Presidential Decree Number 49 Year 1982

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 49 Tahun 1982

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Presidential Decree No. 49-1982 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NUMBER 49 in 1982 ABOUT the ORDER of ORGANIZATION of BANDUNG INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY PRESIDENT Republic of INDONESIA, Considering: that in the framework of implementation of the Government Regulation number 5 in 1980 about the fine points of the Organization of the University/Institute, viewed the need to establish the order of organization of the Bandung Institute of technology;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
2. Act No. 10 of 1961 College (State Gazette 1961 Number 302, additional State Gazette Number 2446);
3. Government Regulation number 6 of 1959 concerning the establishment of the Bandung Institute of technology (State Gazette No. 9 of 1959, additional Sheets State number 1733);
4. Government Regulation number 5 in 1980 about the fine points of the Organization of the University/Institute (State Gazette No. 10 of 1980, State Gazette Supplementary Number 3157);
5. Government Regulation Number 27 years on the Faculty of the University of 1981tentang Setup/Institute (State Gazette Number 41 in 1981, additional State Gazette Number 3202);
Article 1 the Institut Teknologi Bandung is an organic unit in the Ministry of education and culture, led by a President who is under and is responsible directly to the Minister of education and culture.

Article 2 the construction of the Bandung Institute of technology functionally carried out by the Director General of higher education Department of education and culture.

Article 3 basic tasks Bandung Institute of technology is organizing the education and teaching above a mid-level College and providing education and instruction based on the national culture of Indonesia with the scientific method which includes education and teaching, research, and service to the public in accordance with the legislation in force.

Article 4 Bandung Institute of technology consists of: 1. The Rector and Provost;

2. Academic and Student Affairs Administration Bureau;

3. General Administration Bureau;

4. Faculty of fine arts and design;

5. Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences;

6. Faculty of industrial technology;

7. Faculty of Mineral Technology;

8. Faculty of civil engineering and planning;

9. The graduate faculty;

10. Faculty of Non-title technology;

11. Research institutions;

12. Community Service Agencies;

13. Library.

The formulation of article 5 tasks and functions as well as the details of the arrangement of the Organization in an environment of Bandung Institute of technology referred to in article 4 of decision this President in the set by the Minister of culture and education after obtaining written consent of the responsible ministers in the areas of reform and consummation of the State apparatus.

Article 6 With the enactment of presidential decree, then all provisions that are contrary to this presidential decree declared inapplicable.

Article 7 this presidential decree took effect on the date set.

Established in Jakarta on September 7, 1982.

The PRESIDENT of the Republic of INDONESIA, SUHARTO'S fnFooter ();