Regulation Of The Minister Of Defence Of The Number 6 In 2012

Original Language Title: Peraturan Menteri Pertahanan Nomor 6 Tahun 2012

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BN 189-2012 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back NEWS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. 189, 2012 the MINISTRY of Defense. Punitive Discipline. Civil Servant. The Layout Work.

REGULATION of the MINISTER of DEFENCE of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 06 in 2012 ABOUT TATA WORK DISCIPLINE PUNISHMENT for the OVERTHROW OF CIVIL SERVANT MINISTRY of DEFENSE with the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY the DEFENSE MINISTER of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: a. that in order of organizing reform bureaucracy, required every civil servant has high integrity to participate in an attempt to realize the State apparatus clean as a reflection of the ideals of the country i.e. a clean government and authoritative;
b. that, in order to realize the goals referred to in letter a, has published government regulation Number 53 in 2010 about the discipline of civil servants;
c. that based on considerations as referred to the letter a and letter b, need to set rules of the Secretary of Defense about Tata Work Discipline Punishment For the overthrow of civil servant Ministry of Defense;
Remember: 1. Government Regulation Number 53 in 2010 about the discipline of civil servants (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 74 in 2010, an additional Sheet of the Republic of Indonesia Number 5135);
2. Regulation of the Minister of defence of the number 22 in 2010 about The overthrow of Punishment Discipline for the Ministry of defence civil servants (news of the Republic of Indonesia year 2010 Number 698);
CHAPTER I GENERAL POLICY article 1 (1) the Minister establishes the layout of work Discipline Punishment the overthrow of civil servants of the Ministry of Defense.
(2) the disciplinary penalty of removal of public Work Layout referred to in subsection (1) aims to maintain the transparency and accountability of disciplinary punishment against the overthrow of civil servants of the Ministry of Defense.
Article 2 in order to carry out the Tata Work referred to in article 1, it should be formed Team Consideration the overthrow of discipline Punishment referred to hereafter Team consideration.

CHAPTER II the POSITION and ORDER of CONSIDERATION of the OVERTHROW TEAM DISCIPLINE PUNISHMENT article 3 Team Considerations as mentioned in article 2 based and responsible to the Minister of Defense.

Article 4 (1) the order of Team Considerations as referred to article 2 consists of: a. a resource person: the Secretary of the Agency's Staffing Considerations;

b. in charge: Secretary General Kemhan cut Secretary General;

Chairman: Chief Secretariat Staffing Agency Kemhan Kemhan Karopeg abbreviated Secretariat;

d. Vice Chair: head of the law firm Kemhan Karokum abbreviated Secretariat Secretariat Kemhan;

e. Secretary: Holding the head of the CIVIL SERVANTS; and f. a member.
(2) a Member referred to in subsection (1) letter f consists of: a. permanent members: 1. Karopeg Secretariat Kemhan;

2. Karokum Secretariat Kemhan;

3. The Inspector General Itjen Kemhan;

4. the head of the parent Ropeg Kemhan Secretariat of CIVIL SERVANTS;

5. Binpers VI/PNS Paban Spers TNI;

6. the head of Secretariat Rokum legal advisor Kemhan; and 7. Kasubbag Mingakplin.
b. members don't stick: 1. Paban V/Bin Spersad of CIVIL SERVANTS;

2. Kasubdisperssip Disminpersal;

3. Kasubdismin Disminpersau of CIVIL SERVANTS;

4. Associate Paban-3/Watsah VI/Binpers Paban Spers TNI; and 5. Other personnel as required.
CHAPTER III DUTIES and FUNCTIONS of the TEAM'S CONSIDERATION of article 5 of the team in charge of giving consideration to the Consideration of the Minister in order to overthrow the discipline punishment against civil servants of the Ministry of Defense.

Article 6 in carrying out the tasks referred to in article 5 of the team Considerations hosts function as follows: a. carry out the Council for the kind of disciplined punishment: 1. lower-level demotion during 1 (one) year;

2. lower-level demotion for 3 (three) years;

3. transfer in order to decrease the position of the lower-level;

4. exemption from the Office;

5. dismissal with respect not by own request; and 6. dismissal not with respect. b. recommending to the Secretary of the Council of the results of the decision through the Secretary-general Kemhan.

CHAPTER IV the COUNCIL TEAM CONSIDERATION of article 7 (1) of the team carrying out the consideration of the Council at most four (4) times within 1 (one) year.

(2) the Council considered valid Consideration if the Team was attended by the Chairman, the Secretary and at least 5 (five) members.

CHAPTER v. CONSIDERATION of TEAM'S DECISION article 8 (1) disciplinary punishment types of decision making is done based on rules of the discipline of civil servants and other related regulations.
(2) In making a decision the team studying the Consideration and consider: a. the news of the proceedings of CIVIL SERVANTS who do breach the discipline in question;

b. Proceedings against News witnesses if required;

c. Event News Opinion Kasatker;

d. News TNI Commander's opinion, Event Staff/Kasal/Rafter; and e. other data support. (3) Report the results of the trial Team Consideration was signed by the Chairman and Secretary as well as the members who are present.

(4) the decision of the team's consideration of the basis of consideration for the Minister to impose punitive discipline.

CHAPTER VI SUPERVISION and CONTROL article 9 Secretary General Kemhan is responsible for providing supervision, control and supervision of the conduct of the trial team's consideration.

CHAPTER VII FINANCING article 10 Costs the Council Team Consideration charged on the budget of the Bureau Secretariat Staffing Kemhan.

CHAPTER VIII PROVISIONS COVER article 11 this ministerial regulation will take effect from the date of promulgation.

In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the Enactment of this Ministerial Regulation with its placement in the news of the Republic of Indonesia.

Established in Jakarta on February 1, 2012 the INDONESIAN DEFENSE MINISTER PURNOMO YUSGIANTORO, Enacted in Jakarta on 8 February 2012, MINISTER of LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, AMIR SYAMSUDDIN fnFooter ();