Act No. 5 Of 2 May 1996 On Agriculture

Original Language Title: Landstingslov nr. 5 af 2. maj 1996 om landbrug

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Act No. 5 of 2 May 1996 on agricultural

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

Modified by
Parliament Act no. 21 of 22 November 2011 amending Rule Act on Agriculture (Changing the Agriculture Council member composition)
Parliament Act no. 11 of 5 December 2008 amending various county laws and county regulations on fishing - and the agricultural sector as a result of a new division into provinces and municipalities. (Consistency corrections as a result of the Landsting Act on Greenland's division into municipalities (EM 2008/62))
Parliament Act no. 15 of 19 November 2007 amending the Act No. 5 of 2 May 1996 on agriculture (Agriculture Council competence and composition)

Hovedlov to
Self-Government Order no. 20 of 5 September 2016 on subsidies for acquisition, new construction or restoration of farms
Self-Government Order no. 13 of 16 June 2016 on the sheep, horse and cattle farms | || home Rule Executive order no. 10 of 5 July 2006 on reporting by the first sales of fishing and sheep breeding products
home Rule Executive order no. 26 of June 22, 2001 on the development promotion in the agricultural sector
home Rule Executive order no. 25 of 22 . June 2001 sheep and horses hold
home Rule Executive Order no. 22 of 8 september 2000 on the management of pastures and livestock
home Rule Executive Order no. 20 of 8 september 1997 on the supervision of agricultural
home Rule Order No. . 23 of august 8, 1993 for grants for the establishment of sheep farmer places

The scope of

§ 1. This Act applies to farming in Greenland.
Subsection. 2. Agricultural purposes of this Act commercialization of land for crop production, grazing or livestock production and aquaculture, including covered any ground fixed installations and buildings for such purposes. The right to this exercise must also be reserved for one or more persons, companies or equivalent. The law does not include commercial dog teams.

Purpose of the Act

§ 2. This law is intended to ensure agricultural development and creating the basis for sustainable management of it by
1) ensure the proper development of the agricultural sector and strengthening the competitiveness of these industries
2) cherish dyrkningsjordene , pastures and related landscape values ​​so that concern for the environment and agriculture business economic interests, including in relation to other commercial activities
3) ensure the sustainable use of agriculture-related land resources, and
4) ensure reasonable accommodation for livestock.
Subsection. 2. Act administration must regard for the development of agriculture weighed against the interest of the environment, other business interests and people's recreational needs.

Conditions for taking up farming

§ 3. Agriculture in Greenland may be exercised only by persons who
1) have a permanent connection to Greenland society
2) a registered address in Greenland and has had a registered address in Greenland in the previous two years, and
3) majority.
Subsection. 2. The Cabinet may waive the requirements of paragraphs. l no. 2), when appropriate based on his connection to Greenland, including when he has stayed outside of Greenland educational reasons or the like.
Subsection. 3. The Cabinet may lay down rules to obtain the right to pursue agriculture, including for skills, so as to require that a person must have undergone specific training or courses for a given operating branch.

§ 4. A company can operate farms in Greenland, where the following conditions are met:
1) The company must be a cooperative, a private limited company, a corporation or a partnership,
2) at least 2/3 of the company's capital must be owned directly or indirectly by individuals who meet the conditions of § 3, paragraph l
3) more than half of the company's capital must be held directly or indirectly by farmers with provisions adopted pursuant to § 3, paragraph . 3, and
4) actual operation of the farm run by people who meet the requirements of § 3, paragraph. l and provisions pursuant to § 3, paragraph. 3.
Subsection. 2. The Cabinet may, in special circumstances, temporarily grant an exemption from the requirements in § 3, paragraph l and paragraph. li this provision, once deemed important for the development of the Greenlandic agricultural sector.

Adjustment of operating conditions in agriculture

§ 5. The Cabinet may lay down rules for the maximum number of livestock on the individual property and the relationship between the number of animals and the cultivated arable land for housing design, shelter and feeding places as well as the minimum requirements for feeding volumes, including the relationship between roughage and concentrates.

§ 6. The Cabinet may lay down rules for græsningsom Counsellors use, including rules setting when these must be grazed, requirements for the collection of animals, number of animals in each grazing areas and their management. It may be laid rules in special cases require installation of barrier fencing to protect against overgrazing or restore vegetation already grazed areas through a closer control of grazing pressure.
Subsection. 2. The Greenland government may lay down rules for the management of grazing areas, including authorization for institutions to conduct this in order to ensure compliance with the regulations issued under paragraph. 1.
Subsection. 3. The grazing areas in this Act defined areas used for grazing of livestock as part of a commercial operation, which is fixed or set a maximum number of grazing animals within a certain period.

§ 7. The Cabinet may lay down rules for the culturing-related use of land in order to protect him against erosion and protect the environment against pollution and can be laid down for soil cultivation and the use of planteværns- and fertilizers.

Hunting of semi-domesticated livestock

§ 8. The Cabinet may lay down rules regulating outlet of semi-domesticated animals for hunting.
Subsection. 2. semi-domesticated livestock purposes of this Act animals kept for the controlled killing and slaughter, and as the year staying in the open air with seasonal grazing in areas to which the farmer has grazing rights.

Label livestock

§ 9. The Cabinet may lay down rules on the labeling of livestock, which makes it possible to identify and verify ownership, including may be required on the labeling within a specific timeframe after their birth.
Subsection. 2. The Greenland government may lay down rules for the management of livestock labeling, including authorization for institutions to conduct this in order to ensure compliance with the regulations issued under paragraph. 1.
Subsection. 3. If the Greenland government organizes its powers under this paragraph. 2 to institutions under the Government of Greenland, it may establish rules for the right to appeal to these institutions' decision.

Imports of livestock mm

§ 10. By the introduction of live animals and breeding material from livestock must be authorized under veterinary legislation. In addition, there must be approval from our government to animals and breeding material use. The Cabinet's approval is made by the industry organizations.

Subsidies for agriculture

§ 11. The Cabinet may lay down rules and conditions for grants for agriculture and related institutions.

The registration and notification requirements

§ 12. The Greenland government may lay down rules on recording and communication obligations related to the performance of agriculture, which allows insights into the operating conditions and thus the supervision of compliance with the law.

Supervision of agricultural

§ 13. It is for the Greenland government to ensure that agriculture is conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Act, except, however, regulations issued pursuant to § 7, which is covered by county regulation on the protection of the environment. For such provisions is the regulator with the local council.
Subsection. 2. The Cabinet may cause the commands and prohibitions implemented at the owner's expense, which is considered to be necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions established on the basis of §§ 5-6 and § 9, including reducing the number of animals to the number you have permission to have within a given grazing area.
Subsection. 3. If provisions laid down under § 9 paragraph. l, the relevant animal is considered as game, in the case of semi-domestic species.

§ 14. The Cabinet set up a monitoring committee in each municipality in which the company operates, which must supervise that agricultural practitioners comply with the provisions under this Act, cf. however § 13 paragraph. 1.
Subsection. 2. The Cabinet may reduce a transverse oversight committee for the municipalities that are geographically close.

Subsection. 3. Regulatory Committee composed of representatives appointed by agricultural organizations and local councils. The municipal councils appoint its representatives from the local council or from the local administration. Municipalities must have a majority in the committee.
Subsection. 4. The Cabinet shall provide a secretariat with professional insight available to the monitoring committee.
Subsection. 5. The municipalities bear the costs of remuneration of the members appointed by the municipal councils as well as transport for the committee monitoring missions. Greenland Home Rule bear the costs of the secretariat as well as the remuneration of the members as agricultural organizations have designated and transport for those from the residence to the venue.
Subsection. 6. The Cabinet may establish rules for monitoring its work and composition.


§ 15. failure to obtain approval from the Greenland government j f. § 10 may be fined and required the removal of the animals from the site at the owner's expense.
Subsection. 2. In violation of §§ 3-4 and regulations laid down pursuant to § 3, §§ 5-6 and §§ 8-9 can be fined.

§ 16. In case of repeated violations of regulations laid down under the §§5-6 and §§8-9 to The Cabinet, on the recommendation of the Monitoring Committee and taking statements from the industry organization, the local council and the farmer in question deprive the farmer for to practice agriculture on the spot.
Subsection. 2. The Cabinet may give farmers an order to dispose of the property within a period of 6-12 months. If the farmer has not sold the property within the prescribed time, the Government of Greenland cause instead transfers in accordance with the rules on expropriation.

Commencement and transitional provisions

§ 17 Landsting Act shall come into force on 1 July 1996.
Subsection. 2. At the same time Act No.. 1 of 21 April 1988 on sheep farming.
Subsection. 3. pursuant to Rule Act no. 1 of 21 April 1988 on sheep farming, as amended or earlier rules on agricultural regulations issued maintained until they are repealed by regulations made under this Act.

§ 18. The right to pursue farming in force under the previous legislation may continue to be maintained even if it would be contrary to the conditions for running agriculture under the Act §§ 3-4 and regulations issued pursuant to § 3, as long as the farmer runs the place under the other provisions of the law.

Greenland, May 2, 1996

Lars Emil Johansen
Pâviâraq Heilmann