Act On Compensation According To The Law Governing The Open Property Questions And State Compensation For Expropriations Besatzungsrechtlicher Or Occupying State Authority Based On

Original Language Title: Gesetz über die Entschädigung nach dem Gesetz zur Regelung offener Vermögensfragen und über staatliche Ausgleichsleistungen für Enteignungen auf besatzungsrechtlicher oder besatzungshoheitlicher Grundlage

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Act on compensation according to the law governing the open property questions and State compensation for expropriations on besatzungsrechtlicher or occupying sovereign basis (compensation and compensation performance Act - EALG) EALG Ausfertigung date: 27.09.1994 full quotation: "compensation and compensation performance Act of 27 September 1994 (BGBl. I S. 2624;)" (1995 I S. 110), last by article 4 paragraph 38 of the Act of September 22, 2005 (BGBl. I p. 2809) is changed "stand: last modified by article 4 para 38 G v. 22.9.2005 I 2809 for more information on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 1.12.1994 +++) article 1: EntschG III-19-6-2 article 2: AusglLeistG III-19-6-3 article 3: NS-VEntschG III-19-6-4 Article 4 to 7 : Change rules article 8: SchuldBBerG III-19-6-5 article 9: VertrZuwG III-19-6-6 article 10: change rule input formula of the Bundestag has passed the following law with the consent of the Federal Council: type 1 law on compensation according to the law governing the open property questions (compensation law - EntschG) - type 2 Act on State compensation for expropriations besatzungsrechtlicher or occupying State authority based on that not be undone can (balance power law - AusglLeistG) - type 3 NS persecution Act (NS-VEntschG) - type 4-7 - type 8 law for the treatment of debt register claims against the former German Democratic Republic (GDR debt Cleanup Act on book SchuldBBerG) type 9 law on a one-time grant to the in the acceding territory living displaced persons (displaced persons Care Act - VertrZuwG) - type 10 - art 11 (1) RM or its predecessor currencies denominated bearer bonds, that persons domiciled in the acceding territory before May 8, 1945 were issued and not covered by the value paper cleanup are invalidation of Reichsmark securities, be explained for powerless.
(2) the ownership of rights was embodied in these securities is to provide evidence for their use in some cases.
(3) claims on the issuing of securities, which have been kept by the former Office for the legal protection of the assets of the German Democratic Republic can be made six months after the entry into force of this Act (exclusion period) at the Federal Office for central services and unresolved property issues. Securities, whose issuing was not requested or definitive rejected, can be destroyed or sold. Prior to the release or disposal of the powerlessness by banking perforation is marked. Proceeds from the sales are to be paid to the compensation fund.

12 new notice of the Ministry of Justice can the wording of the law of property, that Federal Ministry of finance to introduce the text of the balancing act in which the entry into force of this law to amended in the Federal Law Gazette.

Art 13 article 9 into force shall with effect from 1 January 1994. Article 10 No. 10 and 12 will enter into force on the day after the announcement. Moreover this law into force on the first day of the third calendar month following on the announcement.