Second Ordinance On The Choice Of Confidence Men Of The Draftees

Original Language Title: Zweite Verordnung über die Wahl der Vertrauensmänner der Zivildienstleistenden

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Second regulation on the choice of confidence men of the continual ZDVWahlV 2 copy date: 26.02.2002 full quotation: "second regulation on the choice of confidence men of the draftees of 26 February 2002 (BGBl. I p. 1011)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 1 4.2002 +++) input formula on the basis of § 2 5 of the civil service trust man law of 16 January 1991 (BGBl. I p. 47, 53), most recently by article 1 No. 1 letter b of the Act of September 27, 2000 (BGBl. I p. 1393) changed , ordered the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth: § 1 election areas of the Community (service providers) choose in an Office or in a course with five up to 20 service providers per Deputy, in an Office or in a course with 21 or more service providers per a confidence man and two deputies and a confidence man. For courses, the choice is eliminated, if the estimated term of the confidence man is less than ten calendar days until the end of the course.

§ 2 order of the selection board (1) the management of the services or the representative named by you ordered at the latest one month before the expiry of the tenure of the confidence man on whose proposal three voters with their permission as Election Committee and one of them as Chairman. The management of the services only for compelling official reasons may differ from the proposal.
(2) is the first to choose a confidence man or more after premature termination of the Office of the confidence man no substitute exists, the management of the services immediately convene a meeting of the electors of the choice of the selection board. The choice is made by manual lifting. The management of the services ordered those voters as the Election Committee who have received the most votes. Chairman, the Member of the selection board is appointed which has received the highest number of votes. Paragraph shall apply accordingly 1 sentence 2.
(3) the Director or the Director of a course should call a meeting of the electors of the choice of the selection board as possible on the first day of the course. Paragraph 2 sentence 2 to 5 shall apply accordingly.
(4) no confidence man is after an election process chosen, the management of departments for courses shall convene immediately again a meeting of the electors of the choice of the selection board the course line, satisfies the requirements of paragraphs 2 and 3.

§ 3 polling day the Election Committee in agreement with the management of the Department, for courses in agreement with the direction of the course location and time of the meeting regarding the selection of the confidence man and Deputy sets. It will take place at the latest two weeks after order of the selection board, in courses no later than one day after the start of the course in the departments.

§ 4 election notice (1) which gives Election Committee by notice or otherwise appropriately 1 known the names of its members, 2. when and where is the electoral roll for inspection, 3. the deadline for appeals against the electoral roll, 4. the place and the time of the meeting of electors to the choice of the confidence man and the Deputy.
(2) in the case of the announcement to indicate that 1 can choose only service provider reserves and be enrolled on the electoral roll, 2. objections against the electoral roll only until in writing or to the transcript at the Election Committee can be inserted at the specified time is referred to in paragraph 1.

§ 5 electoral register (1) the Election Committee is on the basis of lists provided by the management of the service or of course a list of eligible voters (electoral roll).
(2) the electoral roll is immediately to be interpreted at a suitable place for inspection and to keep up to the end of the election.

Opposition against the electoral roll (1) every voter can § 6 the selection board, in departments within one week after setting, in courses until the beginning of the election meeting, in writing or insert the record objecting to the accuracy of the voters list.
(2) the Election Committee will decide the opposition immediately. The decision is to communicate orally with the opposition leader with writing services and courses.
(3) if the opposition is well founded, the selection board corrected the electoral roll.

Select dialing (1) section 7 and be elected can only who is registered on the electoral roll.
(2) the voters and the management of the service or of the course take part at the annual meeting for election of the confidence man and the Deputy. It is directed by the Election Committee. The choice of the confidence man and the Deputy may only be made if at least half of the electorate is present.
(3) after the opening of the Assembly of the electors each present voters may propose orally or in writing one or more service providers end to the election as shop steward. After receipt of the nominations, the Chairperson of the selection board determines which of the proposed service providers is the choice. He announces the names of the candidates in alphabetical order. The management of the service or of the course expressed whether the proposed service providers according to § 2 para 3 of the civil service trust man Act are selectable. Only a selectable service ice tender, services or courses with 21 or more voters called less than three selectable end of service providers, is to give the voters an opportunity to make further proposals.
(4) is only a candidate for the election, considered this chosen, if not at least half of the present electorate. In this case an election can only be carried if an another candidate is proposed.
(5) If two or more candidates is proposed, a written election takes place. The election, each voter on the ballot may nominate up to two of the proposed candidates, departments and courses with 21 or more service providers up to three recommended candidates of. The voter gives ballot paper in an envelope. The ballot papers and envelopes each have the same appearance.
(6) the Election Committee will make sure that the ballot can be marked unattended and plugged into the envelopes, and that the secrecy is maintained. The balloting is to be noted in the electoral roll.

§ 8 to deploy the funds the neuter resources for the holding of elections is the management of the service or of the course available.

Section 9 prohibition of choice disability (1) should obstruct the choice no one, especially not a voter in the exercise of active or passive suffrage should be limited.
(2) the choice must not be influenced by promise of benefits or by threatening disadvantages.

§ 10 determination of election results (1) immediately after the election of the Election Committee of the counting of the votes makes and determines the election results. It decides on the validity of the ballot. Each voter, the management of the service or of the course can be present at the count. The management of the Department may appoint also a representative or a representative.
(2) ballot, in which more than two service provider end, departments with 21 and more service providers are referred to more than three service providers end or the will of the voter is not clear from where or which contain a special feature, an addition or a reservation are invalid.
(3) to the shop steward is selected, who received the most votes. To deputies, the service providers are chosen in the order of achieved votes, received the next lower number of votes. Vote decides the higher age. The election is deemed to have been adopted, if not immediately reject it the selected. The chosen rejects the choice, a new ballot in accordance with § 2 as soon as possible is to make. Just a Dang ice tender won votes, is the choice for his or its agents carry out separately.

§ 11 election transcript (1) on the outcome of the election the Election Committee produces a transcript which is signed by its members. She must contain the number of eligible voters, 2. 1 the names of selectable candidates, 3. the number of valid and invalid votes, 4. the number of on the candidate each deleted valid votes and 5. the names of the selected confidence man and the Deputy.
(2) specific incidents in the election act or determining the election's outcome are to be noted by the Election Committee in the election transcript.

Article 12 notification of selected, save the ballots (1) which gives Election Committee the names of the confidence man and the Deputy immediately by three-week placement in courses for the duration of the course, known. The outcome of the election will be communicated in writing to the management of the service or of the course.
(2) the ballot papers (electoral roll, ballot papers and transcript) will be kept until the end of the term of the confidence man by the Department, for courses from the course line, in an envelope sealed by the selection board after counting the votes. The Federal Agency receives a duplicate of transcript of choice for the civil service.

Article 13 entry into force, expiry this regulation enters into force on the first day of the calendar month following the announcement.

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