Law On The Extension Of Power Lines

Original Language Title: Gesetz zum Ausbau von Energieleitungen

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Energy Lines Development (EnLAG)

Non-official table of contents


Date of expend: 21.08.2009

Full quote:

" Energy Management Act of 21. August 2009 (BGBl. 2870), as last amended by Article 3 of the Law of 23. July 2013 (BGBl. I p. 2543) has been changed "

:Last modified by Art. 3 G v. 23.7.2013 I 2543

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(+ + + Text evidence from: 26.8.2009 + + +)

The G was used as Art. 1 of the G v. 21.8.2009 I 2870 adopted by the Bundestag. It's gem. Article 7 of this Act entered into force on 26 August 2009. Non-official table of contents

§ 1

(1) For projects in accordance with § 43, first sentence, of the Energy Economic Law in the field of maximum voltage networks with a Nominal voltage of 380 kilovolts or more, which is the adaptation, development and development of transmission networks for the integration of electricity from renewable energy sources, for the interoperability of electricity networks within the European Union, for the connection of new power plants or to avoid structural bottlenecks in the transmission system, and for which there is therefore a need for urgent needs, a demand plan is attached to this law as an annex.(2) The projects included in the demand plan are in accordance with the objectives of § 1 of the Energy Economic Law. For these projects, the need for energy and the need for urgent action are thus firmly established. These findings are binding for planning approval and planning permission in accordance with § § 43 to 43d of the German Energy Law.(3) § 50 (1) No. 6 of the Administrative Court order shall apply to the projects included in the needs plan.(4) Projects shall also include the facilities necessary for the operation of power lines and the necessary changes to the network links.(5) Energy lines start and end in each case at the network connection points at which they are connected to the existing transmission network. unofficial table of contents

§ 2

(1) To test the use of geothermal cables at the maximum voltage level in the transmission network as a pilot project, the following of the lines referred to in the Annex to this Act shall be constructed and operated as a ground cable in accordance with paragraph 2:
Section Ganderkesee-St. Line of the line Ganderkesee-Wehrendorf,
Line Diele-Niederrhein,
Line Wahle-Mecklar,
Section Altenfeld-Redwitz in the direction of Lauchstädt-Redwitz.
(2) In the case of the new building, at the request of the project, the project will be approved for approval of the project. in the case of the projects referred to in paragraph 1, the competent authority shall establish and operate a maximum voltage line on a technically and economically efficient subsection as a ground cable, or to modify it, if the management is
to be built at a distance of less than 400 meters from residential buildings in the scope of a construction plan or in the unplanned interior area within the meaning of section 34 of the building code, if these areas are primarily used for housing, or
in a Distance of less than 200 metres to residential buildings situated in the external area within the meaning of § 35 of the Building Code.
In addition, at the request of the authority responsible for the approval of the project, in the case of the paragraph 1 n ° 4 in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park (Regulation on the Thuringian Forest Nature Park of 27. 30 June 2001, GVBl for the Free State of Thuringia, p. 300) during the cross-section of the racetrack, to establish and operate a maximum voltage line on a technically and economically efficient subsection as a ground cable, and to operate or modify it.(3) In the case of the projects referred to in paragraph 1, in addition to Article 43, first sentence, point 1 of the Energy Economic Law, a plan-setting procedure may also be used for the establishment and operation of, and modification of, an earth cable in accordance with the provisions of Part 5 of the Energy Act. Energy Economics Act.Transmission system operators shall identify the additional costs incurred in the establishment, operation and modification of underground cables referred to in paragraph 1, which shall be incurred in the transmission system of the transmission system operator concerned in a calendar year. The additional costs shall be determined on a flat-rate basis on the basis of standard cost estimates as compared to a free line on the same route. The additional costs of all transmission system operators, as determined in accordance with the first and second sentences, shall be added to the extent to which they correspond to an efficient network operation. The total cost of underground cables thus determined shall be calculated on a pro rata basis to all transmission system operators. The share of the total costs, which is to be borne by the individual transmission system operator, is determined in accordance with § 9 (3) of the Kraft-Heat-Coupling Act. In so far as the actual additional costs of a transmission system operator for the establishment, operation and modification of underground cables within the meaning of paragraph 1 exceed its calculated share of the total cost, that difference shall be financial to balance. The obligation to pay shall be made by the transmission system operators whose actual costs are less than the share of the total cost accounting for them, but only up to the level of the proportion of the total cost of the transmission system to which they are calculated. Total cost. Transmission system operators shall determine the balance to be 30. November of a calendar year. Non-official table of contents

§ 3

After the expiration of three years, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology shall examine in agreement with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, as well as the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, whether the demand plan for the development of electricity supply is to be adapted and lays down the a report, for the first time at 1. October 2012. Taking into account the objectives according to § 1 of the German Energy Act, necessary optimization measures must also be considered. This report shall also present the experience gained with the use of underground cables in accordance with § 2. unofficial table of contents


(site: BGBl. I 2009, 2872; of individual changes, see Footnote) Projects according to § 1 paragraph 1, for which there is a need for urgent necessity: Nr.Projects
1 New Max voltage line Kassø (DK)-Hamburg Nord-Dollern, nominal voltage 380 kV
2 New construction maximum voltage line Ganderkesee-Wehrendorf, rated voltage 380 kV
3 New construction maximum voltage line Neuenhagen-Bertikow/Vierraden-Krajnik (PL), nominal voltage 380 kV
4 New construction high voltage line Lauchstädt-Redwitz (as part of the connection Halle/Saale-Schweinfurt), rated voltage 380 kV
5 New construction high voltage line Diele- Lower-Rhine, rated voltage 380 kV
6 New Maximum Voltage Line Wahle-Mecklar, rated voltage 380 kV
7 Zudisposal Maximum voltage line Bergkamen-Gersteinwerk, rated voltage 380 kV
8 Zudisposal maximum voltage line Kriftel-Eschborn, rated voltage 380 kV
9 New construction maximum voltage line Hamburg/Krümmel-Schwerin, rated voltage 380 kV
10 Redeployment of the maximum voltage line Redwitz-Grafenrheinfeld from 220 kV to 380 kV (as part the connection Halle/Saale-Schweinfurt)
11 New construction of the new high voltage line Neuenhagen-Wustermark (as 1. Part of Berliner Ring), nominal voltage 380 kV
12 New building Interconnector Eisenhüttenstadt-Baczyna (PL), rated voltage 380 kV
13 New construction maximum voltage line Niederrhein/Wesel-national border NL (direction Doetinchem), nominal voltage 380 kV
14 New construction maximum voltage line Niederrhein-Utfort-Osterath, rated voltage 380 kV
15 New construction high voltage line Osterath-Weißenthurm, rated voltage 380 kV
16 New construction maximum voltage line Wehrendorf-Gütersloh, Rated voltage 380 kV
17 New Maximum voltage line Gütersloh-Bechterdissen, rated voltage 380 kV
18 New construction High voltage line Lüstringen-Westerkappeln, rated voltage 380 kV
19 New construction high voltage line Kruckel-Continuous sberg, rated voltage 380 kV
20 New construction maximum voltage line Continuous sberg-Hünfelden, rated voltage 380 kV
21 New construction maximum voltage line Marxheim-Kelsterbach, rated voltage 380 kV
22 (wegfallen)
23 Redeployment of the maximum voltage line Neckarwestheim-Mühlhausen from rated voltage 220 kV to rated voltage 380 kV
24New construction high voltage line Bünforced-Lindach, rated voltage 380 kV, as well as retrofitting of the High-voltage line Lindach-Goldshöfe von rated voltage 110 kV at rated voltage 380 kV