Presidential Decree Number 18 In 1984

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 18 Tahun 1984

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kp18-1984 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE number 18 in 1984 ABOUT the PROJECT of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC'S CORE EMBANKMENT, Considering: a. that the business of cultivating shrimp in pond as part of development in the field of fisheries needs to gain attention and encouragement for its development, given the magnitude of the potential both in terms of economic shrimp in a broader sense as well as an increase in income and social welfare of the farmers farmed;
b. that in order the construction and extension of farmed shrimp farmers needed a pilot on how to manufacture and manage them properly;
c. that in respect of the matters aforesaid, viewed the need to establish a core of Embankment project for the people as a pilot project.
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
2. Act No. 5 of 1960 concerning the basic regulation of the Agrarian issues (State Gazette Number 104 in 1960, an additional Sheet country number 2043);
3. Act No. 11 of 1974 on Irrigation (1974 State Gazette Number 65, additional State Gazette Number 3012);
4. Act No. 4 of 1982 about the provisions of the Principal provisions of the environmental management (State Gazette No. 12, in 1982, an additional State Gazette Number 3215);
Decide: define: the DECISION of the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA on the EMBANKMENT PROJECT CORE people.

First: (1) Establishing the core People, who Farmed next in this presidential decree TIR Project, abbreviated as pilot projects in the field of farmed shrimp;
(2) TIR Project is implemented based on the master plan and the approved Phasing Plan President, over 350 ha of land (tigaratus fifty acres) located in the village of Heirloom Jaya Regency Karawang Regencies, province level I West Java Area.

Second: TIR Project aiming at: a. provide an example and encouragement to farmers about the way of cultivating shrimp pond in pond properly;
b. cultivating shrimp in order to increase the production of export commodities as prawns non oil and gas potential or to meet the needs in the country;
c. give job opportunities to the local pond in order to increase income and social life.

Three: (1) Conducting TIR Project done by Implementing projects that have the task of: a. organizing the construction of the project in accordance with the master plan and the plan Pertahapan;

b. carry out and control the management of the project.
(2) Implementing a project consisting of: project leader: Sdr. Brig (Retd) Oetjoe Sapri;

Vice-president Project: Sdr Ir. Damanhuri.
(3) for the smooth execution of the task, the Peminpin project can appoint staff in accordance with their needs.
(4) the commissioning of the project is responsible to the President.

Four: (1) in carrying out its task of Implementing the project assisted by the Technical Adviser has the task of providing technical guidance in the field of each to the project leader about the plan and execution of the construction and management of the project.
(2) Technical Advisors consisted of: a. the Director-General of Fisheries, the Ministry of labour has, as Coordinator;

b. the Agrarian, Director General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

c. the Director General of the irrigation and the Director General of Cipta Karya, Ministry of public works;

d. Regent/head of Karawang Regencies;

e. Sdr IR. Sudarmadi.
(3) Technical Adviser in carrying out its task is responsible to the President.

Fifth: For smooth running and success of the project, Project Implementers to TIR seconded expert team led by Prof. Dr. Gunawan Satari, which if necessary can be strengthened with other expert staffs of the College.

SIXTH: (1) conducting Surveillance against TIR Project carried out by the watchdog overseeing the implementation of Project development and project management based on the master plan and the plan approved by President Phasing.
(2) the supervisor of the project led by the Sdr Drh. Aryodarmoko, and assisted by staff according to your needs.
(3) in carrying out its task of Supervisor is responsible to the President.

SEVENTH: the work and the work plan Project Leader Project administered by the TIR after consultation with Technical Advisor and supervisor of the project.

EIGHTH: this presidential decree took effect on the date set.

Established in Jakarta on 9 March 1984, the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, SUHARTO was ttd