Regulation Institution Password State Number 11 In 2012

Original Language Title: Peraturan Lembaga Sandi Negara Nomor 11 Tahun 2012

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BN 809-2012 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back NEWS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. 809, 2012PERATURAN PASSWORD STATE PENITENTIARY number 11 in 2012 ABOUT KEY MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES SYSTEMS PASSWORD with the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY PENITENTIARY PASSWORD State, Considering: that to order and the smooth management of the key activities in implementing the System Password in an environment of government agencies, the need to set a Password State Penitentiary Regulations about Key Management Guidelines Systems password;
Remember: 1. Presidential Decree Number 103 in 2001 about the position, duties, functions, authorities, Organization of work, and the Non Governmental Departments as have been modified several times and the last presidential regulation Number 64 in 2005;
2. Presidential Decree Number 108 in 2003 about the representative organizations of the Republic of Indonesia abroad;
3. The decision of the head of the Institution the password State number 76/K/KEP. 4.003/2000 in 2000 about Persandian System State;
4. The decision of the head of the Institution the password State number 119/K/KEP. 4.003/2000 in 2000 about the coaching Manual password system;
5. the Penitentiary Regulations Password State number 9 in 2010 on guidelines for Certification of equipment password;
6. the Penitentiary Regulations Password State number 14 in 2010 about the guidelines Title Netted Communication password;
CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1 in regulation Agency Head Password of this country, that is: 1. Management is a set of processes that are carried out sequentially starting from the planning up to reporting.
2. Password Tools is a set of tools used for security information consists of a Machine password and other media that contains your password application program that directly serve and/or affect the encoding process.
3. The machine Password is a tool that contains cryptographic algorithm and the encoding process can be enabled for either encryption or decryption.
4. Prototype Key password system which is hereinafter referred to as the prototype Key Sissan key password system is a model that is ready made.
5. Lock the system password, which is hereinafter referred to as Sissan is a key document in the form of paper/collection, file, or a module inside are the key data, which serves as the master key or a key encrypted key/key or key data equipment/communication key or input key on the machine certain passwords including Fangio F1 prototype.
6. The cryptographic key that Key is hereinafter referred to as a random series of numbers of certain characters generated by a key generator tool.
7. Wire the instructions hereafter KINS is information or news from agencies that make the key Sissan in which the enactment of Key Usage Sissan assignments.
8. The Agenda of Key Sissan is a document which contained the data Key Prototype Sissan made on the book and/or a specific application.
9. Government agencies is the collective term of organizational unit administration duties and functions in accordance with the applicable provisions covers ministries, government agencies, provincial government ministries are non, County Government, City Government, as well as the institutions that run the governmental functions by using the STATE BUDGET and/or BUDGETS.
10. Communication Net password hereafter JKS is the connectedness between persandian users through the net of telecommunications.
11. Personnel qualified personnel are any Password password on duty in full in the area of persandian.
12. the Agency responsible for distributing Keys Sissan are instances of the given authority against the implementation of key distribution Sissan.
13. Party Pendistribusi Sissan Key is a password that Personnel serving in agencies responsible for distributing Keys Sissan.

Article 2 Activities Key Management Sissan consists of: a. the planning of Key Sissan;

b. manufacture of Prototype Key Sissan;

c. production of Key Sissan;

d. packaging and distribution of Key Sissan;

e. the use, care and maintenance of Key Sissan;

f. destruction of Key Sissan;

g. Safeguards; and h. financing, evaluation and reporting.

CHAPTER II KEY PLANNING SISSAN of article 3 (1) Planning the key Sissan is an activity to make the details of the Key needs of the Sissan Key creation implementation schedule accompanied by Sissan.
(2) Sissan Key Planning carried out by the unit of work: Key Management Sissan.

CHAPTER III MANUFACTURE of PROTOTYPE SYSTEM KEY PASSWORD article 4 (1) the manufacture of Prototype Key Sissan for JKS JKS and External Specialized Institutions is done by the password State.
(2) manufacture of Prototype Key Sissan for JKS Internally can be done by its central agencies.

Article 5 (1) the manufacture of Prototype Key Sissan must meet the following requirements: a. done by Personnel of the password which has the technical ability in the areas of key management Sissan; and b. using the hardware, software or other methods that can generate a series of random key after through a series of statistical tests.
(2) the key Tests as referred to in paragraph (1) grain b done by work unit at the Institute for the study of wing Country Password password system.

Article 6 (1) Government agencies that create the prototype Key Sissan Key Sissan Agenda makes mandatory and send the password to tembusannya countries.
(2) the Agenda of Key Sissan as referred to in subsection (1) is subject to the rule of Deputy.

Chapter 7 Government agencies who do not carry out the manufacture of Prototype Key Sissan as referred to in article 4 paragraph (2), the creation of Prototype Key Sissan done by the Password State.

CHAPTER IV PRODUCTION KEY PASSWORD SYSTEM article 8 (1) the production of Key Sissan Key Sissan multiply is an activity in accordance with the Key Sissan Prototype based on needs.
(2) Multiply the key Sissan as referred to in paragraph (1) in accordance with the planning of Key Sissan as referred to in article 3 paragraph (1).
(3) production of Key Sissan must be carried out in establishments that create the prototype Key Sissan.

Article 9 Sissan Key User is prohibited to modify or replace or reproduce the key Sissan without the approval of the establishments that make Key Prototype Sissan.

Chapter V PACKAGING and DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM KEY PASSWORD article 10 (1) Packaging is the Key Sissan Key Sissan package activities accompanied the sealing.
(2) Packaging as referred to in paragraph (1) using the double wrapping paper.
(3) Sealing as referred to in paragraph (1) using a particular seal or hologram sticker symbol instances that make Key Prototype Sissan.

Article 11 (1) key distribution Sissan is Key handover activities Sissan between the Pendistribusi Key Sissan Key Sissan users with the parties or deposited to another party who is responsible for the key Sissan.
(2) key distribution Sissan as referred to in subsection (1) is conducted before the expiration of the key Sissan set.
(3) Sissan key distribution as referred to in subsection (1) comes with Receipt of materials and Sissan and Key News Events Handover Key Sissan.
(4) the form of Receipt of materials and Key Sissan and shape the News Event Handover Key Sissan as referred to in paragraph (3) subject to the regulations of the deputies.

CHAPTER VI the use, CARE and MAINTENANCE the SYSTEM KEY PASSWORD article 12 (1) the enactment and use of the key specified by Sissan KINS except emergency situations for the Sissan Key.
(2) referred to in paragraph KINS (1) set by agencies that create the prototype Key Sissan.
(3) Report the use of Key Sissan done periodically in accordance with the applicable and addressed its central agencies to hierarchically and the password State.

Article 13 the key setting Sissan Activities into the Password Machine must be performed by Personnel of the password.

Article 14 (1) Sissan Key should be stored in a safe place and firmly in the safe or strong room or vault with retaining the key combination.
(2) retention period the key Sissan is done up to the implementation of the destruction.

Article 15 maintenance and care the key Sissan Key Sissan caring activities so that the quality of Key Sissan maintained and/or not damaged.

CHAPTER VII the DESTRUCTION SYSTEM KEY PASSWORD article 16 the provisions regarding the destruction of the Sissan Key is set by regulation Deputy Security Persandian number 1 in 2009 about the Technical guidelines on the destruction of the Key System Password and password.

CHAPTER VIII article 17 SECURITY throughout the stages of the process management of Key Sissan should pay attention to this aspect of security include the following: a. implementing Key Management Sissan Personnel IE password;

b. restricted access Key management personnel against Sissan;

c. Key management activities carried out at the place Sissan or berklasifkasi limited; and d. the whole electronic equipment used on the Sissan Key management processes are not connected to the public network.

CHAPTER IX financing, EVALUATION and REPORTING on Article 6 all fees required for the management of Key Sissan charged to the budget of the respective agencies.

Article 19 an evaluation of Key Management Sissan activities undertaken by the unit of work: Key Management Sissan.

Article 20 Reporting on Key Management of Sissan follow the applicable provisions and addressed its central agencies to hierarchically and the password State.

CHAPTER X PROVISIONS COVER Article 21 Regulation Penitentiary Password this country took effect on the date of promulgation.

In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the enactment of regulations the Agency Head Password of this country with its placement in the news of the Republic of Indonesia.

Established in Jakarta


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