Applicable Local Number 6 Of 2007

Original Language Title: Peraturan Daerah Nomor 6 Tahun 2007

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The AREA of DISTRICT CIANIUR 2OO7L YEAR NOMOR06 GAZETTE I REGULATORY REGION of CIANTUR COUNTY It number 06 YEAR 2OO7 PERTANGGUNG'AWABAN PEIAKSANAAN REPORT ABOUT the BUDGET REVENUE and BETHANY AREA FISCAL YEAR 2006 (FINANCIAL rJqPoMN) with the ONE TRUE GOD RAHMATTUHAN BUPATT CtANIUR, Considering: a. that has the end of the fiscal year 2006 needs to be compiled Report Accountability the implementation of Budget revenue and Shopping area. Remember: l. that the berdzrarkan article I Regulatory region number l5 02 2007, termasksud GRANT Accountability Reports need to be established with local regulations; Act No. 14 of 1950 on the establishment of District in West Java environment (State News 1950 Number 43); ten i corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (State Gazette of the Republic lndonesia 1999 Number 75, State Gazette Supplementary Number 3851); b. 2. F F I t F? r r a 5. 204 Sheets, additional State number 4024); 10 5 about financial management area (State Gazette in 2005 an additional 140 Sheet Number country number 4378); 1 araan of local government; (State Gazette Number 165 in 2005 an additional Sheet country number 4585); 16. Government Regulation Number I in 2006 about financial reporting and performance lnstansi Government; (The State Gazette in 2006 an additional Sheet number 25 country number (6ta) i F-lt 17. Permendagri Numbers l3 in 2006 about the regional financial management Guidelines; 18. Applicable local Cianjur Number 0l in 2006 about the determination of the Budget of income and Expenditure financial year 2006; 19. Applicable local Cianjur number 18 of 2006 date, November 20, 2006 on the determination of changes in the budget of income and Expenditure financial year 2006; 20. Applicable local Cianjur number 02 of 2007 about the financial management Area; In 2007 the Area of the sheet number 2 series (D) With the joint COUNCIL of Persetuiuan PERWAKTLAN RAI (YAT AREA I (ABUPATEN CIANfUR and BUPATT CTANf UR TENTANGM (AREA-DECIDED "\ enetapkan: PERTANGGUNGIAWABAN RULES PEIAI (ASANAAN INCOME and BEIANIA AREA in 2006 (uPoMN KEUANCAN) Budget income and I. Income 2. Shopping 3. Financing a. b Receipt, Expenditure article I Shopping Area in 2006 as follows: Net Financing ... Article 2 the difference seiumlah Revenue realization of budget with details as follows: BUDGET TAPORAN BUDGET 895,043,592,539, lg 94A. 441.705.642, lg Surplus/(Deficit),. , (45,398.123.1 04.00) 52.324, RP 389.507 RP 45,675,388,507.00 6.649, 000.000 Rp (6 I 7.452,791 .50) with the Rp. RP. RP. RP. RP. RP, r t I r) a. b. Budget Revenues after the change of the realization of the Difference More/(less) ... 895.043,592,539, lg 894,426,129,746.69. (6 i. 4t2 {9 1.50) Rp. RP. RP. 2) difference in the realization of the budget with Spending a number of details as follows: USD (96,528.229,187.50) with a. b. Budget after the change of the realization of the Difference More/(less),. . 940,441.705. ' 642. lg 843.9 I 3.47 6,454, Rp 69. RP. IDR (96.5? g0uoNoN/0oz NnHVtun luls [Nvl3: N] lVdnSv) Hvlulvc NVtHVSt € t 0 t I Ogt 260 ' dt H\ru3VO L} Olshlsnry € l '. rnluel) Ip Hrlos uvtHsnH URdtfJ.rfr ue1 ' Pll ' ldel unINVtf trvdng LO1Z snrsn $ y g;; ettuel; nluer3 uelderallCl Ip Eped ' lnluer) uerednqq; qeroec u € requlo-l ujeFp e {uueledtueued uetuep rur q? JaPC u € JnleJod EU uetuepuntuad >; qeluueluou. r ' elurnqeletueru delres Euel. retv ' uoltuepunrp; ettuer eped n1e;. req relnu lut r. Fre € Ct ueJnleJed g lEsEd '! ur qeJa € O u? Uep JnlpJed uo; URqesrd.rel) eptr tuer (EU; teq ueledrueu t Fsed eped] eueurpteqes uerrdue; UR-uerrdr.uel ePnN eruB] s l?