Presidential Instruction Number 7 In 2012

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 7 Tahun 2012

Read the untranslated law here:

Microsoft Word-URInpres0072012.rtf INSTRUCTIONS of PRESIDENT REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 7 in 2012 ABOUT the steps the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE RESTRAINT in ORDER the IMPLEMENTATION of BUDGET REVENUE and EXPENDITURE FISCAL YEAR 2012 STATE PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the framework of the implementation of the budget of the State Expenditures and revenues of the fiscal year 2012 and reduce the impact of the fiscal risks over the determination of law number 4 in 2012 about the change in the law number 22 in 2011 about the budget of the State Expenditures and revenues of the fiscal year 2012 , hereby instruct: To: 1. The second United Indonesia Cabinet Ministers; 2. Cabinet Secretary; 3. The Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia; 4. The head of the State police of the Republic of Indonesia; 5. Indonesia National Army Commander; 6. The head of the Government Institution Non Ministry; 7. the leadership of the Secretary state institutions; To: first: ...-2-first: Take the necessary steps accordingly, functions, duties and authorities of each, in order to control spending Ministries/Agencies fiscal year 2012 by based on the provisions of the legislation. Secondly, the measures referred to in the FIRST Dictum, implemented through: 1. the austerity budget of Ministries/agencies, with magnitudes as it was decided in a Plenary Cabinet Session on March 31, 2012; 2. delay compensation budget that has been allocated in Act No. 4 of 2012 about the change in the law number 22 in 2011 about the budget of the State Expenditures and revenues of the fiscal year 2012, in order to anticipate changes in the magnitude of subsidies Fuel (BBM), include direct assistance While community, rural infrastructure development assistance, help magnitude adjustment Program Family hope, help and additional subsidies for the field of transportation adjustment of quantity, and the extension of the scope of assistance of poor students, and the adjustment of the amount of disbursements raskin; 3. the acceleration of the implementation of national priority programs specifically related to the activities of the stimulus that comes from the utilization of the balance Budget more (SAL). Third: ...-3-three: Saving budget Ministries/institutions referred to in the SECOND Dictum numbers 1, pay attention to the following criteria: 1. budget cuts against sourced funds from Pure Rupiah; 2. do not reduce the budget for the shopping needs of the employees and organizing and conducting operational goods shopping-Office of citizenship; and 3. keeping the budget in order to satisfy the needs of the achievement of the outcomes/outputs/activities of national priorities. FOURTH: Immediately optimize absorption of the budget of Ministries/Agencies fiscal year 2012. Fifth: the Minister of finance and Minister of national development planning/national development Planning Agency Head doing the monitoring and evaluation of the results of the control of Central Government expenditures in accordance with their respective tasks, and report the results to the President through the Coordinating Minister for the economy. SIXTH: implementing this Presidential Instruction with full responsibility. Instructions ...-4-this Presidential Instruction entered into force as of the date issued. Issued in Jakarta on July 31, 2012, PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, ttd. Dr. h. SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO CABINET asSEKRETARIAT alinan in accordance with RI Deputy Economy Field, in accordance with the original copy of the CABINET SECRETARIAT INDONESIA Deputy Field economy, ttd. Retno Pudji Budi Astuti Retno Pudji Budi Astuti