Government Regulation Number 33 In 1991

Original Language Title: Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 33 Tahun 1991

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PP 33-1991 Text copy _?.
Back COUNTRY SHEET Republic of INDONESIA No. 41, 1991 (Additional explanation in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3443) GOVERNMENT REGULATION of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA NUMBER 33 in 1991 ABOUT SPECIAL REGISTRATION PATENT CONSULTANT, PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: a. that to facilitate patent requests from abroad, as well as in the country, Act No. 6 of 1989 concerning Patents set up the provision of Patent consulting services;
.,, b. that to provide a legal basis for the Organization of Patent consulting services, viewed the need to establish new regulations governing Government regulation on the registration of the patent Consultants;
.,, Considering: 1. Article 5 paragraph (2) of the Constitution of 1945;
., ,2. Act No. 6 of 1989 concerning Patents (State Gazette Number 39 in 1989, an additional Sheet country number 3373);
Article 1 for the first time, those who meet the conditions as below can register as a Patent Consultant:.,, a. has a diploma in Engineering and natural science or Bachelor of other fields;
.,, b. has been doing a job as Consultant of the patent or the patent request submission processing for the benefit of Government or private Agencies and individuals as evidenced by the experience of the following patent request juan penga in number, at least for two years prior to the date of 1 November 1989; c. pay a registration fee of Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah).

Article 2 the registration referred to in article 1 lodged within a period of six months from the date of promulgation of this Regulation.

Article 3 the patent Consultant registered according to the provisions referred to in article 1 and article 2 can still do the job of a patent if the Consultant is qualified to be determined in further government regulation.

Article 4 further Provisions necessary for the implementation of special Patent Consultant registration based on the Government regulation is governed by the Minister of Justice.

Article 5 this Regulation comes into force on the date of promulgation.

In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the enactment of this Regulation with its placement in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia.

.,, Set in Jakarta a on June 11, 1991 the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA SOEHARTO Promulgated in Jakarta on June 11, 1991 the MINISTER/STATE SECRETARY MOERDIONO of INDONESIA RI STATE GAZETTE SUPPLEMENTARY No. 3443 (explanation of the 1991 State Gazette Number 41) EXPLANATION for the REGULATION of the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA NUMBER 33 in 1991 ABOUT SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PUBLIC PATENT CONSULTANTS., developmental activities, in line with national development today , the promulgation of Act No. 6 of 1989 concerning Patents on 1st November 1989 has a strategic meaning. First, the legal system is the Foundation for the grant of legal protection over the recent discoveries in the field of technology in the form of a patent. Second, the existence of legal protection are expected to be able to push the development of technology which is very important for the progress of development of the industrial sector.
.,, Keeping in mind the needs sufficient time to be able to prepare so that the Act went well, set the start time of the enactment of such laws seca ra effective 1st August 1991.
.,, In the legislation, among others, asserted that the request of the patent by the inventor or the invention entitled domiciled outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia should be filed through a patent Consultant. It is intended to simplify the process of filing a patent request, especially with regard to the obligations as well as to speed up the process of the settlement of a patent request. In addition, Patent Consultants can also act as the authority to handle the filing of a request for the patent the inventor of Indonesia itself. The latter is customarily done because the inventor of Indonesia itself. The latter is customarily done because the inventor or invention is entitled to not understand in terms in terms of patent laws-or how to request a patent. As a provider of services, within the Patent Act asserted that the Patent Consultants reserves the right to request the patent is a patent Consultant registered in the Patent Office.
.,, With the role of the Consultant as the power of Patent experts in providing the service of filing a patent request, then it need to specified formal requirements relating to the basic capabilities and the expertise of the consultants the Patent.
Similar Requirements, it is directed in such a way to support the smooth running of the demand process patent, in addition to mastery over the issue concerning legal and technical facets of administration, it services profession must meet the qualification requirements of expertise related to the field of technology. Formally it must be proven with the ijaza certificate of education h or more. If these requirements are met, it must be attended and was declared passed the test organized by the Patent Office. However keeping in mind the need for sufficient preparation to be able to organise the test for Patent Consultant then requirements regarding registration of Patent Consultants who first performed with adjustments. In this case, the registration is done with special requirements and admission is done in a limited period of time anyway. That is only six months away.
.,, With those special requirements stipulated that in order to be registered as a patent consultant one must have Bachelor's degree of engineering and natural science or a Bachelor's degree in other master technology. In addition, concerned should also have experience doing the work as a Patent Consultant at least two years prior to the date of 1 November 1989. Such experience could be in the forms of activities filing request., patent, for the benefit of Government or private institutions and individuals. Experience that must be seen and considered in terms of the number of patent filings that has been done. With requirements like that at least the Patent Office has the basis and guidelines for determining whether a person is or can be registered as a Patent Consultant.
.,, In regard to these registration requirements also set payment terms registration fee. Next on the registration period, it is restricted for six months only with the intention of enabling available enough time to give a chance to register.
., Need, asserted that government regulation was issued to meet the provisions of the Patent Act. Therefore, even if the specified requirements are special but not won the too loose so it can open up the possibility of abuse.
.,, With this particular setting then Patent Consultant registered according to the rules of this Government recognized Patent Consultants as is referred to in the Patent Act.
.,, Next, the Government will set up more in detail about the requirements and procedures for the registration of Patent Consultants in government regulation. Government regulation that is what will be used as the basis for registration of a patent outside consultants who are registered according to special rules.

The SAKE ARTICLE ARTICLE article 1., this, the requirements are cumulative.

This registration has the special nature because it is based on requirements that are not yet fully in compliance with the requirements should be applied.

Among them, he did not test by the Patent Office and the determination of the requirements regarding expertise is not done strictly. In principle, other than evidence of a diploma, the registration associated with requirements concerning the person's experiences in doing the job as a patent consultant often. The length of the experience of at least two (2) years commencing before the date of 1 November 1989.

In terms of practice, that experience can be a patent filing activity including the number having regard to requirements regarding length of experience as well as a number of patents have been filed, both in Indonesia and abroad, at least – whether the ability of Konsu ltan patents registered and based on the Government regulation is pretty reliable.

Article 2,, is quite clear.

Section 3.,, needs to be defined from these provisions is that the registration of a Patent Consultant based on the Government regulation is not the temporary registration is. This special enrollment due to not fully based on terms as it is commonly prescribed for the registration of a patent Consultant. Patent consultant registered according to the rules of this Government recognized and entitled to act as service providers in handling the filing of a request for a patent referred to in the Patent Act.

Section 4.,, is quite clear.

Section 5.,, is quite clear.