic of INDONESIA number 3 in 1982 on COMPULSORY PUBLIC COMPANIES LIST., this, as long as Indonesia does not yet have legislation governing the company's List as a source of official information regarding the identity and things about the corporate world and companies.
., In accordance with the 1945 Constitution as national development – which are listed in the outlines of the bow of the country with the development of the national economy in particular fields of activity which nowadays is already increasing, then laws on the Compulsory list of companies already felt very necessary.
.,, Protection to companies that run its business honestly and openly is one of the main objectives of the law on the Compulsory list of companies.
.,, Laws on the Compulsory list of companies is an effort in realizing the granting of protection, as well as coaching to the corporate world and companies, particularly the weak economies. Authors note also customs who actually live in the society in General and the business world in particular.
.,, For the Government, there is a list of companies is very important because it will make it easier for any time can follow carefully the actual circumstances and developments from the world of business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia as a whole, including that of foreign companies. Thus the Government can obtain information regarding the State and carefully the actual development of business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia are very useful to conceive and define wisdom in order to provide guidance, coaching, and oversight of the corporate world, as well as in creating a healthy business climate and orderly. In addition to the importance of the above list of companies at once can be used as a safety net State revenue, as with compulsory list of companies that can be directed and sought the creation of a healthy business climate and orderly.
.,, For the corporate world, companies list is important to prevent and avoid business practices are dishonest (the competition is cheating, smuggling and so on).
.,, As has already been delivered in advance, one of the main goals is to protect the company's List of companies being run honestly ("te goeder trouw"). List of companies can be used as a source of information for the benefit of his efforts. Similarly to the third party concerned would be information of that sort.
.,, Because companies list is a source of official information regarding the identity and things relating to the corporate world and companies established, working and domiciled in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, then to all the parties concerned are given the opportunity to easily keep can know and ask for the necessary information about things that are actually about a company. So with the existence of list of companies can be prevented or avoided incidence of companies and agencies are not responsible as well as the effort to harm society.
., An important thing also is that the company has a registration obligation nature of educating entrepreneurs so that in every act of running his business being honest and open because the information provided is in accordance with the actual circumstances so that companies who register themselves can gain the trust of the community. In addition to the community at large and the entrepreneurs in particular, because the list of companies aims to record the material description made correctly from any business activity that is executed correctly, then the list of companies can be a great tool for the perfect proof against any third parties not proved otherwise.
., Providence, the setting and implementation of Mandatory list of companies according to the law is done by the Government in this regard the Department responsible in the field of trade. Because basically every activity of any company which is done with the purpose of profit or gain an advantage and trying to reach his goal by way of trade goods and or services that can only be exercised upon a trade business license.

The SAKE ARTICLE ARTICLE article 1, letter a., of official records, the list consists of forms that contain a complete record on matters that must be registered by each company. The letter b.,, as well as companies owned or take shelter under the social institutions, such as foundations. The letters c, a, in terms of individual entrepreneurs, owners of the company are the employers concerned. D.,, is quite clear. The letter e.,, is quite clear.

Article 2,, is quite clear.

Section 3.,, is the nature of the open is that the list of companies that can be used by a third party as the source of the information.

Article 4, paragraph (1).,, is quite clear. Subsection (2), perfect Proof, is an authentic proof.

Section 5.,, is quite clear.

Article 6, paragraph (1).,, excluded from the obligation of registration is that companies that do not aim to gain profit and or.

The letter a.,, is quite clear. The letter b., small Companies, individuals who perform activities and or gain or profit and really just to meet the needs of everyday living. Family members own closest family is in relationship to the third degree, either according to the straight line as well as according to the line to the side including the son-in-law and brother-in-law. Paragraph (2).,, is quite clear.

Article 7, in a sense, companies including foreign companies that are domiciled and operate his business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia according to the provisions of the applicable legislation. The Agency and company representatives are treated equally with the company.

Article 8, Subparagraph a, b and c..,, is quite clear. D.,, is the other company forms new company in accordance with the development of an economy that is not yet classified in letters a, b and c.

Article 9,, is quite clear.

Section 10.,, something the company is deemed to start his business at the time of receiving a business license of the authorized technical agencies.

Article 11, paragraph (1), letter a, b, c, d, e, f, and g.,, is quite clear. H., letters, limited liability company that has not obtained the endorsement as a legal entity but is doing business activities remain obliged to register his company. Paragraph (2).,, is quite clear. Paragraph (3).,, is quite clear. Subsection (4), a limited liability company, which sold its shares to the public by the capital market is difficult to know the ownership of its shares since may at any time vary so much that needs to be specifically.

Article 12,, is quite clear.

Article 13.,, is quite clear.

14. Article,, is quite clear.

15. Article,, is quite clear.

Article 16, paragraph (1),, is a form of business is another example of State Enterprises, State forms such as the company's general corporate and Company, company Region as governed by the applicable laws and regulations and more. Paragraph (2).,, is quite clear.

Article 17,, is quite clear.

18. Article,, is quite clear.

Article 19,, is quite clear.

Article 20.,, is quite clear.

Article 21, paragraph (1), the rejected, the company listing is considered mandatory have not made the list but does not reduce the opportunity in the business or its activities during the grace period the registration obligations since the denial of enrollment. Paragraph (2).,, is quite clear.

Section 22.,, is quite clear.

23. Article,, is quite clear.

24. Article,, is quite clear.

25. Article,, is quite clear.

26. Article,, is quite clear.

Article 27,, is quite clear.

28. Article,, is quite clear.

Article 29, paragraph (1).,, due to the objections raised by the parties concerned to the Secretary as stipulated in article 21, 27 and 28 of this Act may result in the abolition of the company in question from the list of companies, then to obtain the righteousness of the parties are called to hear his statement. Paragraph (2).,, is quite clear. Paragraph (3).,, is quite clear. Subsection (4),, is quite clear.

Article 30.,, is quite clear.

31. Article,, is quite clear.

Article 32.,, is quite clear.

33. Article,, is quite clear.

34. Article,, is quite clear.

35. Article,, is quite clear.

36. Article,, is quite clear.

37. Article,, is quite clear.

38. Article,, is quite clear.

39. Article,, is quite clear