Presidential Decree No. 10 Of 2002

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 10 Tahun 2002

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Presidential Decree No. 10-2002 Text not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 10 of 2002 on the ESTABLISHMENT of a COMMISSION INVESTIGATOR HIYO ELUAY THEYS CASE NATIONAL PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: a. that there has been an event/incident which caused the victim's death against Theys Hiyo Eluay, Chairman of the Presidium of the Papua Council;
b. that with respect to such matters are seen to need to form a Commission to investigate National Investigators freely, fairly and thoroughly, paying close attention to all aspects of the events/incidents;
Remember: article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
Decide: define: FIRST: establishing a Commission Investigator Theys Hiyo Eluay case National, hereinafter in this presidential decree referred to Commission Investigators nationwide.

Second: the Commission of inquiry tasked the national Investigators freely, fairly and thoroughly, paying close attention to all aspects of the case.

Third: In organizing its work the Commission Investigators Nationwide are doing things that are essential to getting the results of the investigation that is free, fair, and carefully, comprehensively covering all aspects of the case.

FOURTH: the Commission Investigator of a national consists of: 1. Drs. Koesparmono Irsan, as Chairman and members;

2. I Putu Kusa, S.H., as a Member;

3. the TNI major general Djasri Marin, S.H., as a Member;

4. Zulkarnain Yunus, S.H., M.H., as a Member;

5. the Inspector General of police Drs. r. Engkesman Hillep, as a Member;

6. Indra Tjahya, S.H., as a Member;

7. Dr. Karel Theil Erari, as a Member;

8. Drs. John Ibo, as a Member;

9. Drs. Simon Patrice Morin, as a Member;

10. Lukas Karl Degey Drs, as a Member;

11. Prof. Dr. h. Amarsings, as members of the SPF.

Fifth: in carrying out its task the Commission National Investigators obtained all the required help from all Central Government agencies and local government agencies as well as other parties.

SIXTH: after you have finished running the task, the Commission Investigator reported the results of his research to the National President.

SEVENTH: the Government announced the results of the investigation the Commission Investigators Nationwide to the public.

EIGHTH: Any charges for carrying out the tasks of the Commission charged to the national budget of the Investigator the Secretariat of State.

NINTH: this presidential decree took effect on the date set.

Established in Jakarta on 5 April 2002 the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, MEGAWATI SUKARNOPUTRI