Regulation Of The Minister Of Defense Number 34 By 2013

Original Language Title: Peraturan Menteri Pertahanan Nomor 34 Tahun 2013

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BN 1375-2013. docx REPUBLIC INDONESIA No. 1375, 2013 the MINISTRY of Defense. Indonesia National Army Soldiers. Preparation For Retirement. Channeling. REGULATION of the MINISTER of DEFENCE of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA NUMBER 34 by 2013 ABOUT CHANNELING INDONESIAN NATIONAL ARMY SOLDIERS WILL BE ENTERING RETIREMENT PREPARATION with the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY the DEFENSE MINISTER of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: a. that the retirement process is going to be experienced by all TNI Soldiers as well as their preparation needs to get attention; b. that the TNI soldiers in General still potential to devote themselves in the areas of national development, but physically and mentally to be given a supply of knowledge and skills beyond his profession so that its potential can be harnessed for development; c. that in order the construction personnel and improving the quality of human resources and the quality of INDONESIAN Soldiers who will be entering retirement preparation, it is necessary to pay attention to the completion of the distribution of interests, talents, competencies, needs and skills, so that personnel can be channelled and independent living; 2013, no. 1357 2 d. that TNI has retired and her family need to get the attention of the Government so that the necessary arrangements to their implementation; e. that based on considerations as mentioned in the letter a to letter d, need to establish the regulation of the Minister of defence of Channeling The Indonesia national army Soldiers will be entering a period of preparation for Retirement; Remember: Government regulation of Republic of Indonesia Number 39 in 2010 about the administration of the Indonesia national army Soldiers (Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 50 in 2010, an additional Sheet of the Republic of Indonesia Number 5205); Decide: Define: REGULATION Of The MINISTER Of DEFENCE Of CHANNELLING SOLDIERS INDONESIAN NATIONAL ARMED FORCES Who WILL BE ENTERING A PERIOD Of PREPARATION For Retirement. CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1 In this ministerial regulation is: 1. Channelling is all efforts, work and activities in order to restore the TNI Soldiers who will/have been separated from the organic power of TNI into neighborhoods, State-owned enterprises/local-owned enterprises to private Entities. 2. The soldier is a member of the Indonesia national army. 3. Indonesia national army which further shortened the TNI is a tool of the State to serve in the field of Defense. 4. Preparation of pensions which further shortened MPP is a time of opportunity given to a soldier who will end/terminate service keprajuritannya to not engage in the service of soldiering. 5. job skills training Supply is part of the process of the transformation of the human resource potential into power quality through effective human resource development in Sepik and appropriate. 6. Trying to own is a form of channeling for the TNI soldiers will return the society by way of setting up their own business or be an entrepreneur, either individually or groups. 2013, no. 1357 3 7. Independent entrepreneurial pattern is a form of channeling the TNI soldiers will return to society by way of trying it yourself with a given working capital assistance and guidance efforts, or trying to own with only the help of guidance given efforts. 8. Pattern achieved employment is one form of channelling soldiers who will return to society and the STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES/LOCAL and Private employment laboured way in accordance with his/her abilities and skills. 9. State-owned enterprises which further shortened to STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES is a business entity that some or all of the ownership owned by the Republic of Indonesia. 10. Business entity belonging to the LOCAL GOVERNMENT area of which further shortened is covering all the business entity of local government management and its construction under local government. 11. Working capital Assistance was assistance provided to participants of the distribution pattern of trying to own in the form of money or goods to perform a business activity. 12. Business Guidance is all the effort, work and activities performed by giving guidance to participants of the channeling of business activities. 13. Resettlement is the displacement of the inhabitants voluntarily to improve well-being and settle the lowliest transmigration held by the Government. Advanced coaching is a form of coaching that is done to the participant pattern channeling since placed until the time limit specified. 15. the Minister is the Minister of the organizing Affairs of the Government in the field of Defense. CHAPTER II PREPARATION of the PENSION article 2 (1) soldiers who have reached service soldiering 20 (twenty) years or older, retired with a right chance MPP 1 (one) year. (2) soldiers who have reached service soldiering at least 15 (fifteen) years to less than 20 (twenty) years or have reached the age of retirement are benefits, stipends are retired with a right chance MPP 6 (six) months. 2013, no. 1357 4 (3) soldiers who have not yet reached the age limit of allowances are retired, but has achieved service soldiering for at least 5 (five) years to less than 15 (fifteen) years with the right benefits obtained occasion MPP 3 (three) months. CHAPTER III IMPLEMENTATION of the PROVISIONS of the DISTRIBUTION is considered part of the purpose of Channeling article 3 the purpose of channeling as follows: a. retired Soldiers in order to get the job done in accordance with the skills possessed so get a decent livelihood in the community; b. help enhance and solidify the defense and strengthening of State security with participating actively through the territorial construction in maintaining state sovereignty and territorial integrity; and c. assist government programs in order to realize a more equitable development and justice. The second part of the target Distribution article 4 Target distribution include the following: a. increase the welfare of retired INDONESIAN ARMY and his family; b. assist the realization of strengthening the country's defense and security oriented at improving the well-being of society and the construction of the equitable and equitable; and c. supports a more equitable national development and justice. The third part of the principle of article 5 principle of channelling remittances is implemented with the following conditions: a. the well-planned, purposeful and sustainability with attention to the interests, talents and skills of TNI Soldiers; 2013, no. 1357 5 b. integrated between programs Kemhan/TNI, other institution/Private Agencies with orientations need each other; c. applicative by administering the provision of applied knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to suit the demands/requirements for the jobs available; and d. pay attention to the safety factor of the place/environment distribution and type of work completed. CHAPTER IV the GENERAL PATTERN of DISTRIBUTION of article 6 (1) a general pattern of channelling compiled with welfare and security approach. (2) Kemhan and the TNI Headquarters/Force to prepare every soldier who goes back to the community to be able to work and develop themselves with their knowledge and skills. Article 7 Channeling INDONESIAN Soldiers consists of: a. return to the community; b. directed to STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES/LOCAL GOVERNMENT; and c. the private Agency. Article 8 (1) Channelling the TNI Soldiers back to the community as referred to in article 7 letter a use pattern as follows: a. independent entrepreneurs working capital through the help of labor-intensive businesses, among others, trade, agriculture, fishery, workshop by means of: 1. capital assistance and guidance given efforts; and 2. guidance given efforts include: a) technical skills match his efforts; b) management of business/marketing; and c) formation of cooperatives. b. resettlement. (2) the distribution of the TNI soldiers were directed to STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES/OWNED COMPANIES referred to in article 7 letter b using pattern worked in employment, inter alia in pt. Pertamina, PT. Telkom or PT KAI; and 2013, no. 1357 6 (3) TNI Soldiers directed Distribution to Private Bodies as referred to in article 7 letter c using pattern achieved employment in the private company. Article 9 the transmigration Pattern as mentioned in article 8 paragraph (1) letter b is directed at residents of the matching deployment setup and power balance with the carrying capacity of nature and the capacity of the environment, the quality of human resources and the realization of integration of society. Article 10 the purpose of resettlement as follows: a. increase the welfare of TNI Soldiers and their families; b. increase and equitable regional development as well as the well-being of the surrounding community; c. consolidated the unity and oneness of the nation; d. strengthening the defence and national security to safeguard border areas including the outermost small islands with consideration of strategic value in maintaining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the State; and e. seat belt as the archipelago to enforce the sovereignty of the nation and the State. Chapter V article 11 PENYELENGGARA CHANNELING channelling TNI Soldiers Organizer consists of: a. the Minister as Director; b. TNI Commander as the person in charge; c. the Chief of staff of the Navy as the executor at the central level; and d. the Commander/and Lantamal/3rd And as executor at the local level. Article 12 (1) the Minister as Director as referred to in article 11 letter a has the following duties: a. make a policy about channeling INDONESIAN Soldiers; b. publish perundangan-undangan regulations related to the channeling of TNI Soldiers; c. hold a MoU with related parties;

2013, no. 7 d 1357. prepare a budget for the TNI Soldier channeling; and e. held a monitoring, surveillance, control and evaluation of the implementation of the policies issued. (2) in order to carry out its tasks as referred to in paragraph (1) the Minister is assisted by the Director-General Kuathan Kemhan. Article 13 (1) the Commander of the INDONESIAN ARMED FORCES as Responsible as stipulated in article 11 letter b has a duty as follows: a. formulating policies and preparing the program channeling TNI Soldiers; b. hold a coordination with other agencies with regard to the Organization of the TNI Soldier channeling; c. submits a budget for the TNI Soldiers; d. organizing knowledge and skills supply activities; and e. conducts monitoring, surveillance, control and evaluation of the implementation of the program of TNI Soldiers fed. (2) the Commander in doing their job as referred to in paragraph (1) assisted by TNI Headquarters Aspers. Article 14 (1) the Chief of staff of the force referred to in article 11 letter c perform duties as follows: a. drafting program implementation of TNI Soldiers channeling; b. hold the other party related coordination channeling TNI Soldiers; c. implementing the knowledge and skills supply activities; d. submits the budget to the implementation of the program delivery and supply of TNI Soldiers; and e. carry out the construction for the TNI Soldiers will be transmitted; (2) in carrying out the tasks referred to in paragraph (1) the head of the Staff responsible to the Commander of the Indonesian armed forces and aided by the Aspers. Article 15 (1) Commander/Danlanal/Danlanud as referred to in article 11 letter d carry out the following: 2013, no. 1357 8 a. making plans the program channeling TNI Soldiers; b. look for employment opportunities in its territory; c. submits the budget to the implementation of the program delivery and supply soldiers of the INDONESIAN ARMY; d. carry out oversight activities of TNI Soldiers in their respective territories; and e. providing input the implementation of channelling Soldiers TNI in its territory. (2) in carrying out the tasks referred to in paragraph (1) Commander/Danlanal/Danlanud responsible to their respective Force Cash and aided by the Aspers/Kadisminpersal/Kadisminpersau. Article 16 the TNI Soldier Requirements will be transmitted: a. age for the lowest Officer 43 (forty-three) years, the age for the lowest Nco/Tamtama 39 (thirty-nine) years; b. healthy physical and spiritual; c. have the knowledge and skills in accordance with a required field; d. concerned are willing to be donated and approved by the leadership; and e. meet special requirements specified by the parties in need. Article 17 procedure for the administration of the distribution referred to in article 7 is implemented with the following conditions: a. Kemhan held a channeling preceded the existence of the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of defence with the related Ministry/State/Regional/owned enterprises of private Entities; b. TNI Headquarters/Headquarters Force follow through with the agreement of cooperation with the Ministries/Agencies or other parties involved in the form of capital assistance; c. Kemhan/TNI Headquarters/Headquarters Force to facilitate and channel capital assistance for soldiers of the INDONESIAN ARMY which will open the independent business; and d. Kemhan/TNI Headquarters/Headquarters Force providing a supply of knowledge and skills to the TNI Soldiers that will be transmitted. 2013, no. 1357 9 CHAPTER VI SUPPLY KNOWLEDGE and JOB SKILLS of article 18 (1) a supply of knowledge and job skills to augment and enhance the ability of TNI Soldiers. (2) Supply the knowledge and skills of work referred to in subsection (1) in the form of: a. knowledge up to the managerial level for officers; and b. job skills by observing the talents and interests of the soldier in question for the NCO and Tamtama; (3) Supply the knowledge and skills of work carried out in accordance with the respective distribution pattern. Article 19 (1) a supply of knowledge and skills of work referred to in Article 18 is implemented through skills training. (2) a work skills knowledge training standards as referred to in subsection (1) is part of the training programme of work drawn up refer to the qualification standards of knowledge and skills. Article 20 (1) training knowledge skills work conducted by the instructor. (2) the Trainer referred to in subsection (1) must qualify in accordance with the field and the level of job skills training. Article 21 the TNI Soldiers who have completed job skills training are given Certificates and certificates of Work Practice skills. Section 22 job skills training providers as follows: a. the level of Staffing by the Bureau Secretariat Kemhan Kemhan; b. TNI Headquarters level by Spers TNI Headquarters; and c. the level of Force Headquarters by Spers Headquarters Force. 2013, no. 1357 10 CHAPTER VII CONTINUED the CONSTRUCTION of article 23 (1) Retired INDONESIAN ARMY that has channeled advanced coaching can be done by the Minister. (2) advanced Coaching mentioned in subsection (1) may be exercised at the central level: a. TNI Headquarters and Force Headquarters; and b. the level Region Commander/Danlantamal/Danlanud. (3) advanced Coaching mentioned in subsection (1) may be implemented as required. Article 24 the purpose of advanced coaching as follows: a. monitor, supervise, and control the implementation of the activities of the distribution; b. obtain stability retired INDONESIAN ARMY that is being channeled to top achievers, responsible and dedicated high; c. obtain valuable feedback to improve and enhance efforts channeling in the future; d. improving the quality of the AIR FORCE retired the disbursed; and e. enhance family welfare participants channeling. CHAPTER VIII FINANCING Article 25 Financing training programs job skills obtained from: a. work programme and budget of each executor; and/or b. assistance from the Ministries/Agencies/ENTERPRISE/LOCAL GOVERNMENT/Private Agencies which are not binding. Article 26 Financing the program channeling retrieved from: a. work programme and budget of the AIR FORCE; b. assistance from ministries/related Agencies; c. help local governments; and/or d. assistance from STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES/LOCAL GOVERNMENT/Private Agencies. 2013, no. 1357 11 CHAPTER IX PROVISIONS COVER article 27 at the moment these ministerial regulation took effect, the entire agreement is being implemented still apply all stated does not conflict with the regulations of the Minister. Article 28 the provisions of the technical implementation of the channeling for the TNI Soldiers will be entering retirement in this Ministerial Regulation, will be subject unto itself. Article 29 this Ministerial Regulation comes into force on the date of promulgation. In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the enactment of this Ministerial Regulation with its placement in the news of the Republic of Indonesia. Established in Jakarta on November 19, 2013, DEFENSE MINISTER PURNOMO YUSGIANTORO, INDONESIA Enacted in Jakarta on November 21, 1995 the MINISTER of LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, AMIR SYAMSUDDIN