Parliament Act No. 4 Of 29 November 2013 On Educational And Vocational Guidance

Original Language Title: Inatsisartutlov nr. 4 af 29. november 2013 om uddannelses- og erhvervsvejledning

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Parliament Act no. 4 of 29 November 2013 on educational and vocational guidance

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

Home Rule Executive Order no. 5 of 3 September 1982 on educational and vocational guidance in Greenland

Hovedlov to
Self-Government Order no. 3 of 9 March 2015 tasks and rules of procedure for Greenland Vejledningsråd

Chapter 1 Scope and definitions
§ 1. There shall be free of charge, is granted all citizens targeted and qualified guidance on choice of education and occupation.
Subsection. 2. The guidelines shall specifically targeted at young people set. §§ 19-23.
Subsection. 3. The guidelines should contribute to dropout from and re-run the programs minimized, and that the individual pupil or student completes the selected training with the utmost professional and personal benefits.
Subsection. 4. The guidelines shall also contribute to the individual himself can apply and use information, including computer-based information and counseling services on education, training and future employment.
§ 2. Implementation of items. 1-7 that guideline forms must be achieved while respecting the specific requirements related to the different guidance modes:

1) Education is the guide that is targeted choice of education or training.

2) vocational guidance is the guidance that is targeted choice of profession, including on business opportunities for education, for vocational and career change and employment by unemployment.

3) Implementation Manual is the guidance provided in the course of a training programs for the student or the student conducts the training.

4) Transitional guidance is the guidance provided in connection with the transition from school to further education and in the transition from school to work.

5) Individual guidance is the guidance provided to the individual counseled.

6) Collective guidance is the guidance given to a group of people at the same time.

7) Outreach guidance is the guidance conducted through outreach activities in the form of unsolicited approach to the individual citizen.

Chapter 2
Responsibility and organization
The key responsibility
§ 3. It is Naalakkersuisut providing:

1) evaluation and development of counseling activities,

2) coordination of the supervision,

3) information for guidance

4) the preparation and distribution of guidance material

5) education and training of supervisors

6) supervision in relation to local guidance centers

7) The experience and knowledge, and

8) support for networking.
§ 4. As part of the information for guidance, see. § 3, no. 3, must Naalakkersuisut arrange for the establishment and operation of a virtual tutoring portal. The guidance portal to be an Internet-based information and guidance tool for supervisors from the local guidance centers and educational institutions for guidance seekers and others who want information on education and professions.
Subsection. 2. The guidance portal must include comparative information on education in and outside Greenland and the profession which the individual programs can lead to, and current labor market information.
Subsection. 3. The Government may lay down rules on the guidance portal.
§ 5. As part of the support for networking, see. § 3, no. 8, the Naalakkersuisut arrange for the establishment of a national dialogue forum where local guidance centers, educational institutions, organizations and associations, etc. can be put forward and discuss views and reviews of all factors relevant to educational and vocational guidance.
Subsection. 2. The Government may lay down rules about the national dialogue forum.
§ 6. In discharging the in §§ 3-5 and § 8 mentioned tasks or parts of the Greenland Government may establish a national guidance center.
§ 7. The Government reduces Greenland Vejledningsråd to advise the Government of Greenland on the development of guidance activities.
Subsection. 2. The Council consists of 5 people, which, on this, see. Paragraph. 3, appointed in their personal capacity as Minister for a 4-year period. Members may be reappointed. The Council shall collectively represent guidance, education and business affairs.
Subsection. 3. The following sets each one member to the council:

1) Employer organizations.

2) Workers' organizations.

3) The trainee's organizations.


5) educational institutions.

Subsection. 4. Sets the nominating organizations and institutions in agreement one member appointed this. If no agreement on setting appoint Naalakkersuisut member from the nominees.
Subsection. 5. Council members appoint among themselves the Chairman.
Subsection. 6. The Greenland Government may lay down rules on the tasks, including the Council Rules of Procedure.
§ 8. The Government provides the secretariat for Greenland Vejledningsråd.
Subsection. 2. Members of the Greenland Vejledningsråd who must travel from their home to attend meetings of the Council shall receive the allowances and reimbursement of travel expenses under the rules governing salaries and allowances of non-Inatsisartutmedlemmer the Landsting Act on fees etc. to members of Inatsisartut and Naalakkersuisut etc. || |
The local responsibility
§ 9. The municipal council is responsible for the granting of guidance under this Act to the citizens of the municipality, see. However, § 10.
§ 10. Educational institutions are responsible for the granting of implementation and transition guidance for students. The instructions shall follow the rules that apply to that program.
§ 11. In order to coordinate, strengthen and focus the directions the municipal council shall provide for the establishment and operation of a municipal guidance center.
Subsection. 2. The municipal council shall ensure that the municipal guidance center in performing its guidance duties under the law cooperate with the municipal employment services, see. Landsting Regulations on employment, etc.
§ 12. The municipal council shall ensure that the municipal guidance centers career guidance services provided by qualified supervisors, see. paragraph. 2, and under appropriate physical environment.
Subsection. 2. The guidelines shall be carried out by persons who have an education and career counselor training approved by the Greenland Government, or who can demonstrate a similar guidance level of professional competence. Greenland Government may upon application by the municipal council authorize instructions temporarily handled by someone who has other manual skills, when the tutor is doing or intends to implement an education and supervisor training, approved by the Greenland Government.
§ 13. For the purpose of the management of guidance activities and targeting of initiatives in relation to education and labor market objectives municipal council must record and report to Naalakkersuisut information at the individual level on the local council guidance and on citizens' education and employment status for the establishment of a national data base.
Subsection. 2. The Government may refer to the purposes set out in paragraph. 1, impose education, independent schools, boarding schools and high schools to report information about the institutions' guidance efforts.
Subsection. 3. The Government may set rules on the recording and reporting of information under paragraph. 1 and 2, including whether the information can be required to be registered and reported electronically.

Chapter 3
framework for guidance organization and implementation
§ 14. Instructions must be made on the basis of respect, equality, openness and trust and should include the individual's interests and personal assumptions, including informal skills and previous education and employment records, as well as the anticipated need for skilled workers and the self-employed.
§ 15. The guidelines must be organized and implemented as a process that is an interaction between information, education, practical activities and personal interview.
Subsection. 2. The guidelines shall be organized in such a way as to achieve coherence, progression and differentiation in the guidance process, including ensuring that the learner reflect on their own skills and opportunities in relation to choice of education and occupation.
§ 16. The individual guidance services must be coordinated so that they appear as a coherent system of guidance activities to ensure that all guidance needs are met as far as possible.
§ 17. The guidelines must be independent of sectoral and institutional interests.

Chapter 4
Guide Tasks
§ 18. Instructions tasks consist of:

1) guidance on learning opportunities in Greenland,

2) guidance on learning opportunities outside of Greenland, including Denmark,

3) guidance on employment and career opportunities

4) advice on financial matters, including training, and on completing the application forms

5) advice on housing,

6) advice to seek assistance for personal and psychological conditions, and

7) Guidance on the application procedures for the shooting of the education and application for study.
Subsection. 2. The Greenland Government may lay down rules on supervision duties.

Guide young
§ 19. The municipal council shall ensure that an ongoing working relationship between the municipal school and the municipal guidance center for guidance of young people up to 18 years.
Subsection. 2. As part of the cooperation under paragraph. 1, the local guidance center assist the municipal school system, the private basic schools, continuation schools and folk high schools and educational institutions in the preparation and implementation of transition guide.
Subsection. 3. The municipal council shall ensure that the municipal guidance center receives a copy of the school drew up action plans for the graduating students and another for use by the instructions necessary material, including qualifications and character data for individual students.
Subsection. 4. The municipal council shall ensure that Extent of user secondary, vocational or trade school receives a copy of the school drew up action plans for graduating students.
Subsection. 5. The Government may lay down rules on cooperation between the municipal school and the municipal guidance centers and on cooperation between schools and the municipal guidance centers, including cooperation in the preparation and implementation of transition guide.
§ 20. Both in teaching and education as at the municipal guidance centers must also receive targeted guidance of young people without a special guide efforts have or will have difficulties in selecting, starting or completing an education or choosing a profession.
Subsection. 2. For young people who after finishing school or equivalent to compulsory education courses not in education or business or who has interrupted a course must be made outreach guidance.
Subsection. 3. instructions must qualify the young people's wishes and allow the adolescents independently and in cooperation with the home to make educational and career choices.
Subsection. 4. The guidance of young people under 18 must be organized so that the custody holders involved in the manual and in the young people's education planning.
Subsection. 5. Instructional content, organization and timing must be tailored to the individual situation and needs.
§ 21. The municipal guidance centers As part of the steps in cooperation with the young and their custodial parents develop a training action if the young person is under 18 and after finishing primary school not in education or business or has discontinued a course.
Subsection. 2. The training plan must be based on the action that pupils in primary schools in consultation with their teachers to prepare, see. Greenland Parliament Act on public schools. For young people who do not have an action plan from elementary school, the local guidance centers ensure that education action plan prepared with the greatest possible involvement of the young person's former school.
§ 22. Education Blueprint should set goals for their future educational choices, including whether the conditions for achieving the objectives. Education plan must also determine the specific activities the young people offered to develop the young people's professional and personal skills required to enable the desired educational choices, including a timetable for doing so.
Subsection. 2. The municipal guidance centers must ensure that necessary and at least once a year, held talks with the under-18s, and their custodial parents meet training Blueprint and establishing new or revised objectives.
Subsection. 3. The Government may lay down rules on Education Blueprint, including the form and content, and to follow up on the plan.
§ 23. The municipal guidance centers must ensure that citizens in the municipality, which has custody of young people under 18 who have left school and are not in education or business, or who have dropped a course, receive general information the guidance on the choice of education and occupation, which offered young people, including information on youth education opportunities.

Chapter 5
Financing and supervision
§ 24. The cost of manual tasks under the Act lies with the person responsible for the task.
Subsection. 2. The cost of Greenland Guidance Council, for meaning. § 8 paragraph. 2, held within the annual grant from the Treasury.
§ 25. The Government included a performance by the local council on the performance of supervision duties according to law.

Subsection. 2. The performance contract shall include the objectives of the municipal guidance and description of preconditions. It shall also contain specific performance for instructions.
Subsection. 3. The Government would sanction non-fulfillment of specific performance by reducing the block grant to municipalities.
§ 26. The Government oversees the local councils ', educational institutions, the private basic schools, after school and public high schools' administration of the law.
Subsection. 2. The Government may require municipal and educational information deemed necessary to carry out its duties under this Act.
Subsection. 3. The Government can provide municipal and educational permission for experimental work, if kept within the purpose of this Act.

Chapter 6
Commencement, transitional and repealing provisions
§ 27. This Act shall come into force on 1 January 2014. At the same time, Executive Order no. 5 of 3 September 1982 on educational and vocational guidance in Greenland.

Government of Greenland, 29 November 2013.

Ms Hammond

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