Parliament Act No. 8 Of 8 June 2014 The Library

Original Language Title: Inatsisartutlov nr. 8 af 8. juni 2014 om biblioteksvæsenet

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Parliament Act no. 8 of 8 June 2014 on the library

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

Landsting Regulation no. 5 of 12 May 2005 amending Landsting Regulation on library system (Determination of fees, etc.)
Landsting Regulation no. 13 of 30 October 1992 amending the county regulation on library system
Landsting Regulation no. 4 of 15 October 1979 on the library

Hovedlov to
Home Rule Executive Order no. 15 of 5 October 1999 on the library remuneration

Adds to Home Rule Executive Order no. 15 of 5 October 1999 on the library remuneration

Chapter 1

Purpose and definitions
§ 1. The library will promote information, education and
cultural activity by charge to make books, magazines, audio books and
other suitable material, including electronic information resources for
available for adults and children described. however, Chapter 5, and exercise
information company.
Subsection. 2. In selecting the material libraries made
available, the emphasis on quality, comprehensiveness and timeliness.
Religious, moral or political criteria may not be decisive.
§ 2. The library should provide public information and
information about society in general.

Chapter 2

The municipal libraries
§ 3. In each municipality the local authority shall establish a
public library.
§ 4. The municipality's public library consists of a main library and the
branches that are required by the conditions in the municipality, including branches in
towns and settlements. The local authority decides on the basis of population, compared
with the library professional coverage which incidentally is the place where to
created branches.
Subsection. 2. Main Library in Municipality of Sermersooq is Nunatta
Subsection. 3. The head of a central library must have a relevant professional
§ 5. Main Library will include a section for adults and a
department for children to be able to serve also children under the
school age.
Subsection. 2. The branches may consist of fixed loan collections for
children and adults, partly of deposits borrowed from the main library.
§ 6. The public library and school libraries cooperate
library services for children in line with rules set by the Greenland Government
see. § 27 paragraph. 3, the Parliament Act on public schools.

Chapter 3

Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia
§ 7. Naalakkersuisut driver Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia that
handles library functions nationwide.
§ 8. The Government shall appoint a Library director in charge
the daily management of Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia. Library command shall be
trained librarian or have some other relevant professional background.
Subsection. 2. Library boss hires Nunatta Atuagaateqarfias
§ 9. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia to support the municipal
libraries by lending or providing books or other material that it
that library itself does not possess, and by providing technical library
assistance as necessary .
Subsection. 2. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia to provide library professional
consultancy to other public libraries.
Subsection. 3. The Government may lay down rules on the scope
of the library technical and library technical assistance.
§ 10. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia acquires and distributes
Greenlandic language books to municipal libraries.
Subsection. 2. The Government may lay down rules in paragraphs. 1 shall
purchases and distributions.
§ 11. In order to contribute to ensuring the
country's cultural heritage must Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia in a designated
collection (Groenlandica Collection) collect, record and preserve all works
published in Greenland.
Subsection. 2. Groenlandica Collection includes:

1) All Greenland books, newspapers, magazines and other printed material as well
audiovisual materials.

2) A short and photo collection to illustrate the material and spiritual
culture development in Greenland.

3) A manuscript collection comprising Greenlandic writers' manuscripts and
other manuscripts that illustrate the Greenlandic material and spiritual culture
§ 12. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia be associated with
Groenlandica Collection build a research library containing books
periodicals and other material on Arctic matters and subjects that have
importance to Greenland.
§ 13. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia to ensure public
access to Groenlandica assembly and its scientific library and must
disseminate knowledge and experiences in the part of its cultural heritage, as
library is responsible.

Chapter 4
Library Remuneration

§ 14. Inatsisartut sets the Finance amounting to
library fees to persons fully or partially contribute to
production of works in the form of Greenlandic language books and audiobooks
example, writers, translators, illustrators and photographers.
Subsection. 2. The Government shall lay down rules on the distribution
to in paragraph. 1 mentioned amount, including the delimitation of the paragraph. 1 shall
persons and distribution of library remuneration among these.

Chapter 5

Terms of use of library services
§ 15. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and the municipal libraries can
charge the user for special services associated with
libraries' service, but have a more far-reaching nature than
use on the premises, loan of material and general advice. There may
also charged fees by lending material requested by libraries
outside Greenland.
Subsection. 2. Remuneration liable to provide services referred to in paragraph. 1 must be
expressly requested by the user.
Subsection. 3. The Government and local councils sets the
respectively Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and for municipal libraries the size
and charging form of the remuneration benefits mentioned in paragraph.
First The payment must not exceed the cost of the service provided.
§ 16. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and the municipal libraries can
charge a fee for overdue. The fee may not exceed 20
kr. for material that a user has borrowed the same time and the same loan period,
maximum of 10 kr. for materials borrowed by children and adolescents under 15 years. If
excess lasts more than 7 days, the fee could be increased to 50 kr.,
Maximum of 20 kr. For materials borrowed by children and adolescents under 15 years. If
excess of over 30 days and previously shipped writing
ordering the return of the borrowed material, the fee will be increased
to 100 kr., With a maximum of 50 kr. For materials borrowed by children and young people under 15 years.
Subsection. 2. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and municipal libraries may charge
a fee of no more than 20 kr. For issuing replacement library card to a user.
§ 17 Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and municipal
libraries can exclude a user from borrowing at the library, if the user

1) a significant extent violated its obligation to return borrowed materials
undamaged or

2) is in arrears with payment of a fee fixed in accordance with § 16 or are
arrears with regard to payment of compensation for damaged or lost
Subsection. 2. Brings user accounts with libraries, see.
Paragraph. 1, to an end, including by returning the material in undamaged
stand or by replacing damaged material and by paying guilty
fees cease exclusion.
Subsection. 3. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and the municipal libraries can
also exclude a user from making use of libraries if the user
grossly or repeatedly violated the Code of Conduct, see. § 20 paragraph. 2.
exclusion determined in this case for a pre-determined time period
not exceeding 3 months.
§ 18. Does Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and municipal libraries
of material that is particularly costly, found only in a few copies, or
who for other reasons are less suitable for borrowing, libraries can fix || | restrictions on access to borrow material.
Subsection. 2. A library may charge a deposit when borrowing it in
paragraph. 1 said material.
§ 19. A library can be taking into account the resources of the library
in the library regulations set limits for each borrower's total
number of loans and reservations of materials.

Chapter 6

Instructions, rules of conduct and legal deposit
§ 20 Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and municipal libraries must
guiding users on the conditions of the libraries use, including information on
among others. borrower's identification, loan period, the collection of any deposit
consequences for breach of the obligation to return borrowed
material intact, the collection of fines and fees and recovery.

Subsection. 2. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia and municipal libraries
establishes a set of rules of conduct for the library, which includes the use of
facilities, behavior, perception of proper conduct mm
Subsection. 3. The library's rules will be published on the library and
available on request to library users.
§ 21. The party who produces finished copies of
books, newspapers, magazines, annual reports, as well as CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs and
phonograms for publishing, to deliver 3 copies of each release to

Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia.
Subsection. 2. The Government may lay down rules in paragraphs. 1
mentioned legal deposit, including legal deposit of other types of
published releases not mentioned in paragraphs. 1 said.

Chapter 7

§ 22 Nunatta Atuagaateqarfias financed through
grant from the Treasury.
Subsection. 2. The annual subsidy from the Treasury determined by
Inatsisartut for the adoption of the Budget for the next fiscal year
Subsection. 3. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia can perform income-generating
§ 23. All expenses for the municipal libraries operating
and facilities rests with the municipalities, so far there is no explicit legal
that expenditure wholly or partly borne the PA or other.

Chapter 8

Penalties § 24. In regulations issued pursuant to § 21 paragraph. 2 may
determined measures in the form of a fine under the provisions of the Criminal Code for
Subsection. 2. Where a rule issued pursuant to § 21 paragraph.
2, provides for the fixing of fines, the fine imposed on a legal person after
rules in the Criminal Code for Greenland.
Subsection. 3. Fines determined in accordance with paragraph. 1-2 accrue

Chapter 9

Commencement and termination provisions
§ 25. This Act shall enter into force on 1 January 2015. At the same time
county Regulation no. 4 of 15 October 1979 on the library.
Subsection. 2. Rules established or maintained under the
paragraph. 1 said county Regulation shall remain in force until repealed or
replaced by rules laid down under the present Parliament Act or other

Greenland, 8 June 2014.

Ms Hammond