Regulation On The Implementation Of The Ec Vine Areas Grubbing-Up Programme

Original Language Title: Verordnung zur Durchführung des EG-Rebflächenrodungsprogramms

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Regulation on the implementation of the EC vine areas grubbing-up programme EGRebflRodDV Ausfertigung date: 18.09.2008 full quotation: "regulation on the implementation of the EC vine areas grubbing-up programme by September 18, 2008 (BGBl. I S. 1849), by article 6 of the Decree of March 10, 2009 (BGBl. I p. 491) has been changed" stand: amended by art. 6 V v. 10.3.2009 I 491 V enters gem. § 6 clause 2 at the end of the participating force , if not with the consent of the Bundesrat, something else is prescribed. § 6 clause 2 with the consent of the Federal Council go up. by article 6 V v. 10.3.2009 I 491; as a result, the validity of V via the participating, has been extended.
Learn more about the stand number in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 24.9.2008 +++) (+++ official note of the standard authority on EC law: implementation of 479 / 2008 of the EC Treaty (CELEX Nr: 32008R0479) 555 / 2008 of the EC Treaty (CELEX Nr: 32008R0555) cf. § 1 of this V +++) input formula on the basis of § 6 para 1 No. 1 letter r in connection with paragraph 4 and 5 as well as the sections 15 and 16, in conjunction with article 6 par. 4 of the law on the implementation of the common organisations of the market and the direct payments in the version the notice by June 24, 2005 (BGBl. I S. 1847) in conjunction with § 1 para 2 of jurisdiction adjustment Act of 16 August 2002 (BGBl. I p. 3165) and the Organization Decree of November 22, 2005 (BGBl. I S. 3197) directed the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection in consultation with the ministries of finance and Economics and technology: § 1 scope the requirements of this Regulation shall apply for the implementation of title V, chapter III to Regulation (EC) no 479 / 2008 of Council on the common market organisation for wine, amending regulations (EC) No 1493/1999, (EC) No 1782/2003, (EC) No 1290/2005, (EC) No 3 / 2008 and repealing Regulations (EEC) No 2392/86 and (EC) No. 1493/1999 (OJ EU no. L 148, p. 1) in conjunction with title IV, chapter III of Regulation (EC) No 555 / 2008 of 27 June 2008 laying down detailed rules for the application of Regulation (EC) no 479 / 2008 of Council on the common market organisation for wine as regards support programmes, trade with third countries, production potential and of the controls in the wine sector (OJ EU no. L 170, p. 1).

§ 2 competent bodies, the authorities according to state law grant the community provided bonuses for clearing of areas under vines in the wine year 2008/2009 to 2010/2011.

§ 3 the provincial governments is procedures, investigation into the fixing of the amount of the bonus delegate the power according to the provisions referred to in paragraph 1, by Legislative Decree 1 necessary provisions on the procedure, including the procedure for application of a single percentage of acceptance in accordance with article 71 of Regulation (EC) to issue No. 555 / 2008, and the deadline for the implementation of the grubbing-up as well as 2 to determine , are what evidence from the producers to the discovery of the historical yield in any way to provide, in particular if the producer a) is exempt from the tax of a harvest message or b) proposes to set the premium on the basis of the average yield of the plot.

Article 4 exclusion of areas under vines (1) in a regulation under section 3 can be excluded a grubbing-up premium for areas planted with vines with 1 a slope of 30 per cent and more or 2 with terraces.
(2) Furthermore, can a legal regulation according to § 3 be stipulated that applications for grubbing-up premiums in a specific region to reject are, as far as requested in the specific region and approved grubbing-up measures have reached a level of 10 per cent of the vines of the territory. In the case of a scheme pursuant to sentence 1, arrangements for a uniform treatment of all applications to meet are through appropriate procedural provisions.

§ 5 the grubbing-up is Duldungs - and cooperation obligations (1) the competent authority within one month after their implementation, not later than at the end of the wine year, to display.
(2) the premium receiver has all the documentation related to the granting of the premium until the expiration of the tenth wine year, following the wine year of grubbing-up, to be kept, as far as not under other provisions a longer retention period is.
(3) the award recipient has to allow the competent authority access to his land and premises during the operation period and to grant the coming for the review of the award granting eligible records, to submit documents and other documents at the request of the insight, information and to provide the necessary support.

Article 6 entry into force this regulation enters into force on the day after the announcement.