Presidential Decree Number 50 In 1984

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 50 Tahun 1984

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Presidential Decree No. 50-1998 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NUMBER 50 in 1984 ABOUT the PASSAGE of the ARTICLES of ASSOCIATION of the GOVERNING BODY for PROPULSION FORCE POTENTIAL PATRONS ' 45 INDONESIAN PRESIDENT, Considering: a. that the Agency Propulsion Force Potential Patrons ' 45 is a potentially effective organization to participate the national development in order to facilitate filling of independence;
b. that with respect to any such matters on the letter a, and to provide containers for the fighters ' Force 45 exponents then seen the need to ratify the articles of the driving Force Potential Patrons ' 45 resulting in major national Congress to Force IV ' 45 in 1980.
Remember: article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945.
Article 1 affirms the Budget of the Agency's Basic Driving Force Potential Patrons ' 45, as referred to in the annex to the decision of the President.

Article 2 this presidential decree took effect on the date set.

Established in Jakarta on 1 September 1984, PRESIDENT of the Republic of INDONESIA, SUHARTO, the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE ATTACHMENT NUMBER 50 in 1984 on September 1, 1984 the BASIC BUDGET of the AGENCY FORCE POTENTIAL PATRONS ' MOVER 45 PREAMBLE that upon the blessings and gifts God Almighty, the ' 45 has managed to put together the people of Indonesia gave the proclamation of independence of the nation and the homeland of Indonesia on 17 August 1945 which has given rise to a unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia; Thus delete powers of fascism, imperialism, colonialism, and the feudalism of the Earth Indonesia.

Hereinafter together the people of Indonesia maintain, replenish and developed the unitary State of Republic of Indonesia by virtue of Proclamation 17 August 1945, and all the values were fighting ' 45.
Thus the force ' 45 are imbued by the spirit and ideals of heroism and struggle and sacrifice of Heroes throughout the history of the national hero on landasi of sincerity and willingness of selfless sacrifice of the soul, body and all his patriotism manifested.
Therefore the forces ' mengambek 45 paramaartakan national interests, namely independence and national sovereignty, national unity and the unity of the nation of Indonesia to guarantee the realization of people's lives for a just and prosperous as well as prosperous born above the inner runway Pancasila and law 45 that is blessed by God Almighty.

Then with a high awareness of the Navy ' 45 received the sacred duties and obligations to implement the ideals of Proclamation 17 August 1945 which mandated the heroes who died in the defence of the fatherland's independence, and Nations therefore obliged me neruskan struggle as well as build the resolve of soul, spirit and values ' 45, and with similarly obliged to forward it on to the generations afterwards.

Therefore, with Rho God Almighty, accompanied the cornerstone of thought over and driven by the obligations and responsibilities of tasa Force 45 ' then disusunlah organization "AGENCY of DRIVING POTENTIAL PATRONS of the HOST ' 45" as a source of moral strength which imbued the spirit of struggle, August 17, 1945.

CHAPTER I GENERAL provisions article 1 definition of the ' 45 was a pioneer Force, enforcement, implementing safety, and successor to the ideals of the struggle of the proclamation of independence on August 17, 1945, which is sincere, willing, consequently, active, creative, make sacrifices and struggle against imperialism, fascism, colonialism and feudalism to manifest, filling and maintaining the independence and sovereignty of the motherland in the form of a unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia with BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA coat of arms based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution towards a fair and prosperous society.

Article 2 the cornerstone of the struggle of this Organization is the Foundation of the struggle the ideals of Proclamation 17 August 1945, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

CHAPTER II the NAME, form, NATURE and STATUS of the ORGANIZATION Article 3 1. The Organization was named "agency of the driving Potential Patrons of the host-45" abbreviated "-45" 2. This organization is shaped: Container construction, gathering together the potential and the soul, spirit and values fighting 45. 3. The organization of national and berlambangkan is "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika".

4. The organization is; manunggal.

Article 4 seat of the Organization is based in the capital of the Republic of Indonesia and have management in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia, in each of the Provinces, districts, Municipalities and districts.

Article 5 this Organization functions as a Function: 1. penghimpun Container and Builder 2. Extension is education and instruction in the sense that the existence of, regarding the construction of the potential and the soul, spirit and values fighting 45. 3. Dinamisator and the moral force of 4. Provide suggestions regarding konsepsional Ipoleksosbud defense and security and the law to the Government.
CHAPTER III CODE ETHIK MEMBERS article 6 each Member is obligated to respect and maintain the kemurniah Ethik Code as follows: 1. A committed keapada God Almighty, with every natural deeds prove it.
2. the Struggle continues to execute its mandate of the suffering of the people and not to betray the struggle heroes who fell in defense of the country and defend the Proclamation 17 August 1945.
3. Give the example and the example of the Queen to the community, with the behaviour of the earthy and simple. 4. Obedient and faithful to the basic goal of national Struggle and Indonesia.

CHAPTER IV PRINCIPLE of PURPOSE and EFFORT article 7 this organization based on Pancasila philosophy and Outlook on life in and conditioned State.

Article 8 the purpose the purpose of this organization is to: 1. Maintain the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia by virtue of Proclamation 17 August 1945 which covers the entire region and spill the blood of Indonesia.
2. Realize an equitable and prosperous society based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.
3. Undertook to maintain world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice.
Article 9 an attempt to achieve its objectives, the Organization carry out its efforts: 1. To maintain and secure the unity and national unity, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution;
2. Actively participate in all areas of nation-building and State in accordance with the ideals of Proclamation 17 August 1945.
3. Maintain, build, develop and carry on the soul, the spirit and values of fighting-45.
4. Active evocative and exciting spirit of patriotism and the spirit of struggle for the development of society and the State;
5. Cooperate with the Government, political parties-party, Golkar and community organizations in order to facilitate the implementation of the GBHN.
6. Encourage the advance of consultative and kegotong-royongan nationally and internationally.
Chapter V MEMBERSHIP article 10 this organization Membership are those that never betray the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, which consists of: 1. national independence fighters and fighters of the proclamation 17 August 1945 which remain actively fighting for and preserving the soul, spirit and values-45;
2. the defenders of independence fighters, the motherland, the people and the State Union of Republic of Indonesia who has been living and practising Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution which remain actively fighting for and preserving the soul, spirit and values-45.
CHAPTER VI ORGANIZATION article 11 Organization is organized as follows: 1. Central level: a. National Advisory Board;

b. the national Plenary Council;

c. national daily Council.
2. Provincial Level: a. Regional Advisory Council;

b. Plenary Council Area;

c. Daily Council area.
3. Municipal/District level: a. Branch Advisory Board;

b. Plenary Council Branch;

c. Daily Council Branch.
4. Sub Level: a. Advisory Council Branch;

b. Plenary Council Branch;

c. the Board Daily Twigs.
Article 12 Executive Board Composition 1. At the central level selected by the MUBENAS consist of: a. National Advisory Board amounted to 8 (eight);

b. the national Plenary Council amounted to 45 (forty five) persons;

c. national daily Council amounted to 17 (seventeen).

2. National daily Council was composed as follows: a. The Chairman: Chairman;

Chairman Of The I;

Chairman II;

The Chairman III;

Chair IV;

Chairman V.

b. The Secretary General: the Secretary General;

Deputy Secretary General-I;

Deputy General Secretary-II.

c. The Chairman of Fields which include: Field Organization;

The Political Sphere;

Economics Finance and Development;

The field of Defense and security;

The field of social, labor, Legal and Resettlement;

The areas of religion, education, culture and Health;

The Field Of Community Relations;

The Field General.

d. order of Caretaker at regional levels and branches, and twigs arranged in accordance with the central level with the adjustment of composition and personnel according to the needs and conditions of each Area level.
Article 13 Deliberations/Trial Level 1. At the national level: a. major national Congress (MUBENAS);

b. plenary session.
2. at the regional level of the province: a. Discussion area (MUSDA);

b. plenary session.
3. at level II/regencies and municipalities: a. Deliberation branch (MUSCAB);

b. plenary session branch.
4. Level the Sub: a Discussion. Twig;

b. plenary session Twigs.
CHAPTER VII DELIBERATION Article 14 a period of Deliberation: 1. Major National Congress, held once every four (4) years;
2. the plenary meeting is held once in 1 (one) year, at least once in 2 (two) years;
3. Discussion areas, branches, and twigs are held once in four (4) years; 4. working meetings held every time if deemed necessary.

LEGITIMATE DISCUSSION of article 15 Any Deliberation can take place, if it meets the terms that reflect the representatives, based on the Deliberations in the territories according to each level (national, Provincial, Regency/Municipality, district).

Article 16 DELIBERATION DECISION any decision taken Assembly based on the wisdom of wisdom and deliberation to reach consensus, and in this way is not achieved, voting is the way.

K E K U A S A A N Article 17 1. The highest power there is in the great National Assembly.

2. The Supreme power between MUBENAS there is in the national plenary session.
3. Executive power between the national plenary meeting is on the Board of the national Daily.
4. The Supreme power in the area of the province, the branches and Twigs are on Deliberation of regional, branch and Twig;
5. The Supreme power between MUSDA MUSRAN MUSCAB, and exists on the plenary meeting areas, branches, and twigs;
6. Executive power between the Deliberations of the regional, branch and Twig there on Board Daily each.
CHAPTER VIII FINANCIAL Article 18 financial organizations is derived from: 1. voluntary Dues of members.

2. legitimate businesses.

3. Donations which are not binding.

CHAPTER IX article 19 change of the articles of association may only be held by major national Deliberation.

CHAPTER X Chapter 20 things that have not been specified in this basic Budget, set out in the Bylaws, to the extent not in conflict with the articles of Association. fnFooter ();