Parliament Act No. 5 Of 29 November 2013 On Research Advice And Allocation Of Research Funds

Original Language Title: Inatsisartutlov nr. 5 af 29. november 2013 om forskningsrådgivning og bevilling af forskningsmidler

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Parliament Act no. 5 of 29 November 2013 on research advice and allocation of research funds

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

Chapter 1
§ 1. The law aims to promote and strengthen the Greenlandic research rooted in Greenland for the benefit of the Greenlandic society.
Subsection. 2. The purpose of the Act include:

1) Increasing the scope of research activities and the quality of research, including research training.

2) coordination and prioritization of research.

3) Strengthening of Greenland's participation in international research.

4) Strengthening of Greenland to participate in collaborative research in the commonwealth.

5) Strengthening cooperation between public and private research.

6) Increased use of research and innovation in Greenlandic society, including as a basis for commercialization.

7) Increased public dissemination of Greenlandic research.
§ 2. This Act applies to all areas of research, unless this is contrary to other legislation.

Chapter 2
Nunatsinni Ilisimatusarnermik Siunnersuisoqatigiit (Greenland Research, Greenland Research Council) - Establishment and purpose
§ 3. The Government creates Nunatsinni Ilisimatusarnermik Siunnersuisoqatigiit (Greenland Research, Greenland Research Council), hereinafter referred to as the Council, there is a national, independent administrative entity for research advice, funding of research and research dissemination.
Subsection. 2. The Council in its advice and its other activities are not subject to instructions from the Government of Greenland.
Subsection. 3. The Council covers all fields of research, see. However, § 2.
§ 4. The Council has the task of realizing Act purposes, see. § 1.
Subsection. 2. The Council also mandated to provide Naalakkersuisut research consultancy.
§ 5. The Council is to Naalakkersuisut responsible for the Council, including the administration of the Council's financial resources.
Subsection. 2. The Council shall prepare an annual report to the Government of Greenland on its activities. The report should be published.
§ 6. The Council shall, in performing its tasks:

1) Seek to realize the overall research policy objectives and follow the research policy guidelines laid down by the Greenland Government.

2) Advise the Government of Greenland in research policy issues and provide Naalakkersuisut independent and expert advice on research at an overall level, including regarding future research needs.

3) Ensure that the advice involving relevant national and international experience and trends, including local and traditional knowledge.

4) Evaluate and prioritize applications for research funding.

5) Coordinate and prioritize the allocation of research funding across the PA relevant areas.

6) Ensure that all research grants that are not basic public funding linked to specific institutions or funds for research-based services, awarded in open competition following scientific quality assessment, and funds are allocated upon application on the basis of published criteria.

7) Promoting and strengthening research information and research dissemination.

8) Arrange for the research effort in Greenland are monitored and assessed, including PhD programs and research.

9) Assume research functions, the Council imposed Minister.
§ 7. The Council, in performing its tasks on its own initiative or at the request

1) identify research related areas of strategic interest for the future and communicate these to the Greenland Government

2) identify research related issues and communicate these to the Government of Greenland and

3) undertake any task within the research field, which the Council considers necessary.
Subsection. 2. The Council may be consulted on any research policy issues.

The composition and remuneration
§ 8. The Council consists of eight members, of which one member is President, and a member's vice chairman.
Subsection. 2. The Government appoints the Council President and the other members in their personal capacity. The Council shall elect among its members its own Vice-Chairman.

Subsection. 3. The appointment is made by the Greenlandic research institutions, research centers, research and Entrepreneurship and innovation environments. The Government shall determine the institutions, centers and environments that are setting Officer and publish this.
Subsection. 4. Council members may be appointed from among candidates from Greenland as well as the rest of the world.

Subsection. 5. The composition of the Council must ensure that at least half of the members are recognized researchers at international level and that members are aware of Greenland.
§ 9. The Council must have a multidisciplinary composition.
Subsection. 2. The scientific areas that need to be represented in the Council are:

1) Science.

2) Health Sciences.

3) Social Sciences.

4) Humanities.

5) Technology.
§ 10. The Council Secretariat will ensure a procedure setting legitimate research institutions, research centers, research and Entrepreneurship and innovation communities will be able to nominate candidates individually or in collaboration. The procedure is published.
Subsection. 2. The Secretariat shall ensure that the candidates to the Council declares participation in other councils, advice or interests in private businesses and other conditions that may affect the candidate's disqualification.
§ 11. Council members are appointed for periods of 3 years each.
Subsection. 2. Council members may be reappointed.
Subsection. 3. When a member from leaving appointing period, appoint Naalakkersuisut a new member to the most recent settings. He shall be appointed for the remainder of the 3 year period.
§ 12. The Greenland Government may dismiss a member of the Council if the member is in breach of its powers or proves unworthy to be a member of the Council.
Subsection. 2. If a dispute arises between the Greenland Government and the Council on the Council's powers or working, the disagreement between the Government of Greenland and the Council are documented in the Council minutes.
§ 13. Council members are remunerated in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Act on Remuneration. Members of the parliament and the government, etc.

Council funding
§ 14. Council financed through grants from the Treasury.
Subsection. 2. The annual subsidy from the Treasury determined by the Greenland Parliament for the adoption of the Budget for the next fiscal year.
§ 15. The Council shall each year to Naalakkersuisut draft budget for the following fiscal year before a Minister set deadline. The Council shall simultaneously submit proposals for the amount of the government subsidy for the following fiscal year.
§ 16. Council is the financial year. The Council should follow the then-current provisions for the Government of Greenland on budgetary, accounting and financial reporting.
Subsection. 2. The financial statements audited by the government of Greenland audit.
Subsection. 3. The Council shall, before a Minister set deadline, the Council approved the financial statements for the Greenland Government for approval.
Subsection. 4. The Council shall publish accounts when this is approved by the Greenland Government.

Council seem
§ 17. The Council shall hold at least two meetings a year. The meetings are not public. The agenda and minutes of meetings are published, see. However paragraph. 2.
Subsection. 2. The Council may decide that the agenda and minutes may remain secret in whole or in part, where it is justified by overriding reasons relating to sensitive personal information or applicants for intellectual property rights.
§ 18. The Council shall adopt its rules of procedure, approved by the Greenland Government.
Subsection. 2. The rules shall include rules on meeting business, voting rules, impartiality and minutes. Procedural provisions for disqualification may be more restrictive than the legal competence rules laid down in Rule Act on case management in public administration.
Subsection. 3. The rules may include rules on the establishment of an executive committee and that committee's powers.
§ 19. The Council of solving specific tasks set up ad-hoc committees, working groups or committees with the participation of Council members or external participants with specific skills.
Subsection. 2. The Council shall establish committees' mandate, composition, operation and size.
Subsection. 3. The Council may consult the existing board or committee.
§ 20. Council decisions can not be appealed to any other administrative authority.
§ 21. Council secretariat is handled by the Greenland Government.

Chapter 3
Entry into force
§ 22. The Greenland Parliament Act comes into force on 1 January 2014.

Government of Greenland, 29 November 2013.

Ms Hammond