Presidential Instruction No. 8 In 2011

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 8 Tahun 2011

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ips8-2011 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back the PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION of REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 8 year 2011 ABOUT POLICY SAFEGUARDS the RICE RESERVES are MANAGED by the FEMERINTAH in the FACE of EXTREME CLIMATIC CONDITIONS, the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA in order to secure backup Femcrintah-run rice, as well as maintaining the stability of rice prices and anticipation of the disruption of production and the rising prices of grain/rice caused by extreme climatic conditions, hereby instruct: To: 1. Coordinating Minister for Perekonornian;

2. Minister of agriculture;

3. the Secretary of the Treasury;

4. Minister of State-owned enterprises;

5. The head of the Central Bureau of statistics;

For the first: Take the necessary steps in a coordinated and integrated into appropriate tasks, functions, and the Authority respectively to secure rice reserves are managed by the Government which include the Government's Rice Reserve (CBP) and reserve rice for Subsidized Rice Programs for the Low-income Community.

Second: Agriculture Minister as Chairman of the Board of Daily food security Rice Reserve amount set a Government based on the results of the discussion are coordinated by the Coordinating Minister for the economy.

Third: the implementation of procurement of rice reserves are managed by the Government as stipulated in the FIRST Dictum, implemented by Perum BULOG.

Four: 1. Purchase of grain/rice by Perum BULOG's rice reserve safeguards in order run by the Government is done with regard for the purchase price of the Government (HPP).
2. in case the market price paddy/rice higher than the HPP, the purchase of grain/rice can be done by Perum BULOG at higher prices from HPP having regard to market price recorded by the Central Bureau of statistics.

FIFTH: Minister of State-owned enterprises do coaching against Perum BULOG's rice reserve safeguards in managed by the Government.

SIXTH: the Minister of finance to allocate the necessary budget to procure paddy/rice in order to assign the Government to Perum BULOG in accordance with the financial capabilities of the State.

SEVENTH: Coordinating Minister for the economy do the coordination and evaluation of implementation of presidential instruction.

EIGHTH: implementing this Presidential Instruction with full responsibility.

This presidential instruction rnulai valid on the date issued.

Issued in Jakarta on April 15, 2011, the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Dr. h. SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO fnFooter ();