Local Regulations No. 2 Of 2009

Original Language Title: Peraturan Daerah Nomor 2 Tahun 2009

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REGULATORY AREA of SOUTH SUMATRA PROVINCE AREA of SOUTH SUMATRA PROVINCE REGULATIONS No. 2 of 2009 ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANIZATION of the SOUTH SUMATRA HEALTH hosts (JAMSOSKES [MOVIE] the UNIVERSE) and the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY the GOVERNOR of South Sumatra, Considering: a. that health is a basic human needs to live decent and productive including mandatory local Government Affairs so that need a controlled handling systems and quality; b. that in order to improve service to the community of South Sumatra is need for a social security Health Program especially for people registered as residents of South Sumatra which have a Population Sign Cards (KTP) and or family card (KK) and do not have insurance; c. that based on considerations as referred to in letter a and letter b, need to establish local regulations concerning the Organization of the social security Program the health of South Sumatra to the universe (Jamsoskes [movie] the universe) Given: 1. Article 18 paragraph (6) of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945; 2. Act No. 25 of 1959 concerning the establishment of the area of level I South Sumatra (State Gazette of RI 1959 Number 70, Extra sheets of RI Number 1814); 3. Act No. 23 of 1992 on health (State Gazette of RI in 1992 the number 100, an additional Sheet RI Number 3495); 4. Act No. 17 of 2003 about State Finances (State Gazette REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Number 47 in 2003, an additional Sheet RI Number 4286); 5. Act No. 1 of 2004 on the Treasury of the State (State Gazette of RI's 2004 number 5, State Gazette Supplementary RI Number 4355);

- 2 - 6. Act No. 3 of 2004 concerning the examination of the management and financial responsibility of the State (State Gazette of RI's 2004 Number 66, additional sheets of RI State number 4400); 7. Act No. 29 of 2004 concerning the practice of Medicine (State Gazette REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Number 116 of 2004, State Gazette Extra RI Number 4431); 8. Law Number 32 of 2004 concerning Regional Government (State Gazette REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Number 125 of 2004, State Gazette Extra RI Number 4437) as amended by law number 12 of the year 2008 (State Gazette of RI in 2008 Number 59, State Gazette Extra RI Number 4844); 9. Act No. 33 of 2004 concerning the Financial Equalization between the Central Government and the regional Government (State Gazette Number 126 in 2004 of RI, RI State Gazette Supplementary Number 4438); 10. Act No. 40 of 2004 on National Social Security Systems (State Gazette Number 150 in 2004 of RI, RI State Gazette Supplementary Number 4456); 11. Government Regulation Number 32 in 1996 about the health workforce (State Gazette of RI 1996 Number 45, Supplement State Gazette of RI Number 3637); 12. Government Regulation Number 38 in 2007 about Government Affairs Divisions between the Government, local governance and local governance Provincial district/municipality (State Gazette Number 82 in 2007, RI, RI State Gazette Supplementary Number 4737); 13. the regulation of the Minister of health the number 131/Menkes/SK/II/2004 concerning national health systems; 14. Joint Regulations the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of health the number 34 in 2005 and no. 1138/Menkes/PB/VIII/2005 about conducting of Kabupaten/Kota is healthy; 15. Regulation of the Minister of health the number 125/Menkes/SK/II/2008 on Guidelines Implementation Guarantee public health 2008;

-3-16. Area of South Sumatra Province regulations No. 2 of 2006 about the system health of the province of South Sumatra (Sheet 2006 number 2 Area E series). Together with the approval of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES of the REGIONAL PROVINCE of SOUTH SUMATRA and SOUTH SUMATRA GOVERNOR DECIDED: setting: LOCAL REGULATIONS REGARDING SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANIZATION of the SOUTH SUMATRA HEALTH UNIVERSE (UNIVERSE [MOVIE] JAMSOSKES) chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1 In this Area Regulations is: 1. is the Province of South Sumatra Province. 2. The provincial government is a Government of South Sumatra Province. 3. The Governor is the Governor of South Sumatra. 4. the Bupati/Walikota is the Bupati/Walikota se South Sumatra. 5. District/City Government is the Government district/city se South Sumatra. 6. Health is a State of well-being of the body, the soul and social allows everyone to live a socially and economically productive. 7. The hospital is health facilities that provide health services in all areas and types of diseases that are basic services up to the sub, including specialised in accordance with classification capabilities. 8. General Hospital Center who then was shortened to is a General Hospital Center Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Palembang. 9. Specialty Hospital which further abbreviated RSK is a hospital providing services in one area or one particular type of service based on disciplines. 10. General Hospital Area hereinafter abbreviated to PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL is a general hospital located in the area of kabupaten/kota.

-4-11. Private hospital is a Private Hospital that stands well in the district/city or capital city of the province. 12. The hospital network is all good government-owned services facilities as well as private in the level of basic services and referrals that provide health services. 13. Community health centres which further shortened Clinics are health centers, Clinics and Inpatient Clinics Maid who was in each subdistrict/village/village that gives the Ministry the first level. 14. Private health care is health care efforts in the medical field are implemented both individuals and groups or incorporated Foundation law. 15. the Village Health Post next abbreviated health effort is Poskesdes sourced community which was established in the village in order to approach health services for the people of the village. 16. The first level of Outpatient (RJTP) is a public clinic services provided at Clinics and jejaringnya, health centers, Clinics, Floating Clinics. 17. Advanced level Outpatient (RJTL) is a funded, including specialised services in health centers, government hospitals, private hospitals, Eye Hospitals, Community Hospitals for lung and other special Hospitals. 18. The first Level of inpatient care (RITP) is a service of hospitalization in public health that includes inpatient accommodation, medical consultation, physical examination and extension of health, simple laboratory (blood, urine, stool) and radiology. 19. Advanced level of inpatient care (RITL) is the inpatient services at government hospitals, private hospitals on a class III facility in working with social security Health Programs South Sumatra Universe (Universe [movie] Jamsoskes). 20. Health Care Givers (PPK) is a healthcare facilities ranging from basic health services up to the advanced level of service in Government Hospitals, Clinics and private hospitals as well as jejaringnya. 21. PPATRS is an integrated administrative service Center Hospital.

-5-22. Emergency/Emergency health disorders is a State that should get immediate action and if things get worse, too late to cause a crash or death served to the emergency unit. 23. The population of South Sumatra is any person who is registered and has a population of South Sumatra Signs Cards as well as domiciled in South Sumatra. CHAPTER II the NAME of the PROGRAM, GOALS and OBJECTIVES article 2 of the social security Program the health of South Sumatra Universe is named after the social security Health of South Sumatera Jamsoskes abbreviated host Sumsel universe. Article 3 (1) the General purpose of organizing Jamsoskes Program [movie] the universe is to improve access to and quality of health care against the entire population of South Sumatra in order to achieved the optimal degree of public health effectively and efficiently. (2) a special purpose program referred to subsection (1) is: a. increasing the coverage of the population of the South Sumatra health service who got in as well as its network of clinics and in hospitals; b. increasing the quality of health services to the community in South Sumatra Province. Article 4 [movie] Jamsoskes Program Objectives the universe is a whole community of South Sumatra which has not been established by the health insurance system to the other. CHAPTER III MEMBERSHIP article 5 each inhabitant of South Sumatra which registered and has a population of South Sumatra Signs the card and card or Family are entitled to health services except for those who have health coverage such as CIVIL SERVANTS (Askes), TNI/Polri (ASABRI), participants Jamkesmas, participants Jamkes Jamkes private, independent and Jamsostek.

-6-CHAPTER IV HEALTH SERVICE is considered part of the health service at the health center and its article 6 [movie] Jamsoskes health services Hosts in a network of clinics and includes: a. first-level Outpatient (RJTP) implemented in Clinics and its network both in and outside of the building; b. First Level of inpatient care (RITP), carried out at Clinics; c. normal Labor performed in Clinics/midwife in the village/Polindes/at home patient/practice a private midwife; d. emergency services (emergency); e. referral service. The second part of the hospital health services article 7 [movie] Jamsoskes health services Hosts in a hospital and its network includes the following: a. Outpatient advanced level (RJTL) and implemented in Clinics which provide services including specialised clinics, specialists, government hospitals, Special Hospitals Eye Community/Hospital lung-specific/Specialized Leprosy Hospitals Dr. Abdullah Betung Rivai and other Hospitals; b. advanced level of inpatient care (RITL) implemented in the treatment rooms of class III government hospitals and private hospitals that cooperated with the program Jamsoskes [movie] Universe; c. Emergency Service. The third part of guaranteed health services article 8 health services guaranteed health care is provincial Government of South Sumatra Residents in an effort to treatment, prevent disability and death [movie] Jamsoskes program through the universe.

-7-Chapter V PROGRAM FUNDING SOURCES article 9 (1) a fund that is used to Program Jamsoskes [movie] the universe is derived from sharing between Budget revenue and Expenditure of the budget Revenues of the province and Regional Government spending Kabupaten/Kota with proportionately based on the balance of the population as well as funding from other parties which is not binding in accordance with the provisions in force; (2) the financial management of the Fund/program Jamsoskes [movie] the universe is done in a transparent and accountable; Article 10 (1) the magnitude of the funds required for the Program [movie] Jamsoskes the universe as referred to article 9 is adapted to the needs of each region; (2) Funds sectors/health allocated a minimum of 15% of the BUDGETS of the provinces and Kabupaten/Kota in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation; CHAPTER VI VERIFICATION of article 11 (1) Jamsoskes the verification includes the verification of the universe [movie] membership administration, administrative services and financial administration; (2) the verification process in the implementation of the Program would set the universe [movie] Jamsoskes further with Regulations of the Governor. CHAPTER VII CLAIMS and PENALTIES article 12 (1) the filing of a claim by the giver of the health service Network Jamsoskes Program [movie] Smesta should be done in accordance with the procedures and mechanisms set forth by the Governor. (2) for the health service unit [movie] Smesta Jamsoskes programme networks that claim does not comply with the procedures and mechanisms that have been set, then against claims filed will not be done payment.

-8-CHAPTER VIII PROHIBITIONS Article 13 (1) of the population of South Sumatra who already have other health coverage outside of Jamsoskes [movie] Smesta Jamsoskes program participants be prohibited [movie] Smesta. (2) health workers who provide health care services [movie] Jamsoskes Smesta prohibited wearing the charge in any form against [movie] Jamsoskes Smesta. CHAPTER IX ORGANIZING articles 14 (1) Organizing [movie] Jamsoskes in the universe consists of Team coordination and Team Managers in the province and district/city; (2) the Coordination Team and Team Manager referred to in subsection (1) is formed by the decision of the Governor and the decision of the Bupati/Walikota in accordance with those powers. CHAPTER X Chapter 3 MONITORING and EVALUATION For the implementation of the Program Jamsoskes [movie] the universe do monitoring and evaluation by the team coordinating the Provincial and Kabupaten/Kota. CHAPTER XI COACHING and SUPERVISION article 16 (1) of the construction carried out by the Team Manager and tiered Team Coordination Jamsoskes South Sumatra Provincial Universe and Kabupaten/Kota in accordance with the tasks and functions; (2) the supervisory organization of the Universe [movie] Jamsoskes Program conducted by the surveillance apparatus is functional.

-9-CHAPTER XII of the CRIMINAL PROVISIONS of article 17 (1) any person who contravenes the provisions as referred to in article 13 paragraph (1) and (2) is liable to a criminal confinement of not longer than 6 (six) months or a maximum fine of Rp 50,000,000.0.-(fifty million rupiah). (2) a criminal offence referred to in subsection (1) is an offence. CHAPTER XIII CLOSING PROVISIONS Article 18 things haven't quite set in the regulation of this area, all regarding its implementation will be further regulated by regulation of the Governor. Article 19 of the regulation of this area comes into force on the date of promulgation. So that everyone can know it, ordered the enactment of regulations in this Area with its placement in the piece Area of South Sumatra Province. Set in Kilkenny on March 19, 2009, the GOVERNOR of South Sumatra, Dto h. ALEX NOERDIN Enacted in Kilkenny on March 20, 2009. REGIONAL SECRETARY of the PROVINCE of South Sumatra, dto MUSYRIF SUWARDI GAZETTE AREA of SOUTH SUMATRA PROVINCE in 2009 number 1 SERIES C