Presidential Regulation No. 10 In 2012

Original Language Title: Peraturan Presiden Nomor 10 Tahun 2012

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ps10-2012 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back COUNTRY SHEET Republic of INDONESIA No. 26, 2012 PRESIDENTIAL REGULATION of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 10 in 2012 ABOUT CHANGES to the PRESIDENTIAL REGULATION NUMBER 54 in 2009 ABOUT the WORK UNIT PRESIDENT, MONITORING and CONTROL of DEVELOPMENT by the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY the PRESIDENT of the Republic of INDONESIA, Considering: that in order to strengthen the roles and functions of the work Unit President, monitoring and control of development, viewed Presidents Regulations need to change Number 54 in 2009 about the work Unit President, monitoring and control of development;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945;
2. Presidential regulation Number 54 in 2009 about the work Unit President, monitoring and control of development;
Article I some provisions in the regulations President Number 54 in 2009 about the work Unit President, supervision and control of the construction is modified as follows: 1. The provision of article 3 paragraph (2) modified and new two-letter plus the letters e and f, so that article 3 reads as follows: “ of article 3 (1) UKP-PPP is in charge of assisting the President in carrying out the monitoring and control of development so as to achieve national development objectives with full resolution.
(2) the priority implementation of UKP-PPP is determined from time to time by the President, covering the areas of: a. Increase the capacity and effectiveness of the national logistics system;

b. an increase in the effectiveness and acceleration of implementation of the reform of the bureaucracy and public service improvements;

c. investment and business climate Improvement;

d. Increasing the performance and accountability of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) strategic;

e. Increase the effectiveness of law enforcement;

f. Realization of sustainable and equitable economic growth;

g. other areas specified by the President. ” 2. The provisions of article 4 of the letters b, c and d are amended so that article 4 reads as follows: “ article 4 in carrying out the tasks referred to in article 3, UKP-PPP organizes functions: a. assist the President in managing the implementation of synchronization and consistency of planning, monitoring, control, acceleration, and pelancaran development programs;
b. assist the President in the set elements and procedures for controlling the implementation of the Government program, revamping the system, monitoring progress, policy analysis, and proposed steps to ensure a smooth implementation of the program;
c. receive suggestions and complaints as well as doing the monitoring, analysis and follow-up of the implementation of the program and related Government tasks and helps to overcome it;
d. assist the President in control of 15 (fifteen) flagship priority programme: 1. Prevention and eradication of the mafia law;

2. revitalization of the defense industry;

3. tackling terrorism;

4. improvement of electrical power and its scope;

5. increased production and food security;

6. the revitalization of industrial fertilizers and sugar industry;

7. completion of regulatory and information of land, natural resources and space;

8. infrastructure development;

9. the provision of funds for credit guarantors for small businesses, medium and micro enterprises;

10. increasing the effectiveness of financing schemes and increased investment;

11. strengthening Indonesia's contribution in the global issue of climate change, the environment, and the efforts of their preparation;

12. the reform of the public health;

13. the alignment of the program between education and the world of work;

14. the disaster preparedness efforts; and 15. synergy between the increase of the Central Government and regions. e. other functions assigned President. ” 3. The provisions of article 5 the letter a is changed, so that article 5 reads as follows: article 5 “ in performing the duties and functions referred to in article 3 and article 4, UKP-PPP: a. carry out the coordination with the leadership of the institutions of State, Minister, head of Government Institution Non (LPNK), Ministry of local government, and other related parties;
b. obtain information and technical support from the Ministry, Non Governmental Ministries (LPNK), local governments, and other parties concerned. ” 4. The provisions of article 8 paragraph (1) letter b and subsection (2) amended so that article 8 reads as follows: “ of article 8 (1) of the order of organization of UKP-PPP comprise: a. the head;

b. 6 (six) Deputy; and c. Professionals.
(2) Professional Personnel as referred to in paragraph (2) Letter c which consists of expert Assistant, Assistant, Assistant to the young and skilled, with the composition: a. Expert Assistant at most 15 (fifteen);

b. Assistant at most 30 (thirty) persons;

c. young Assistant at most 20 (twenty) people;

d. skilled at most 15 (fifteen).
(3) in carrying out the tasks and functions, the head of the UKP-PPP can form a team and special task force (the task force) for handling specific problems. ” article II Regulations this President comes into force on the date of promulgation.

In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the enactment of regulations this President with its placement in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia.

Established in Jakarta on January 25, 2012 PRESIDENT REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Dr. h. SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO Enacted in Jakarta on January 25, 2012, MINISTER of LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, AMIR SYAMSUDDIN fnFooter ();