The National Nuclear Energy Agency Regulation Number 3 2014

Original Language Title: Peraturan Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional Nomor 3 Tahun 2014

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BN 2014 .doc 169-REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. 169, 2014 BATAN. Logo. The use of. Repeal. REGULATIONS of the NATIONAL NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY CHIEF number 3 2014 ABOUT the LOGO and ITS USE by the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY HEAD of NATIONAL NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY, Considering: a. that has defined the rules of the National Nuclear Energy Agency Chief (BATAN) number by 2013 9 about the Logo and its use; b. that to better identify FOREIGNERS on the Logo, then the Regulations referred to in letter a needs to be changed; c. that based on considerations as referred to in letter a, letter b, and need to set Rules about head of BATAN's Logo and its use; Remember: 1. Act No. 10 of 1997 of Ketenaganukliran (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 23 in 1997, an additional Sheet of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3676); 2. Presidential regulation Number 46 2013 of National Nuclear Energy Agency (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia by 2013 the number 113); 3. Presidential Decree Number 72/M in 2012; 4. The decision of the head of the National nuclear power Agency Number 2014, 169. 2 360/KA/VII/2001 on the Organization of Work and the high school of nuclear technology; 5. Regulations of the National Nuclear Energy Agency Head No. 14 by 2014 about the Organization and the Work of the national nuclear power Agency; Decide: Define: REGULATIONS Of The NATIONAL NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY HEADS ABOUT The LOGO And ITS USE. Article 1 the Logo of foreigners hereinafter referred to Logo, has a shape and color as those in Appendix a, is part an integral part of this regulation. Article 2 the Logo has the following meanings: a. three (3) circle depicts the coat of arms of atoms, radiation, a sign and a symbol of the flower of life, in accordance with the three (3) nuclear philosophy Foundation, namely: 1. give priority to the principle of safety and security; 2. for the purpose of well-being; and 3. developed in accordance with the needs of the community. b. three (3) circle with a dot in each circle illustrates the three elements: 1. research; 2. development; and 3. the utilization of nuclear science and technology. c. three (3) mutually circle hook as 3 (three) persons who join hands continuously symbolizes solidarity, cohesiveness and creativity. d. form of writing "justify" using lowercase letters are quite thick and have a curved field reflects the security and friendliness towards society and the environment. Article 3 the Logo created in some sort of appropriate color usage: a. color combination of blue, green, and orange; b. purple; and c. the yellow gold. 2014, no. 169 3 article 4 the meaning of the colors in the Logo referred to in article 3 a is as follows: a. Blue symbolises honesty, discipline, and hope; b. the green symbolizes prosperity; and c. Orange symbolizes energy and innovation. Article 5 use of the logo referred to in article 3 are set as follows: a. the Logo color combination of blue, green, and orange is used for: 1. service letterhead and envelopes; 2. the texts of the rules and decisions; 3. MOU, BATAN official documents; and 4. cover/home page appointment book, the nameplate of the nuclear region work units and headquarters, identification, certificates, templates, label, stop folders, business cards, and products for the benefit of dissemination and promotion. b. purple Logo used for the stamp duty. c. yellow gold Logo used for: 1. the manuscript of international cooperation; 2. badges; 3. the invitation card service; and 4. cover/home page appointment book. Article 6 in the case of the logo using a combination of colors as referred to in article 3 a is placed on media that have the same color with one of the color combination, then the same color on the logo was changed to a white color without changing the meaning. Chapter 7 Enlargement or diminution of the logo should be made with a proportional scale. Article 8 use of the logo referred to in article 5 is implemented gradually, and it has been applied in its entirety no later than January 1, 2015. 2014, 169. 4 article 9 at the time these regulations come into force, then the head of BATAN Regulation number 9 by 2013 on the Logo and its use, revoked and declared no longer valid. Article 10 of the regulation the head of Batan began in force on the date of promulgation. In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the enactment of regulations this with his head of BATAN in the news of the Republic of Indonesia. Established in Jakarta on January 20, 2014 NATIONAL NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY CHIEF, DJAROT WISNUBROTO SULISTIO Enacted in Jakarta on February 5, 2006 the MINISTER of LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, AMIR SYAMSUDDIN