Act No. 2 Of 24 April 1986 On The Mustering Of Seafarers

Original Language Title: Landstingslov nr. 2 af 24. april 1986 om mønstring af søfarende

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Act No. 2 of 24 April 1986 on the mustering of seafarers

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

§ 1. Musters must take place when a seafarer joins or leaves his service on a ship registered in Greenland.
Subsection. 2. An exception to the rule in paragraph. 1
a) no passenger under 20 GRT / GT 20
b) pleasure craft under 20 GRT / GT 20
c) barges, barges, dredgers and floating cranes in port areas.
Subsection. 3. Minister The member may provide the flexibility in the provision of subsection. 1 estimated intention terms.

§ 2. By mustering purposes of this Act, a staffing schedule will be completed and signed by the seafarer and the master.
Subsection. 2. The term "seafarer" includes in this Act any person who performs work on board a ship at sea than the master.
Subsection. 3. Men and women under 16 should not be used for work on board.

§ 3. Minister The member shall specify the reporting of Islands area on leading change in ships registered in Greenland.

§ 4. The master shall, by patterning satisfy itself that the seafarer's qualifications satisfy the legal requirements for serving in the relevant position. The master shall in particular ensure that it meets legal requirements regarding age, health and education.
Subsection. 2. By mustering to use the staffing schedule issued by the Minister.
Subsection. 3. A copy of it in § 2. 1 shall staffing table should be inserted in a folder on board. This folder designated ship crew lists.
Subsection. 4. Home Rule Government member shall determine the submission of copies of the crew list.

§ 5. For anyone who signed on ships registered in Greenland, shall apply to the seafarers copy of it in § 2. 1 shall staffing table are considered to be valid mønstringsbevis.
Subsection. 2. The holder of a Danish seaman has the right to use this as mønstringsbevis. This must then be endorsed by the master.

§ 6. It is not allowed to sign staffing table for persons under 16 years.
Subsection. 2. For unmarried persons under 18 years applies to staffing schedules only be signed when the person in question presents skiftlig permission of the custodial parent to take up employment at sea.
Subsection. 3. Minister The member shall specify the medical examination of seafarers.

§ 7. The member Minister shall lay down rules for assembling and control muster.
Subsection. 2. Minister The member of the company or master require all information about the ship crew and ship, which is necessary for control. Minister Member may also at any ship registered in Greenland, conduct the studies necessary in order to control.
Subsection. 3. Minister The member may delegate powers under subsection. 2 to municipal or other public authority.

§ 8. Violation of §§ 1, 2. 3, 4, paragraph. 1 and 3 and 6, paragraph. 1 and 2 would result in fines unless, pursuant to the Criminal Code for Greenland is found to be used more onerous measures for Greenland.
Subsection. 2. Similarly judged the one who fails to submit the information required of him under § 7 paragraph. 2.
Subsection. 3. In regulations issued pursuant to §§ 3, 4, paragraph. 4, 6, paragraph. 3 and 7, paragraph. 1 may be the violation of the provisions of the regulations incur a fine.

§ 9. This Act comes into force on 1 July 1986.

Greenland, April 24, 1986

Jonathan Motzfeldt
Moses Olsen